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Distressed Saint Lucian Reconnects With Family


The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York has announced that a distressed Saint Lucian woman living in New York City has reconnected with her family.

On its Facebook page, the Consulate said the reconnection occurred thanks to Saint Lucians at home and abroad and one particular individual.

The Facebook post identified that individual as Saint Lucian Jeanin Jules, an MTA employee.

The post disclosed that Jules, who works at the train station in the Bronx, encountered Ms. Anne Anthony there twice.

“During the second encounter on March 4, Ms. Anthony informed Ms. Jules that she is a Saint Lucian and was interested in connecting with her family, but did not have the means,” the Consulate related.

It said Jules offered to take the woman’s photograph and share it on social media, hoping someone would recognise her.

Based on the information Jules provided, the Consulate General successfully located Anthony’s relatives in the United Kingdom.

The Consulate said the relatives indicated they last heard from Anthony in February of last year and had been trying unsuccessfully to locate her.

On March 5, Jules reencountered Anthony at the train station and notified the authorities to ensure the woman received appropriate care.

The authorities, in turn, transferred Anthony to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Thereafter, her family and Saint Lucia’s Consul General Jeremiah Hyacinth received information regarding the hospital admission.

As a result, Hyacinth visited Anthony in the hospital and indicated the woman appeared to be doing well.

He also confirmed that her family was arranging to travel to the United States to reunite with her.

The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York expressed sincere appreciation to Ms. Jeanin Jules for her ‘thoughtful acts of kindness’.

It also thanked everyone who played a role in finding Ms. Anthony.




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  1. Oh wow! This is a real feel good story. Just what I needed this morning. It proves that there are still good people looking out for others. We need more of that kind of news.

  2. To God be the glory – Ms. Jules, as a St. Lucian I want to say “thank you for your kind deed” in taking the initiative to assist Ms. Anthony. Some may have simply turned and not even attempt to help. Only God knows what brought her to this place (life has ups and downs). However, we are certainly grateful for your intervention, initiative and follow-up which opened up the door for this outcome. Godspeed.

  3. Hmmmm she is not the only one I know of others not in such dire needs but are not doing well economically and socially. Mind you these are people who had decent jobs here with their homes, cars and lands leave it all to go live in basements and live off government because some of them don’t have papers, they listen to their families and friends come up overstayed or with the intent of marrying Peter, Jane or Paul and it fell thru and instead of coming back home, no pride,pride, pride, I must come back down in fine style, the Jackasses leave them their, they don’t know what they have here is the same American Dream they strive for. I lived there for years so I am not saying it’s all bad I work set up shop back home and took away myself little by little to the point where I don’t really need anything from there anymore, but I will be damn if I would live like this in in the raw raw cold battering all over the place, no sorry I am coming back at my home crime, bad economy or not I am coming back home.

  4. First and foremost, when one decides to relocate to a foreign land you need to conduct your own in-depth research and weigh the pros and cons for yourself. You simply cannot listen to others (be it family or friends) – experiences vary from person to person and for decade to decade. Perhaps 40 or 50 years ago the process for residing/gaining permanent residency was not as complexed as it is now.

  5. This woman is from St Lucia and was found wondering on a train in the Big Apple yet her family is in the United Kingdom. Why the United Kingdom? I would have thought that her family would be in St Lucia. Are you telling me that this woman has no family in St Lucia? Typical Lucian blustering. A lot of these pillocks with no love for their lovely homeland like to make out that they don’t have any family in St Lucia. It is like St Lucia is beneath them… I have come across a lot of cocksure and pompous Lucians like this. They go all out to let you know that they are not from St Lucia and don’t even speak the Kweyol language.

    How did this poor woman end up in that state? Where are her family in England? Are they not aware of this woman’s plight? The folks in London are just as unpleasant and uncaring as those in New York. These people don’t have a heart. It is all about money and what you can offer them. The system in England is all about money. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said’ There’s no such thing as society’ In saying that she created a society where people are devoid of caring. They literally do not care.

