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Saint Lucia Celebrates Success At Routes America Event


A four-member delegation, led by Thaddeus M. Antoine, Chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority represented Saint Lucia at the recently concluded Routes America Conference, which was held from March 19-21, in Bogota Colombia.

The three-day event united prominent figures from the aviation industry to deliberate on route development strategies and technologies, aiming to cultivate stronger partnerships.

The Saint Lucian delegation attended with the objective of implementing its airline strategy, which focuses on enhancing services from Europe, South America, and the Caribbean to align with the anticipated expansion of 2,000 new rooms by the end of 2025.

During the delegation’s engagements, meetings were held with executives from seven prospective airlines interested in introducing inaugural routes to Saint Lucia, with some aiming for launches as early as 2024.

Simultaneously, strategic discussions were conducted with executives from nine existing airlift providers to ensure the maintenance and sustainability of current capacities and schedules.

These providers applauded the destination for its high demand, demonstrated by robust loads, innovative marketing strategies, and excellent yields observed over the past year.

The airlines welcomed the news of future growth expectations based on the island’s upcoming signature events, additional room stock, and the development of the community tourism program, with some even agreeing to increase capacity from this year.

Consequently, Saint Lucia is pleased to announce that by the end of 2024, it will experience an additional 113,000 airline seats compared to 2023, including 40,000 more seats available for the Summer of 2024 and an additional 3,000 seats from the Caribbean region compared to 2023. This will be led by:

  • JetBlue, New York – double daily from June 13th
  • American Airlines, Miami – double daily from June 5th
  • Inter-Caribbean – Daily to Barbados and thrice weekly connections to Jamaica
  • Caribbean Airlines – Weekly to Jamaica via Trinidad

A much-needed new service will also begin on Air Adelphi between Martinique, Saint Lucia, and St. Vincent. This thrice-weekly chartered service, set to commence on April 15, will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, providing travelers with convenient connectivity between these destinations.

Chairman Thaddeus M. Antoine expressed his enthusiasm about Saint Lucia’s success at the Routes America Conference, stating: “Participating in Routes America has been an incredible opportunity for Saint Lucia to showcase its potential as a premier tourism destination. The productive meetings held during the conference have reinforced confidence in the destination and have paved the way for exciting developments in the aviation sector, including the introduction of new routes and increased connectivity. As we continue to strive to make the island a top choice in the Caribbean, we are confident that these initiatives will further enhance Saint Lucia’s appeal and contribute to the continued growth of our tourism industry.”

With strengthened partnerships and exciting new routes on the horizon, Saint Lucia is poised to welcome even more visitors to experience the beauty and hospitality of the island.

In commenting about the relayed success from the Routes conference Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister of Tourism remarked: “I am thrilled by the positive reports emerging from the Routes America Conference regarding the planned and additional expansion of airlift services to Saint Lucia. This development will undoubtedly complement the growth in hotel room stock and alternative accommodation options. I am particularly pleased with the increase in regional airlift, as it will facilitate easier travel for our citizens and visitors within the region. As you’re aware, with the absence of LIAT, our government has been diligently working to secure regional airlift alternatives.”

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. Excellent indeed…but as I have always said, the government must address the general appearance of the city….they need to implement the plans that has been on the shelf since 2009 and rebuild the city gradually… Castries is a mess. There is no night life in Castries…it’s all up in Gros Islet… Castries should be abuzz with restaurants offering al fresco dinning, cinemas, Parks, etc etc….there are too many vehicles traversing Castries…make Castries a garden city as everything in the city is within walking distance… pedestrianise much of the spaces….by doing so, the residence will have an improved quality of life, visitors will have a better experience , jobs can be created in the new establishments such as restaurants, cinemas…give restauranteurs and other establishments catering for night life entertainments concessions for opening businesses in Castries….eg. tax concessions on profits for a limited time, concessions on imports needed for running the business…..etc etc… again while the tourism industry is receiving lots of attention and is growing from strength to strength, I am afraid not enough emphasis is being placed in developing things that can also benefit the citizens….a devastating hurricane can with a single strike can set your tourism industry back decades….yet every bit of this economic ecosystem should be developed and benefit the citizens….At the moment Gros Islet is beating Castries for night life entertainment…the city is practically dead…Castries must rise to the leve of Gros Islet in its own way, its the capital city FFS….

  2. @c-wiz the people coming from the rest of the island to work will just walk to work since the city will become pedestrianized with not parking….


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