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Chastanet Underscores Need For Unity


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has issued a rallying cry for unity, asserting that it’s not the challenges that define Saint Lucians but the bravery to face them together.

“We are not bound by the limitations of the present but inspired by the limitless possibilities of the future,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader said in a Facebook post.

The former Prime Minister declared that unitedly, Saint Lucians possess the power to shape their destiny and forge a path to progress and prosperity for generations.

However, the Micoud South MP noted that the journey demands courage, compassion, and unwavering resolve.

“It is a journey that beckons us to rise above the fray, to transcend the partisan divides that seek to divide us, and to embrace the common humanity that unites us all,” Chastanet explained.

“Let us chart a course towards a brighter tomorrow—a tomorrow where opportunity knows no bounds, where justice reigns supreme, and where every individual has the chance to fulfill their highest aspirations,” he advised.

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  1. I take everything you say with a grain of salt. Out of convenience now it dawns upon you that,we should come together.
    You told us that; we lost our rights to speak,you blocked the house of parliament,you instructed Inland revenue,not to pay refunds and do adjustments to make us owe, I’m a victim of of your vindictiveness, you called us barking dogs and now you want to unite the 🐶🐕, shameless Man.
    Go your journey,we don’t need you to embrace us now, thanks but no thank you.

  2. Chas, why is only now you realized Unity is important? What’s about transparency? How many passports did you sell during your reign in office? This is what we call transparency.

  3. I encourage the gesture, but it’s a bit too late for the XPM.. He have proven that he can’t be trusted, and no one knowingly trust a liar, which has been proven many times..
    We need to be able to trust the people of whom we are making concrete decisions with..
    We need a mediator between the two parties and I am available..
    We must get out of poverty by establishing a fair living wage system..

  4. “Unity,how great !
    Means togetherness !
    Sin no more !
    Means a call for repentance !!
    Therefore,man revere GOD, for he have regarde for all those who have a concrite heart !
    Blessed are they whose transgression are forgiven, whose sins are covered..
    Blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven, the LORD will never count against him…

  5. Why do we always look to a mans’ past so to judge him for his aspirations for the future? people have time to think, to reflect to past events, time to plan, to draft out new plans and to correct past actions. I think all life is an evolution to grow from a simple idea to a greater form and to go beyond. No government should sit on past victories, defeats, idleness or fears to go forward: be it Chas, PjP or any leader in the St. Lucia of today. I better warn you, the days ahead is not going to be nice; to sit around smoking, drinking, listening to lyrics of vile music and children watching and doing the same. Let the leaders alone; tomorrow is not on the side of any, but only on him who knows the Lord and is saved by His Grace.

  6. The past is, History and history shall remain until the end so we will always visit the past. All animals shall remains the same, likewise people will tell you they repent,to do what. By giving them a second chance they’re doing worse,so all the hue and crocodile tears by,Chas,is for him to come back and revenge the nation with a vengeance. He has no goodness in his heart.

  7. Psalms said,let it be ❓
    But the king will rejoice in GOD ;all those who Sweat by GOD’S name..
    Wether we want or not, their trône will ever be Secured”…
    You may ask me why, but you will learn the facts latter,
    Numbers 20v13
    Numbers 22v5
    May give you a clue,leading you to Deutéronome

  8. Mr Chas ;I honestly believe that your political journey is over and you can step down as the leader and allow someone else who is qualified to do the job of leadership in your party. Guy and Nancy also need to step aside. The party needs new folks to represent . If y’all truly love stlucia and want a change then just take my advice. There is still time to reshuffle. Please don’t take the party down with y’all. St lucia wants the change but they really don’t want Chas to lead again.

  9. Go and give the hard working staff at Coco Palm a decent wage rate of 15 EC dollars an hour

  10. Our current prime minister is better? Those who have not seen will soon find out that by the end of his term that he failed miserably. For me this is inevitable. I saw this long before. Sa say torche la. Shaiye la deryear!


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