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187 People In Saint Lucia Have End-Stage Kidney Failure


As Saint Lucia prepares to observe World Kidney Day on Thursday, the Ministry of Health has urged early and consistent healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of developing kidney failure.

In a message on the Ministry’s behalf, Consultant Internist Dr. Gloria Girard disclosed that to date, over 850 million people worldwide suffer from some form of Kidney Disease.

In the case of Saint Lucia, Girard revealed that as of February 2024, 187 people were living with end-stage renal failure and were on dialysis.

Kidney dialysis removes excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally.

Dr. Girard said the health systems must make every effort to meet the healthcare needs of people living with and affected by kidney failure.

In this regard, the Consultant Internist noted that one key strategy was the establishment in 2023 of the Nephrology Clinic at the Primary Healthcare Services at the Micoud Wellness Center of Excellence.

The centre manages Non-Communicable Diseases.

Dr. Girard’s complete World Kidney Day statement appears below:

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  1. ok well lets talk about how many of them are diabetics and draw a link with the medication given see if it was the caused of them being in that position. i dont know you tell me

  2. Oh wow. So much info here. I am happy you told us how they got to this point so we won’t follow their path. 🙄

  3. @cocoyo what “medication” are you referring to? Insulin? Not a medication but something a diabetic’s body can’t produce Naturally. Without it they would die! Blood pressure medication (associated with diabetes)? Anything else that improves or saves their lives??? There is a high rate of diabetes in SL hence high end stage renal failure. It is a result of the disease not the “medications” as you seem to be suggesting… Want to take them off dialysis too?! Without those things – type 1 diabetics would die in their teens & most type 2 would not live to very old age. Do some historical medical data research & look @ that before making such insinuations. Lucians love to criticize, make negative comments, believe in conspiracy theories even moreso after Covid BUT remember that people live much longer now (apart from all the murders – social illness!) than in previous generations due to medical advances In childhood diseases which you were no doubt vaccinated against or did you suffer from Polio, chicken pox, mumps, measles and diptheria etc? Probably not as you’re here to write ill-informed comments. I am a great believer in preventative measures and practice a natural lifestyle and would advocate for that over other interventions HOWEVER for some people; hereditary predisposition, lifestyle, viruses, and environmental factors can contribute to diseases which need (Western) medical intervention Or possibly a combination of both natural and manufactured. Often manufactured medicines are from a natural source eg Anti malarials. But perhaps you prefer death or chronic pain and suffering instead?

  4. Better late than never, let’s question 😞 everything from here onwards and solve most issues.
    Let’s dialogue without lies.. (HONESTLY)..

  5. @Diabetes. You seem to be suggesting that modern medical advances/medicines have zero negativity. That is patently wrong and you are pushing a conspiracy theory. According to FDA statistics, more than 14,000 drug were recalled in the last 10 years. Yes people live much longer now but is it a result of miraculous drugs as you claim or just overall better living conditions? Sanitation and clean drinking water has had a much bigger impact on human lifespans and health than drugs and medical interventions. There are also much fewer wars that end life prematurely. When you measure life expecatanc You mention vaccines. Yea sure they help but again, there was a marked rise in autism following their widespread adoption. Unvaccinated children tend to have better health outcomes than those who do. Instead of towing the party line, do the research and read the information. It is all there.

  6. Oh, “I said,it reaches our door when I see the word ‘end, that the président of la France pass on the législation that sick personnes handicapées or anyone suffering on a long terme basic to be injected which means suicide,
    LORD protect us, from the hand of the powerful 😈🐍

  7. Dear Concern people of GOD
    Let us turn to GOD and be saved which means Healed”,
    Following the fall of man it enters..
    Even while we were (yet sinners, Christ dead and bore our, infirmités,our sicknesses and bear our iniquities…
    In order of the fulfillment of the law,we all get sick..
    But,even to this day, GOD is still the best doctor and prayer is still the best medicine, but none of it,we would want..
    Q-R :Ransom-the price payed to be healed !!!!

  8. @Stop Drinking the Cool Aid, I believe you read into my comments what you wanted to. I DID NOT say that Western Medicine was the only way to go (READ the last part of my comments – opposite of what you claimed I said!). And the discussion is not about deaths by war etc but about health and medicine – please stay on point!. Yes I know full well about sanitation etc but SOME vaccinations and medications can also play a part. I have worked in both disabilities and health, and in developing countries including the Carribean, South East Asia and Africa and have witnessed many health and medical situations. I wonder IF there were a preventative medicine/vaccination for example Ebola, would you not take it, or not let your children take it or just allow yourselves bleed out of every orifice until you die and in the meantime, infect those around you??? Hmmm I just wonder… And if you actually read and, dare I say, comprehended my comments, you will see that I advocate for (and lead myself) a natural and healthy lifestyle, but suggest that sometimes a combination of both natural and manufactured medicines are beneficial AND there is also data which supports increased life expectancy on certain medications (not all and yes there can sometimes be side effects) too. I’m totally aware of “Big Pharma” and all of those corporate entities which I believe are wrong and harmful, so it is not I who is running with any conspiracists! I am taking a balanced approach – not an extreme (and unsubstantiated) one as did @cocoyo to whom I was initially responding. Oh and perhaps take some reading and comprehension lessons. Might save everyone some time!

  9. How can someone consider
    Our love ones Who is suffering on a long terme basic to have “help to die”,
    ordered by the président Emmanuel Macron,by injected the personne,to shorten their life, which means Suicide ❓ Aide à mourir

  10. How many patients on waiting list for dialysis in st Lucia. Is there a need for more dialysis machines


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