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Francis See Norbert’s Appointment As Pierre’s ‘Capitulation’


Human Rights campaigner Mary Francis views Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s recent appointment of Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert to the Cabinet of Ministers as a sign of surrender.

Norbert took the oath this week as Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for Crime Prevention and Persons with Disabilities.

However, Prime Minister Pierre will retain the National Security portfolio despite calls on social media and from the opposition for him to relinquish it.

“I see it as a capitulation on the part of the Prime Minister in reference to the calls of persons asking him to step down,” Mary Francis told St. Lucia Times.

Francis felt Pierre had overestimated his own capacity.

“He assigned himself such heavy portfolios,” the outspoken Attorney at Law noted.

In addition to being Prime Minister, Pierre’s responsibilities include Finance, Economic Development, the Youth Economy, Justice and National Security.

Regarding Jeremiah Norbert’s new Ministerial appointment, Mary Francis declared that the Micoud North MP had received a prize.

As a result, she said she would keep her eyes on that prize.

The National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights Coordinator told St. Lucia Times that Norbert seems very enthusiastic about contributing to his country’s development.

At the same time, she hoped his appointment was not due to political expediency.

The Attorney at Law recalled that numerous reports and suggestions regarding crime prevention exist and several consultations have occurred.

“Why then create this new portfolio?” she asked, adding that she did not see the necessity for Jeremiah Norbert’s Crime Prevention assignment.

She said money should go towards improving the justice system and ensuring court matters get prompt attention.

“There are over 300 people on remand at Bordelais (Correctional Facility). This is a crime in itself on the part of the state because those persons, according to the Constitution, should be tried speedily,” Francis told St. Lucia Times.

Francis also observed that law enforcement is essential to crime prevention.

In this regard, she said the police must partner with the community.

However, the Human Rights advocate said that, according to her knowledge and the complaints she has received, policing in Saint Lucia leaves much to be desired.

Francis declared that the way some police officers behave does not contribute to a strong partnership with the community.

“If you don’t have this partnership, how can you get the intelligence and information to combat crime?” She told St. Lucia Times.

Francis felt there was little public confidence in the police and law enforcement.

In addition, she recalled that in March last year, in response to a deadly gun violence surge, the government had designated Vieux Fort an escalated crime zone.

The measure provided the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) with expanded powers to respond to crime.

However, Mary Francis said the public needs to learn how effective the measure has been and whether there were rights abuses.

She also asserted that the police must comply with the law.


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  1. Apart from Norbert’s appointment being a capitulation by the Prime Minister, it’s a surrender, a retreat, a hold up the white flag embarrassment, a hold up my hands and give up cluster flop….the Prime Minister is legging it literally…and mind you, not only is this appointment ill advised and unnecessary, Norbert now becomes the fall guy for any failures under this portfolio… This appointment shows that Pierre is out of his depth and can’t analyse the situation at hand to make an informed decision. I am willing to give the new appointee time to see what he is capable of but it’s time we don’t have…this new development is more glaring of the Prime Minister’s failure than It is of his ingenious thinking. Like I have said before all the Prime Minister had to do was initiate and new task force or agency from the uniformed forces and give them new powers to tackle crime. We need a new agency specifically to deal with crime. In any case, the situation as it stands will not get any better in a hurry as criminals tend not to relent from their lives of violence especially when it involves ill gotten gains like cash and drug trafficking. So know that Saint Lucia has reached a new height in violence, now is the time for the Prime Minister to up the ante and smash the snake’s head with a wrecking ball…in order words go in hard after the criminals by throwing the weight of the legislature, judiciary and executive on the criminals…as a nation develops it needs strong institutions that can cope with it’s growing pains in order to keep society in tact. Successive governments have been asleep at the helm thinking that sweet Saint Lucia will remain innocent forever. When the criminals escalate their violence, the government must escalate it’s response ( within the law ) above the level of violence metted out by the criminals. Take no chances with the security of the state and it’s law abiding citizens.

    Prime Minister Pierre, I urge you to create an agency of capable men and women from the uniformed forces and give them the mandate to address this dire state of affairs. Give them the training, the tools they need to do their job…this agency should be intelligence led, scientifically capable, tech savvy and innovative. Failure to do so is tantamount to your continued failure in your response to the scourge of crime.

  2. Mary Francis you are indeed correct. Pierre is looking to deflect blame now that the pressure is on him. With Norbert, he has assigned a scapegoat. The National Security portfolio includes crime prevention but now you are giving that responsibility to some else. Save yourself Pierre!….😁

  3. So the lady is a political advisor now? Her role is now contorted into the political web instead of human rights of criminals. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the news agencies that make up crap just for viewers to be stirred up!

  4. However, Prime Minister Pierre will retain the National Security portfolio despite calls on social media and from the opposition for him to relinquish it.

    As a media outlet, do you think that calls on social media and the opposition are REASONS FOR RELINQUISHING A POST. C’mon SLT.