    I was born in Britain and lived there for many years before relocating back home. I went through many trials and tribulations living in this cold listless and dispassionate country. People will put you up for a few weeks and then you are left on your own to fend for yourself. New York and London are not a bed of roses. You have to hustle to live and to pay for the food that you eat and the lodgings that you occupy. No one gives you nothing for nothing in these aggressive and pugnacious societies.

    At least this woman was rescued in time for her to be housed and to receive proper care and medication. There are plenty others out there who are not so lucky. I was told about a St Lucian woman from Canaries who sets out to get help from patrons at the entrance of a market in Dalston, East London. This woman is elderly and has family in London including a daughter who choose to ignore her plight for help. She is well polite and spoken I was told and approaches people with utmost care and Caribbean warmth. She radiates warmth and affection, I have been reliably informed. She has lived in England for many years and has a son in London as well.

    There are those Lucians who just want to live abroad. They love to go overseas for a while and to come back with a fake contrive accent to show off. The brogue that they adopt is as spurious and phony as a counterfeit dick. I am surprised that the Embassy were able to get on board to help her. They are usually useless and ineffectual. A lot of these people do all sorts just to keep a roof over their heads. Some leave their good jobs and houses in St Lucia to reside in rat infested basements and to work low paying jobs. How about the one who used to manage a courts store and left to do babysitting in the States? I will not leave my good life in the Caribbean to go live a feckless life in either England or the States. I hope the people who are contemplating a life in these soulless countries take note. Life is a struggle in these faceless societies. Be care people! It is good to end on a positive note.

  6. Vernel Green, get your your perfect head out your behind. Not everyone looks out for their relatives. Families are not as close knit as years gone by. If she rather be homeless than be returned to relatives back home who may have possibly used and abused her financially, then thats between her and her British folks! I know alot of people who let go of their toxic bloodline who have continuously abused them financially, some even went as far as depleting the savings of the relative working hard abroad. Unless you know of such a situation, you will never understand. Some people run away to attempt to find better because they have no form of support back home. Stop being foolish in your perfect world, alot of us black Caribbean ppl are hypocrites who are quick to pretend to be saints when situations like this occur. Do you look out for your own family, if you do then good for you! smh

  7. Between the two comments,there are some words that make sense, but as for me, there is no other places in world such as your bless 🇱🇨 St Lucia,regardless of the happenings,it is a must,
    “I said, to GOD be the Glory,🇱🇨 St Lucia has Joy and reverly ”❗

  8. Take heed, never live what you has seen for what you has not seen,don’t go where the grass is green, that’s where the danger awaits you !!
    Most people die of négligent,or are too ashamed to returned to their homelands..

    This is a true story,or it may be your familles :
    In french Cayenne,a St Lucian man tell his famille, life is much so good,as everyday he does used a assiettes (breakable plates), after using then throw away..
    The familles believed,then,sold all their belonings then headed for Cayenne,on arriving,it was the big leaves found in the forest,using as plate and his home was the forest as a goldminer,so it is you to understand the rest…

  9. I am reposting @

    “ I was born in Britain and lived there for many years before relocating back home. I went through many trials and tribulations living in this cold listless and dispassionate country. People will put you up for a few weeks and then you are left on your own to fend for yourself. New York and London are not a bed of roses. You have to hustle to live and to pay for the food that you eat and the lodgings that you occupy. No one gives you nothing for nothing in these aggressive and pugnacious societies.”

    If you were born in Britain you should have qualified for assistance housing assistance and not need anyone to put you up …I am a little lost with your story.

