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RSS Head: Weak Governance Enables Transnational Crime


Errington Shurland, the Regional Security System (RSS) executive director, has highlighted the crucial link between weak governance and the rampant issue of transnational crime.

Shurland delivered his remarks on Friday.

The occasion was the opening of the RSS Council of Ministers Meeting in Guyana, a platform dedicated to addressing regional security concerns.

The RSS official asserted, “Transnational crimes are enabled by weak governance, which allows corruption to flourish.”

He broadly defined corruption as dishonest behaviour by people in authority.

Shurland explained that it pertained to giving or accepting bribes or inappropriate gifts, ‘double dealing’, and ‘under-the-table’ transactions.

He also said corruption included manipulating elections, diverting funds, laundering money, and defrauding investors.

In his address, Shurland pointed out that weak governance systems, a common issue in developing states, allow corruption to thrive, thereby hindering their progress and development.

He told his audience that weak institutions create an environment for corruption to flourish, leading to a lack of enforcement and accountability.

On the other hand, Shurland noted that improving governance, the rule of law, and the delivery of social services and employment undermine the strength of organised crime groups.

“Capacity and efficiency in public sector management, accountability, access to information and transparency are essential to good governance,” he stated.

Shurland said they help to control corruption.

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  1. It’s for this very reasons I have been adamantly opposed to the so called freedom of movement among OECS or any organization within the Caribbean. Before guests are invited, the house must be in order first, must have control of your borders, and the populace must not only feel secured, but actually be secured. Corruption breeds more corruption and provides a flourishing haven for criminals. These so called leaders, regardless of party or country are visionless. Of what good ic CIP? How long will the money last ? After it is all said and done both the money and our space will be gone in the wind and we will remain massively in debt, because of corruption and poor management. The only way to see some gain, is to make that more make a whole lot of money. That will never happen. Who will guard the guards ?

  2. What more should we except, always except good and not bad ?
    In an ‘ungodly sociaty’, and sinful 😈 nature ?

  3. So you are in charge of the RSS, it is therefore reasonable to think your ‘intelligencia’ or due to “covet operation(s)” you as Chief is able to make a pronouncement or observation like this.

    The question is, are you going to deal with it? Typical of the so called “leaders” in the Caribbean, given a microphone, they make the most ridiculous remarks with absolutely no action to back up their comments.

  4. I don’t know this RSS official neither am I endorsing what he just said but common sense has taught us through out the past centuries that weak governments and institutions have and continue to be the number reasons for criminal activities like pig and mud like love and marriage you just can’t have one without the other


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