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‘Go Fast’ Was ‘Innocent Victim Of Senseless Gang War’


Relatives of fatal shooting victim Ricardo Wilson alias ‘Go Fast’ believe the twenty-four-year-old was an innocent victim of what one family member described as Vieux Fort’s senseless gang warfare.

Wilson, a Bruceville resident, was on Monday discovered with an apparent gunshot wound to his body.

Police found the body after responding to a homicide report at Commercial Street, Vieux Fort at about 7:00 am.

Relatives of the deceased are at their wit’s end to come up with a motive for the killing of the young man, whom they said was autistic and suffered from a heart condition.

The relatives who spoke to St. Lucia Times said everyone in the community knew the deceased and would summon him when they wanted errands done.

However, a male family member declared that battle lines exist in Vieux Fort’s gang warfare.

“There is a thing in Vieux Fort that people from Shanty Town cannot walk in town or Vieux Fort. There is Vieux Fort, there is Bruceville, there is Backadere,” he stated.

The male family member explained that he has to pass through all those areas due to his work.

As a result, he declared that he could be the next target.

The family member asserted that Ricardo Wilson had no problems with anyone, although others have disrespected the young man, forcibly taking items from him.

The relative said he had reported the matter to the police.

A female family member told St. Lucia Times Ricardo appeared to be the intended target of whosoever shot him.

She said the deceased’s mother would routinely send him to open the market on her behalf.

But on Monday, shooters are said to have ambushed him.

An ambulance conveyed Ricardo to St. Jude Hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced him dead.

“This morning there was masked men, dem fellas was walking all in town by the fish market with they guns, masked down,” the relative recalled.

Ricardo Wilson’s death was the second homicide confirmed by the police within twenty-four hours.

Police are also investigating the discovery of a body in Paix Bouche, Babonneau, on Sunday night with multiple severe lacerations.

Investigators have yet to identify the deceased.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 26 homicides in 2024.

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  1. Masked men walking all in town with their guns in hands. So u mean that is what Lucia has come to. So why are we paying police, commissioner, minster for crime, home affairs and security minister for ?/ And there still are ppl from that same v fort who will lv their homes and cast a vote for ppl who don’t gv a damn about them etc. SMBH

  2. St.Lucia on the way to be just as Haiti .So many Homicides and no arrest .The Crime Chief .The Prime .Minister whats the Solution to this Pollution in St.Lucia

  3. Its time for the government to do something about this cause it wont stop on its own i pray everyday that nothing happens to my family cause it wont stop hence the name caged demons so pray this name does not turn to loose demons

  4. 😳 WoW looks 100% like Curtis Jackson Aka 50, Ferrari…

    Hope that’s not 50’s Son. Jah!

    Michael Jackson bought land in Vietcong Fort please remember that also.

    Calm 50, I Timorne union BABONNEAU

  5. If there were masked men walking in town, why weren’t the police called for goodness sake?! And if they were called and didn’t come, that is something for the Commissioner and Prime Minister to deal with immediately! I am so sorry for the young man’s parents and family and the loss of that poor boy’s life. Lucians in general though are not kind to those who are a bit different and they prefer to bully and take advantage of them. Funny how the so-called Christians call on divine intervention when they should be educating and disciplining the people on this Island, not some God in another realm…

  6. I am with AA and Perspective. If there were masked men walking around town with guns, where were the police and why didn’t they do something about that? They are allowing VF to become like Haiti. That’s unacceptable!

  7. I am not afraid to say that the véhicule was a gouvernement véhicule which he killed my uncle.

  8. All kind of poppy show nonsense I am reading fellows walking around town masked up with guns……only he alone knows that because nobody else does. The police is out I just don’t think they are enough of them to cover VF and it’s provenance’s and that’s all the number one problem, oh you can’t walk here and there that’s a lie , maybe for them because they know what they are mixed up in. He was not shot just for nothing these people know what they are about but they will never come and say

  9. Ever in History will they accept the truth the last part of my comments stayed but the beginning dissapear !!


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