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Rowley Names T&T, Saint Lucia As Crime Hotspots


On Thursday, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley singled out his country and Saint Lucia as two Caribbean crime hotspots.

“If there are two countries in the Caribbean that have serious crime problems, one is Trinidad and Tobago and the other one is Saint Lucia,” Rowley asserted.

He spoke at a People’s National Movement (PNM) public meeting in Chaguanas.

Rowley reiterated his criticism of former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

On Monday night, Chastanet addressed an opposition United National Congress (UNC) meeting in T&T and outlined several measures to address crime in the Caribbean.

“No thanks, Tropical Trump, was Rowley’s response to the Saint Lucia politician.

At the time, Rowley spoke at his first installment of Conversations with the Prime Minister for 2024.

However, during Thursday night’s address to his ruling party meeting, the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister again lashed out at Chastanet, who heads Saint Lucia’s opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

He told his audience that ‘a loser like Allen Chastanet’ had been brought to Trinidad and Tobago to speak on crime.

“Gang leaders down in Vieux Fort threatening to overthrow the government – killing one another,” Rowley said regarding the situation in Saint Lucia.

“They had to ask for outside help,” he recalled.

In March last year, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responsible for National Security, announced help from the Regional Security System (RSS) among measures in response to a deadly gun violence surge in Vieux Fort.

“We are nowhere near that,” Prime Minister Rowley declared regarding Trinidad and Tobago.

He said the Twin Island Republic has engaged agencies.

“And we are going to have success along the way as we stay engaged,” Rowley stated.


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  1. AA this man again pulling shots agaiin…,As Will Smith put it ….Keep ST. Lucia out yo Phockin Mouth Rowley!!! SmPH woiiii

  2. Rowley, shut the hell up about Saint Lucia !! Last time you all had a coup in Trinidad, the Prime Minister got shot in his leg…Remember? You all had to beg Yasin Abu Bakr to put down the guns. SAINT LUCIA AIN’T NO WHERE NEAR THAT.

  3. Rowley said “Gang leaders down in Vieux Fort threatening to overthrow the government” Gangs in Vieux Fort “threatening to overthrow the government”????? And the people of St. Lucia know nothing about that?
    Where did Rowley get that from? I know there was a CARICOM Heads meeting recently and crime was discussed at that meeting. Was that disclosed at the CARICOM meeting while St. Lucians are kept in the dark? Are we in the same boat as Haiti?
    This is not about Chastanet, Kamala, Rowley, Griffith. This is serious business. We need to hear from the Minister of National Security.

  4. Rowley, shut up about Saint Lucia !! Last time you all had a coup in Trinidad, the Prime Minister got shot in his leg…Remember? That was in 1990 Remember? … You all had to beg Yasin Abu Bakr to put down the guns. Saint Lucia ain’t no where near that.

    So really, you all been dealing with the crime situation for a very long time. The only reason why Saint Lucia has crime is because some sucers in the place go squeal and so the Operation Restore Confidence get side track.

  5. Gang leaders down in Vieux Fort threatening to overthrow the government – killing one another,” Rowley said. SLU times, that should of been your headline news. Somebody has some explaining to do.

  6. I think Rowley is projecting because It was his country that overthrown by gang in the 1990’s and things have been hot in Trinidad ever since. So projecting on our country!

  7. Somebody make it make sense!…did I read our prime minister is or was in Trinidad having dialog with Rowley? so where else would this unscrupulous remarks come from?….Mr.Pierre this proves how petty and childish you are to try attaining power!…if I recall correctly crime fighters always plea with the public that without their help they cannot combat crime altogether and all hands must be on deck…so what is the big issue with Mr Chastenet putting his 2cents on ideas to fight crime?…so immature that you no doubtingly encourage Rowley to utter those ŕacial bigot slurs…Rowley is using you whilst bullying you to push our heads under water even if we neck height trying to stay afloat….there is no way we can compare with trinidad when it comes to crime,Rowley is hopeless about that in his country he’ve reach to the point of just wanting to regain power,…he knows for sure that trinidad depends on its resources and not TOURISM as we st.lucia solely depends on,..he’s psychologically trying to destroy st.lucia’s fragile economy,our leader was too dotish to see beyond the horizon….this reminds me of the story of the Scorpion and the frog.

  8. Yes Rowley , I admit that the crime situation in Saint Lucia is bad, and really despicable and intolerable in many ways. And I do admit we have an Oompa Loompa who doesn’t have a clue as a leader but, I will also tell you this, the situation in Saint Lucia ain’t half as bad as in Trinidad…now I will leave it there cause I don’t want to glory in the pain and suffering of another sister Caribbean country but you will do well to put a sock in that black hole of yours where pies go down, never to be seen again… put a sock in it…mwen faché…😏

  9. @ small fry, I agree with you %100. The pm now has to answer to st lucians and respond to the Trinidad pm. Pjp I want to see how much of a strong leader you are. You are our voice. We demand an address to that. The ministry for tourism also has to clear the air on that also. Y’all ready to eat each other in the house now is time to defend the name of Y’all country. As for Chas I know he can stand up and talk but I think his time is over and for the health of politics he should step down and allow someone else to deliver

  10. Check your statistique Rowling, this is a lie,so far 🇱🇨 St Lucia is the first or second in the carribbean in reduce crime

  11. Labelling your own country as a crime hotspot when you have been a leader for almost eight years is a colossal failure as the chief security officer and leader of your country.

    Then putting St. Lucia into the same bag, adding how St. Lucia needed outside help to deal with crime is also a collossal failure on PJP’s leadership, after all PM Chastanet never needed outside help during his reign.

    Please remind Rowley, it is he and his friend PeP, who was and are still in power during this great crime wave.

    PeP and Rowley, Rowley and PeP are the same peas in a pod!!!

    Listen to any of their speech(es), they are always blaming someone.

    Typical little black boy low self esteem, ego inflated jerks!

  12. If the Trinidadian prime minister really said that he’s probably 100% correct although the st lucian problem is nowhere close to trinidad but crime is crime forget the numbers
    What he refuses to acknowledge is both countries government is guilty of supporting or financing the crime problem by giving out government contracts to persons known to be crime bosses in their country so mr prime minister in trinidad is not helping the situation in trinidad just like the st lucia prime minister not helping the situation in st lucia be the problem hasn’t hit home yet and its not about security its about winning relection

  13. Why would Rowley make such a remark if he was not informed of such by who knows who. I can’t believe this man has the gumption, but again our PM is his confidant. Pierre needs to explain to the people of St Lucia, on what grounds his friend could have made such a damaging statement about our country. Where are all the loud mouth media personnel who couldn’t give Chastenet a chance to utter a word without scrutinizing it to the fullest. I hope St Lucians realize how damaging this statement is to our fragile economy.
    I need to build a bunker somewhere in Vieux Fort in preparation for that bloody revolution that Rowley and Pierre know about that not even we Vieux Fortians know of even though it is being planned in Vieux Fort.

  14. @ Lima bravo 1492 – You touched on something that really is the source of the problem; that is, as you said, “the situation in St. Lucia the problem hasn’t hit home yet and its not about security its about winning elections.”
    These are true and powerful words; using crime as a weapon to lash out at the opposition. While the opposition here tried his 2 cents worth Rowley uses RACE.


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