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Police Identify Body In Parked Vehicle In Vigie

Police have identified the deceased found in a parked vehicle near the George F.L. Charles airport fence at Vigie on Tuesday morning.

A police statement identified him as 33-year-old Darrel Craige Deterville of Pavee, Castries.

He had sustained gunshot injuries.

Police responding to a report of a foul odour emanating from a Nissan Wingroad, PK 155, found the deceased in the passenger seat.

Eyewitnesses told investigators that the vehicle had been near the airport since Saturday.

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  1. Darrel may your soul rest in peace, but sad to say I can’t believe that at such a young age you don’t have a family who cares for you. Your body was in this vehicle from Saturday and not one family member notified the authorities that you were missing or tried to contact you. Dead men tell no tales so I guess apart from no family, you had no friends. So sad what we have become.

  2. a vehicle was parked in that area for so long and airport security didn’t notice that says alot.

  3. The citizens of Saint Lucia deserve some answers! How come that car was parked at that spot since Saturday and the Saint Lucian authorities did not check it out –after 3 whole days!!? Come on, people in authority –you have a responsibility to be more vigilant!!! What if Al Queda or Islamic State or other terrorists were in that car scouting out the airport for a runway bombing of an aircraft, etc., you mean to tell me that the local authorities would not have noticed that a “death car” was parked outside the perimeter fence of the airport for 3 days???!!! This is totally unbelievable, and totally unacceptable!!! Where are the leaders of our national security??? If the USA knew this is how sloppy we are with our perimeter fence at our airports, the US State Department would probably put us on “stand by” until we can prove that we are in compliance with such basic airport security matters! The evils of sin, complacency and death are destroying Saint Lucia! Unless we truly repent and turn our lives to God –in spirit and in truth –we will all perish! While we still have time today, each of us has a personal responsibility to “come clean” before God, repent of our sins and wickedness, and turn to live a life of uprightness and truth before God! Jesus Christ came into the world for such a purpose! Seize the day, my people, because for any one of us this could be our final warning! This is the truth from the Word of God!

  4. What a clown show! A stationary vehicle, parked along an airport fencing from Saturday, should have caused some curiosity. This brings into question what are police procedures for identifying, reporting and following up on suspicious situations. A common procedure overseas is to slap a bright warning sticker on the item/vehicle. The sticker contains date, time, visual problem and location detected. It also warms that the item will be removed in 24 hours. The incident is reported to headquarters and logged at that time. During change in shift, all outstanding suspicious matters are briefed to the new shift…along with other operational information. I eh sure what happens in Sint Lisi.

    Those broken chains in policing have a history of biting hard. The RSLPF is broken and is in serious need of repair. We had experienced officers from overseas here who could have made a difference. They were ran out of town by politics, and disgruntled officers who were offended being asked to correctly do their jobs. Those misfits were unhappy because they couldn’t check their jabals during working hours. Some took offense that they couldn’t be drunk while on duty. Had those professionals remained, and had the backing of a certain politician, the force would have been a different organization.

    Thank you sir, for screwing up the place.

  5. Here we go lucians blaming every body else except the persons who committed this act. Lucians you all crying you all have alot more crying to do.

  6. For those of you stating that his family didn’t care i think that’s a very insensitive thing to say.
    I am his aunt and we spoke every few weeks or so and I loved my nephew, did I know his whereabouts all the time? No I didn’t , he was an adult and had his own life.
    Do you know everytime that you nephew/niece doesn’t go to their home? I’m sure you don’t, so to generalize your statement by saying “apart from having no family ” is really uncalled for because he does have family and we are gutted by this and think that instead of the blame game we should all start cleaning our backyards and pray for our beautiful Helen. I thank you

  7. So not one family member or a friend mis the young man from Saturday I get the impression that he did not have a girlfriend, mother , wife , brother and sisters to report a missing man . I hope the law men find the thug who commited this heinous crime and give him life in jail …

  8. I am sorry that he wasn’t reported missing by a family member…3 days seems like a long time. Rip

  9. @ just me….totally agree with you…says alot about the security of our ports. There is a no parking sign at main exit of the terminal and vehicles line up that area Alllll the Time! Dem ports police just getting fat! BTW…would the newly installed cctv Hollywood cinema grade cameras help here?

