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CARICOM Leaders Meet As Chaos Reigns In Haiti


Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders and international stakeholders were meeting in Jamaica on Monday to discuss Haiti’s deteriorating security and humanitarian crisis.

CARICOM Chairman, Guyana President Dr. Irfaan Ali, said the Haiti situation remains dire and is of serious concern.

Ali disclosed that CARICOM Heads of Government remain engaged in ‘deep discussion’ with the various stakeholders in Haiti and the country’s Prime Minister, Ariel Henry.

Armed groups in Haiti are attempting to force Henry’s resignation.

The Haitian Prime Minister has been stranded in Puerto Rico since last week, unable to return home as increasing violence has left Haitians struggling to secure food and water.

Henry has been in power since shortly after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021.

The United States backed him in a power-sharing agreement designed to bring new elections to Haiti as soon as possible, but election promises still need to be met.

Over the weekend, the United States flew a team of marines into Haiti as the security situation around the U.S. Embassy deteriorated, and nonessential embassy staff were airlifted out of the country.

“Whilst we are making considerable progress, the stakeholders are not yet where they need to be,” President Ali explained ahead of the CARICOM leaders’ meeting on the Haiti crisis.

“We are acutely aware of the urgent need for consensus,” the Guyana President said.

“We have impressed on the respective parties that time is not on their side in agreeing to the way forward,” Ali expressed.

He said CARICOM had decided to write to the heads of state and governments of key countries Haiti has engaged with as partners, inviting them to meet regional leaders at Monday’s Kingston, Jamaica event.

Ali said the purpose of the meeting was to address urgently the Haiti situation and all other matters critical to stabilising security and providing humanitarian aid.

He spoke of the need to communicate unity between CARICOM and the international community as they work together to provide critical support to the Haitian people.

“We would like the Haitian people to know that we will continue to work with them on their behalf until there is a satisfactory resolution that brings stability and relief to them,” the CARICOM Chairman stated.

Ali also noted that the people of Haiti must lead and own the resolution to their country’s situation.

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  1. CARICOM’s farcical charade regarding Haiti continues, as if everyone is not already aware of the truth about the situation there! What possible international parties could be stakeholders in Haiti? Definitely none that are legitimate; else, why are they nameless in this article? All this article does is reveal that the so-called leaders in CARICOM are merely puppets of the US empire, who look forward to these junkets around the Caribbean so they can avoid, for a few days, the questions that their own citizens ask about the disastrous crime situation in each of the CARICOM territories.

    Everyone of us already know that the CIA/USAID have paid these neo-tontons-macoutes to foment chaos in Haiti, so the US will have an excuse to invade Haiti for the umpteenth time, and secure the resources of the Haitian people for the Clinton Crime family!

    Here are some recent articles which provide the details of this plot against the Haitian people:

    Haiti Doesn’t Have a ‘Gang’ Problem, It Has a US Imperialism Problem w/ Dr. Jemima Pierre

    Why is CARICOM Betraying Haiti on Behalf of the U.S.?

  2. It is obvious to me that this charade of meetings by the Prime Ministers of CARICOM & the cowardly, nameless stakeholders from the US is evidence of the complicity of CARICOM in the US’ terrorism against Haitians (since Aristide was ousted)!

    All this is happening at the same time while the US government has been funding the genocide against Palestinians; providing 3 plane-loads of weapons & ammunition to the zionists, daily, for the last six months; so they could use 2,000-pound bombs to kill 100,000 defenseless Gazans, half of which were children.

    Even though the so-called free press in St. Lucia has deliberately kept quiet about this holocaust (while millions around the globe are protesting this outrage, daily), those with Internet access (and strong stomachs) have seen videos of the brutally dismembered bodies of infants; horrific images which are forever seared in their memories, for eternity.

  3. Keep it burning Nudge, and keep it real. That’s what most of us hear don’t like, reality. We Prefer the illusions and delusions of the status quo. And as for our so called leaders, well, they are just facilitators of the real power brokers. Never trust a politician.


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