  10. A very heart warming story.
    I think it’s important to remember that although place of birth is important to most of us. It is just a place of birth. You are not tied to your birth place. Some people born in St Lucia, leave never return. So what, thats their choice. Some people have happy memories, some do not. Some look at the Island they left behind and it has lost its sparkle, they want to move on. Create a new life. Nothing wrong with wanting a better life. Moving overseas for lots of Lucians have worked out well. Some not so well. It’s life. Good for you if St Lucia is fondly remembered, everyone’s experience is different. Some have fallen out of love with St Lucia.
    They are lots of family who no longer speak to their families for whatever reason. This lady probably fell on hard times with no family support to give her assistance in the US. From experience family in St Lucia are sometimes very unpleasant. Not all are, far too many are dishonest. You help them from overseas, by sending money to help them out, while you are working hard to also build a brighter future for yourself, they believe its a given right. Like you owe it to them. Their narrow mindered thinking mentality is….You are in big rich country, you making money, we hungry in St Lucia, things expensive, no jobs, no money. They don’t give a thought to, you too have to pay your way. Rent, mortgage, bills, food, They do not understand the complexities of living abroad with racism, trying to find your way around and all the challenges that sometimes comes along with living in a new country, different culture, different ways of doing things, different ways of thinking. While you are navigating the system, in their simple minds and narrow minded mind-set, they just thinking send money, send money, you in rich country, you doing alright for yourselves. We have nothing.
    No thought of how you are coping mentally and physically. Incapable of understanding the hardship the person may well be experiencing and trying to process a new way of living, working and trying to stay afloat. When you are unable to give them assistance such as sending money and barrels of groceries, because you may have none to give or a bit short for the time being. They are so quick to judge and you begin to see their true colours. Sometimes you are just a cash cow to them. Not all, so before some of all you hastily comment, far too many of you are nasty, rotten to the core, dishonest thieves, greedy, blood suckers. Never satisfied. Bleed some HARD WORKING family members dry. I know of a few older generations living overseas, I am referring to the generation now in their 70s, 80s age group. Left St Lucia for a better life. Their dreams always to return to beautiful, country of birth St Lucia. Beautiful Helen Of The West Indies. Can’t wait to retire to eat mangoes, breadfruit, fruits are plentiful, when it’s so expensive overseas. They can’t wait to make up for long lost time, of
    Cherished childhood memories. They build retirement homes with hard earned savings from working overseas in sometimes hostile racist environments. Put their trust with family in charge of managing affairs such as sending funds to pay for the build, their retirement, their little investment, nest take, a reminder of they hard working benefits has come to completion, at last. Sometimes, they could not always be on site to oversee the build being built. They had to continue to work, can’t always be in 2 places at once. So they put their trust in the ones most closest to them, the family. Only to find…
    They were robbed mercilessly by so call family. Overcharging, lying, using the money for themselves, stealing and putting in dishonest charges. And whenever you ask them what happen to all that money you sent down, they never have an honest answer. They stare you right in the face, boldly spinning some cock and bull story. You trust them and they take advantage of you, like you owe them. Even when they are generously well looked after and rewarded with helping, you pay them fir helpingbyou out…its never enough, never appreciated. Bunch of no good vicious people, cheating and ripping people off. Some of you….
    You know damn well it happens, so don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking out. Some of all you don’t deserve family. So when they cut you out, it’s with a heavy heart they have to do what is best. And when you have nothing left to give them , ah well, you are of no good to them. Bank of money tree finish. They tell you, you good for yourself, you are not a nice person, you no good, nobody like you, you cutting style, you think you better than them, spread vicious lies about you. And all those narrow mindered thinking people believe every word of their nasty, lying cheating tongue. What a bunch of hypocrites, hypocrisy at its best! It’s works both ways too! Big little lies! Become hopeless, a life of hopelessness. Karma is the mother of all who dare to be unkind and dishonest, spreading untruths about people.
    I am not saying that happens with all families. Some family members don’t deserve to be treated so badly when they are helping you out too. It’s a fact, and some of all you know very well it happens. And now some of those children of that generation have disown family for the treatment their parents went through with so call family, blood relations.
    So don’t judge this lady, she was probably a good person of good character trying to better herself and fell on hard times. With no money to support herself, she was not able to get in touch to let her family in the UK know she was in trouble. Her family has come to her rescue, a good ending. Thanks to The good samaritan…..The lady who took action to help locate her family is a good person. She is the heroine here. She made every attempt to find this lady’s family. Some of us are blessed with good family members, some of us, unfortunately our families are rotten, whether they live overseas or in St Lucia, rotten and dishonest. Cut those people out of your life. Your mental health is more important.
    Some of all you, should be mindful to remember
    Don’t spite the hand that feeds you.
    People, remember to treat family with respect and kindness, don’t take advantage of their generosity and most of all don’t believe every crap you hear about this person and that person. Everyone’s story is different.
    Best wishes to the family for coming forward to find their lost relative. And the good samaritan, you did not turn your back, your persistence has paid off. I wish you all well.