    “I see it as a capitulation on the part of the Prime Minister in reference to the calls of persons asking him to step down,” Mary Francis told St. Lucia Times.
    What’s the inference here?
    PM appointments Norbert so he wouldn’t have to step down??

    Until now I thought journalism was about reporting a story, analyzing it and making it make sense to the public. I guess I was wrong, it’s about reporting verbatim what people say. He said this, she said that, end of story. No background, no analysis, no previous experiences or occurances.

    Let’s start watching and listening to international news outlets like, Al jazeera, CNN, BBC, Skynews etc

  5. Well articulated Ms Francis. Some may dislike your views and enthusiasm in educating the masses on human rights. This is primarily to ignorance and misunderstanding of how the importance of compliance of human rights law is beneficial to all regardless of our understanding of the Law especially to how it is “internationally enshrined”.
    We as St. Lucians tend to only want representation when we are directly affected, and do not seek to defend others. We relish in applying draconian punishment to others as the shoe is on the other foot.
    It is clearly visible to all St. Lucians, that our current Prime Minister seeks to micromanage every aspect of Government. He is visibly overwhelmed with too many responsibilities that he is incapable of multi-tasking and delegating duties.
    The current crime escalation will continue until we as a country appreciate and respect the importance of a fully effective functioning Justice System (all arms working, as well as an oiled serviced engine).
    Firstly, and very importantly is the step to address the crime situation by fully investing. If it is a need to borrow the substantial sums for investing into the servicing the engine of Justice. This will ensure it delivers and respond to fairness and justice. It will always be served rapidly and within timely manner.
    It is totally unacceptable that a prison designed for 500 inmates to have its majority of inmates on remand under any circumstances. Whether it is either government! Justice delayed is Justice denied! Secondly, it is a shame that it is a crime against our citizenry to have remand inmates languish for years without a clear and determined date for trial regardless of the crime they have committed.

  6. Its your humam rights to comment on pllitical issues Mary as deemed necessary. However Whats painful about your behaviour is the lack of foresight into the criminal activity on the island. Isn’t the law abiding citizens of this country deserve to keave peacefully at their homes. Your behaviour says alot regarding such.
    I suggest you do you job as per your responsibility. Focus on it and leave the nation politices alone. Pleaseeeeee

  7. Any governing body of St. Lucians put in place to oversee crime on the island will be an issue. Herein lies the problem in your 238 square miles (everyone knows someone who is related to someone personally or by extension).

    How then can fairness be the order of the day – I am a St. Lucian who has lived abroad and have been exposed to many different levels of government (local, state & federal) as well as varied industries. Honestly, in most instances regardless of who you know — you are required to follow the policies and procedures set in place or face dire consequences for non compliance up to and including arrest/terminated based on the offense.

    Not so in St. Lucia, with your my girl my boy syndrome there can never be fairness. I have personally experienced unfair treatment while visiting – but it’s all good because when folk show you who they are – you need to believe them. Godspeed

  8. I agree with Mary and the fact that justice delayed is justice denied. But then again the PM is not a policeman, he is not a doctor, he is not …….. well I will let you answer the rest.

    A Labour Government that can not fix (maybe don’t want to fix) the Labour Department. The department, the commissioner, the tribunal and the Minister are all breaking the law by not handling matters expediously. How can we expect to go anywhere!!!!!

  9. Well, all her comments I Had already pointed out so she is just adding to the list of how she sees it. And about time too. Good to see you keeping on eye on developments. However, the biggest issue here is poor management, lack of good quality management.
    The reason for all these issues is a lack of development, lack of foresight, lack of problem solving, lack of poor management, lack of not being inclusive and not taking onbroad new ideas. Writing reports is one thing, to execute the task or projects is a totally different matter all together. You state numerous consultants ect have taken place regarding crime prevention. Where are they and what happen to all these consultantions. Are all these reports kept in a file, collecting dust? If management skills are poor it will never work. Take the roads, for example its a state of beyond disrepair. Its so bad the whole road surfaces will need replacing. That is what happens when you don’t work ahead of yourself to avoid more costly repairs in the future.
    All poor management. Poor quality of executing good services. That’s all over St Lucia.
    You can win awards in tourism industry, prestigious awards you celebrate these moments. Oh look wonderful!
    Why can’t you do the same for the management of all other public services. Why? Because you are focusing too heavily on foreigners, tourism. Globally take a look around you, the world has changed, and if you don’t catch up, what do you think will happen when money is lacking in those wealthy countries. So there is an urgent need for reform an review right across the broad.
    Like I said before, has history taught these ministers nothing? You can’t rely solely on tourism, those days are gone, finish, open your eyes, you need to invest in your people. All these so call degrees, intelligent men and women. What is the point of your bachelor degrees, if you are not worth the paper it is written on. I am referring to ministers and how their work. You need to sort yourselves out, poor management. Simple as that.


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