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‘No Plans’ For Secret U.S. Military Base In Guyana


White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby has declared no plans for a secret United States military base in Guyana.

Kirby’s declaration came amid an ongoing border controversy involving Guyana and Venezuela.

Venezuela claims over two-thirds of Guyana’s territory in the resource-rich Essequibo region.

In addition, President Nicolás Maduro has enacted a law creating a province of Venezuela in Guyana, while accusing the United States of building secret military bases in Essequibo.

Asked whether the United States was considering a military base to support Guyana’s defence of its sovereignty, White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby replied in the negative.

” There’s no plans for a secret military base,” he told reporters at a press briefing last week.

“We’ve said many times that there’s an 1899 arbitral ruling about the border between Guyana and Venezuela, and we want both sides to respect that ruling and to do it peacefully,” Kirby stated.

While expressing its commitment to diplomacy and the rule of law in its border dispute with Venezuela, Guyana has been bolstering its defences.

In December last year, both countries committed to peaceful coexistence in an eleven-point declaration from a high-level summit in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

However, despite the commitment from Presidents Dr. Irfaan Ali and Nicolas Maduro, tensions have lingered.

Their territorial dispute is currently before the International Court of Justice.




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  1. Okay expect a US base in Guyana. Why the Guyanese is allowing themselves to be used as a football is beyond me.

  2. Your$dollars they want, afterward seeking who they can wash brain then ask for a marriage,as soon as they get want they want,a few days, husband belly getting big with the cement mixture,they are so expert, that no doctors cannot dectect…
    They goal is for heading for the usa,or bigger countries,even the creoal languge dose’nt interest them..

  3. All of this was planned in China long before.

    Putin went to China just before invading Ukraine.

    Maduro went to China before the referendum last year.

    Representatives from Iran went to visit Putin in December.

    Israel is next and do not be surprised if Iran attacks them on their independence May 14.

    North Korea will want a piece of the action and attack the South.

    The final piece will be China invading Taiwan.

    Divide the attention of the US and conquer, that is their plan.

  4. ….the reason they saying no to Guyana is because they already have bases in South American Jungles already to monitor drug trafficking since donkey years, Guantanamo Is across the channel. Guyana don’t play stupid now yuh know…….you invite them in and it will be hell to get them out. They don’t want cash to stay there they will just take a share of your oil production. Everyone kissing up to you now be mindful of Judas, when you did not discover oil everyone despise you and Jamaicans. I read where the Exxon ship moping out the sea bed off Jamaica for possible oil exploration wooie wooie wooie stay tuned very interesting times we are in

  5. Further détails, the chineese gouvernement has interdite all américain chips in their gouvernent statistiques, électronique devises..


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