  11. I don’t normally comment on posted comments made. I have to correct on getting housing in the UK.
    Just because someone was born in the UK, its not a given right that you will qualify for any housing. By law some people or some groups of people must get reasonably preference. Example. Homeless person, families with young children. First you register with the local council and based on your needs you are placed in the housing system according to the criteria priority list.
    You have to qualify and reach certain criteria to be assigned a home or an apartment. Families with young children are given priority over say a single person. Homeless, disability, risk of domestic abuse all are looked at and placed in priority order. So by just entering the UK even if you where born there means you are not top priority. You have lived outside the United Kingdom, so how you just rock up and get accommodation. The UK social housing is not enough to go round. So most of the times these people on social housing are living in overcrowded conditions and poorly maintained homes. Uk is not as nice as you think, they are lots of issues, lots of challenges to overcome. Its not that simple. And thats not how it works, its a points system based on priority needs.
    No one is responsible for you if you come along to make a better life for yourself. Family are too busy surviving themselves and they would except after offering a welcome and putting you up. You have to fend for yourself. If they are not your parents, family helping you out are under no obligation to continue to give you hand outs. Anyone choosing to go overseas for a better ife should know its not an easy transition, not all peaches and cream. After the initial family welcome, they show you the ropes and the rest is up to you. In your case you couldn’t cope, you found it was not for you. Well, you made your decision. Others are in for the long run. Most of the first generation of immigrates when they went to UK, USA, Guyana,
    Canada etc… had limited resources. They went via a debt on the promise of finding work and paying the debt, their passage. They quickly had to find work become independent and worked to support themselves and send a few dollars or pounds back home to family they left behind. They sailed with nothing except the clothes in a grip and very little money.
    Some prefered not to rely on social housing because its never yours, they saved up, worked hard to purchase they own homes.

  12. @Shock Horror you are correct ✅…anyone who is contrary to the facts which you state is living on another planet or perhaps under a rock.

    I pride myself in speaking truth at all cost and again I state you are correct with your entire post. There is not enough space in this forum for me to share several stories of family ripping off members (blood relatives)
    In fact I could write books starting with volume 1, 2 etc. etc.

  13. And is that true ?
    A rich white man a landlord dose’nt rent for black people, because he said on the media that they smells of curry and was suppose to be charge…

  14. Are you aware of persons that are born in foreign countries can be deported ?
    Example of Santo Dominique,in the north pole, Europe now passe it législation,and many others…

  15. Anonymous “If you were born in Britain you should have qualified for assistance housing assistance and not need anyone to put you up …I am a little lost with your story.”
    I have not under any circumstances claimed the dole or any form of social assistance from the state . My parents bought their house when they first came to the UK in the forties. My dad came to help during the war- He was followed by my mum who came a few years later. I was born in the 50s and lived in the UK for many years before relocating to the Caribbean and the US. Our house was sold and so when I came back to the UK I sought a place to live but was unsuccessful and so I had to live with family and friends for a short while before I eventually found a private place to rent.

    The family and friends I stayed with were not very reciprocal of my presence and wanted me out. That is what people do in England. They don’t want you living with them for too long. These are people that my parents helped when they were in London. I eventually found somewhere to live as it was hard to get a place from the local council. You should know that and I do NOT have to explain myself to you. I am most certainly not in the mood for your truculent and unrestrained tone. Please note Before you get on your High Horse make sure you have four strong legs to stand up on. I have my British passport and citizenship by birth but I am unashamedly and determinedly Caribbean…


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