  10. Can you all stop blaming family. Some people live alone and some of us prefer solitude. There are also those who prefer being contacted by family once in a blue. No one is obligated to check up on a grown up daily unless that grown up requires special aid. My folks love me and we speak once a week. This is our custom.

    Stop blaming family if you know nothing. Some of you don’t even like your own people.!’

  11. Many people like alone. It is entirely normal to go days/weeks and not speak to relatives.

  12. Condolences to the family. And to the people blaming his loved ones…how foolish can you be? Not every family is the same. Many grown persons only speak with family once or twice a week and that is NORMAL for them. Stop jumping to useless conclusions.

  13. For all those chatting airport,airport! as if the pic i saw of the car parked look more like on the side of the airport by the field side and not on the cemetery or entrance side of the airport…that in itself can go unnoticed…I do agree atleast some family or someone could atleast realize he was missing…..for some reason I’m getting the notion that this car must have been stolen and did the owner also report that this vehicle was missing?…if not the police has a good lead on where to start by finding owner of vehicle cuz the dead man sure wasn’t the driver.

  14. The entire airport road should have cctv set up. There’s no one but murderous criminals to blame for killings in St Lucia. They have realized the lack of police involvement in solving murders. You don’t even hear of robberies just plain murders bodies dropping like flies without anyone being caught. I hope this one can be solved. I pray for peace to be bestowed on our youths jah knows its hard enough funeral costs are not easy youths put down the guns. STOP GUN VIOLENCE NOW.

  15. But they always warning about flying kites near the airport and will come to you on the beach if they see the kite. Smdh

  16. First and foremost to the family of the young man – condolences.

    To the public at large – most of you LUCIANS love to vayaa safaire toute moon (you all know who bought a fridge, stove, who is going with who, who is cheating on who, who has land, sheep or goat, who is building a house, etc. etc. etc.) – that stretch of the Vigie road from what I remember as a young girl in St. Lucia frequents lots of traffic and runners. I find it strange that no one noticed or reported anything unusual to the police/authorities – just saying????????? — too much is happening in your little 238 square miles. It is literally becoming a WAR ZONE – Godspeed

    If what Simon Says is wrong then it is not what Simon Says;
    Personnel who are stationed daily at the Airport.
    Port Police Officers
    Immigration Officers
    Custom Officers
    Air Port Maintenance Crews
    Air Traffic Controllers
    Taxi Drivers

    With the exception of the Customs Officers, Immigration Officers & Taxi Drivers the remainder must do daily checks and inspections for Airport Security and Safety:

    Simon Says : Three days a parked vehicle did not peek the interest of the above personnel.
    Simon Says Wow!

  18. I would like to say thanks to everyone who sent out condolences to our family. With a sorrowful heart I am writing from out of state. I am a cousin to our beloved Daryl. Our family members are heartbroken from this tragedy. Daryl was a kind and loving young man and didn’t deserve to die the way he did. Some people are so heartless, and they have no idea what the family members are going through at this time. Daryl has a loving grandmother, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and many cousins and friends who loved him dearly.
    Daryl, was a young adult and there was nothing strange about the family not hearing from him in 3 days. So for those people who are casting stones at the family members you need to stop it. A crime was committed, and we should use our voices to say enough is enough, we need justice for Daryl.
    The police and those in authority must find the criminals and make them pay. Please don’t allow this crime to go unpunished. If you know something, please pass the information to the relevant authorities.
    Daryl we love and miss you dearly. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Gone to soon my beloved cousin.


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