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Endangered Caribbean ‘Mountain Chickens’ Give Birth


Six froglets of one of the world’s most threatened frog species have been born at London Zoo.

We’re celebrating a conservation success after two Critically Endangered Mountain Chicken frogs, bred for the first time in five years in their brand-new custom-built home,” the zoo announced.

According to the zoo, the six-inch-long froglets have some growing to reach the size of the enormous adults and will play a key role in bringing the species back from extinction.

With a mere twenty frogs left in the wild, the situation for the species became alarmingly critical, underscoring the importance of conservation efforts.

The creatures are a delicacy, can reach up to two pounds, and supposedly taste like chicken, hence the Mountain Chicken label.

The frogs were once widespread until a killer fungus ravaged them on the islands of Montserrat and Dominica, wiping out an estimated ninety percent of the population of the creatures.

On its official website, the London Zoo recalled that in 2009, conservationists and other European zoos airlifted the last few Mountain Chicken frogs to safety in a ‘last ditch effort’ to save the species from extinction.

Dedicated facilities were built and a coordinated breeding programme was established for the species.

Now, visitors to London Zoo can see the Mountain chickens for the first time as part of the new Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians experience.

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  1. Humans have made extinct the dodo, almost extinct the kiwi, almost extinct the buffalo, extinct the woolly mammoth, almost extinct the rhinos, and elephants,….and we are capable of sending ourselves into extinction too….says a lot for the human species….

  2. You mean the commenters didn’t read the part about the fungus? If you want to blame humanity,blame yourself for reading with zero comprehension.

  3. Wait the Caribbean frogs just now reproduced in the UK. What bayteez is this ? Have we not got the ability or understanding to have had this done locally ie in Dominica or St Kitts ? Have we not got any shame it’s like saying a St Lucia is born and raised in the USA it’s American. The UK ppl had to make the environment for it , we have it here naturally when are we going to stop following and lead this world ? When. Step up Caribbean people Clearly we are at the top all round with education and know how. Lets bring these frogs back home and let them thrive again. Let’s lead people let’s lead KC

  4. @Stinger perhaps it’s you who do not comprehend fully. The reality is the fungus is caused by climate change & who caused/s that I wonder?! This is a global phenomena not restricted to the Caribbean. Frog species around the world are becoming extinct. The reporting in this article did not give the full background & also stated that Mountain Chicken “was a delicacy” but should have said “considered a delicacy”. It is not a “fact” as such. Those who do not eat flesh would rather the creatures be valued for their lives not as a food source…

  5. @ Springer

    When you understand that the actions of humanity has caused disastrous consequences for animal species including the human species, then perhaps you will realise why most of the comments were expressing a particular sentiment. It is not far fetched that our actions have cause the near extinction of this frog. And here is the shame of it ..we in the Caribbean have failed to implement the scientific method in protecting our natural world and would rather decimate the environment for short term gain and without due care for other creatures. Thankfully, it had to take London zoo to use their scientific expertise to help preserve the frog. Remember our very own Jacquot? It had to be bred in Germany for years before there were returned to Saint Lucia… thankfully the parrot is making a come back….it shows the shame of it….. perhaps we should urgently look to science for answers to our most pressing issues….but perhaps the Caribbean and in particular Saint Lucia ain’t ready for that…

  6. Meat lovers,be careful, when travelling to your neighborhood Martinique,as it their precious meat of preparing a nice “fricassée’ fry) with the choiest wine,or can be pourchassé at the super markets without knowing ❗

  7. “You are Worthy,our LORD and GOD,to receive Glory and Honor and Power, for you created all things,and by your will they were created and have their beings”.


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