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Access Denied – Man Upset Over CDC Apartment Lockout


James Polius was an unhappy man on Tuesday when he visited his deceased mother’s CDC Block W apartment in Castries and found himself locked out.

“I come in there – I seeing two locks on the doors where I cannot enter my mother’s home,” Polius recalled.

He told reporters on Wednesday that his mother died on March 22, and his niece paid the bill on April 3.

As a result, Polius declared that they do not owe the National Housing Corporation (NHC).

He pointed to a note on the door advising that they call the NHC.

“Why I should call housing?” Polius declared.

He explained that his aunt and his niece lived in the apartment with his deceased mother but had since left.

Polius visited the home on Tuesday night to obtain some documents, only to discover door locks.

He said that were he a violent individual, he would have broken the locks with a hammer.

“I want to know why housing could not call my niece and say they want to have a word with her because she paid them on the 3rd,” Polius stated, adding that he has all the receipts.

He revealed that his deceased mother had lived in the apartment for over fifty years, never missing a month’s rent.

“Maybe they want the building for somebody else,” Polius expressed.

For its part, the NHC issued the following statement:

The apartment in question was assigned to two tenants namely Alexandrine Polius (deceased) and Delma Polius. However, only the former resided there. The latter, being the surviving tenant voids the agreement by not actually residing there. In addition, the lease expires in about a month, and NHC has no intention of renewing the lease, in light of these two facts.

NHC is committed to ensuring that we meet our mandate which is to provide affordable housing to those who are most in need of it. There are many applicants who are in dire NEED of subsidized housing and we must give heed to their plight.


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  1. They have used and abused the system long enough. It’s about time to put an end to it. Those who can afford are denying those who can’t. Mother is gone and the other don’t live there. This guy has a violent instinct according to him. He would have broken and entered given the means at the time. Cool down bad boy. The right thing to do was to make the call to get answers.

  2. That’s draconian and a petty reason. Could have been handled more humanly. I am convinced it for a friend.

  3. “subsidized housing ”

    Why should tax payers bear the burden of housing friends of politicians. Y’all full well know is the boys and girls of RF that get these.

  4. I was on his side until I read NHC statement. Alot of these tenants are treating the CDC Apts as condos which they aren’t. There needs to be a clean sweep so more persons who need affordable housing can acquire it. Many of these ppl have built their big homes elsewhere but hold unto these apartments as investments.

  5. This nonsense should have never been built in the city. Move the entire CDc. No need for new tenants.

  6. My first impression was just another one not paying rent and now complaining. However, on reading NHC’s statement I realized the problem – a quick move to secure the apartment for a friend of someone at NHC.
    NHC admits that the apartment was assigned to two tenants namely Alexandrine Polius (deceased) and Delma Polius. It claims that only the former resided there. Of course, nothing wrong with that.
    The one residing there died on the 22 March and NHC accepted the rent money on April 3rd from Delma Polius – a suggestion that probably Delma might be planning on moving back in.
    By 9th April NHC put locks on the door without allowing the people a chance to clear the apartment.
    NHC claims that the surviving tenant voids the agreement by not actually residing there. NHC, it was only 18 days since the death of the other tenant, how were you certain that the other would not move back in?
    And NHC, if the lease in any case expires in about a month, why did you have to move so quickly to put locks on the door?
    Oh I see : Because NHC has no intention of renewing the lease because someone at NHC already has a friend for the apartment. Then just say so.
    So the friend is one of the applicants who are in dire NEED of subsidized housing, and you must give heed to their plight. So the friend is in such dire need that he/she could not wait one more month? Then if the lady did not die on the 22nd, what would happen to that friend?

  7. @Hmmm is either you were never on his side or you have a problem with comprehension. The NHC statement made the situation worse.

  8. #TeamRF 🤣🤣 Even the statement from NHC seems straight from an episode of “Can I Help Me”

    Wouldn’t it be more professional to place a letter to the individual informing of this move. The NHC wrote in marker on the door and informed the tenant of the decision via press release.

    New building and all, if you have the same people at the helm the service level will remain substandard.

  9. How can the family get the personal properties.It is time St Lucian’s learn that the only way the can fight the system is through the courts. It is so difficult to access justice because legal representation in the island is prohibitive only the wealthy can afford it.

  10. @Wha
    Where did the man say he was violent?! Read properly! You already judging the man and labeling him 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. Lol..think the Pitbull playing!

    Y’all accept the rent on 3rd April but will put locks on the 9th and already say y’all have no intention of renewing the lease yet we have family of Speakers who have means but can live there for years with their lease being renewed.

    And persons will try to justify this because it’s their side doing it. If it were the other side, we would hear that it’s inhumane etc etc. Just like don’t touch my vendors, now they catching the royals under the same minister who said no one will touch my vendors.

    Nasty politicians!

  12. Simply outrageous behaviour as one expects in SL by Public Servants. Why was there no written notification from the Department to the remaining tenant? Surely that is a requirement? A very amateur note attached to the door! Anyone could have put that there – dodgy person with criminal intent… This needs to be thoroughly investigated. Whichever staff did this need to be disciplined. And apart from the legal aspect, show some empathy (although most Lucians don’t seem to have this emotion anymore). The woman had only been dead a few weeks… Challenge this nonsense!

  13. According to NHC the lease is up in one month, why did they lock up without informing the other person on the lease isn’t not a violation on their part? asking for a friend

  14. May justice be done,if the rent was been paid, bring x before the court for fracturing,break and enter !!

  15. A true third world country… Who writes on an apartment door to inform former tenants to contact the housing association? In this day and age?..the authorities are resorting to defacing the infrastructure with graffiti in an effort to contact the tenants?….that’s how backward our society is…and it shows in the way we speak, the, level of crime in society, the untidy streets, the entire system is a mess….

  16. The rules regarding eviction of a surviving tenant depend on the type of tenancy your daughter has with NHC. We understand this to be a joint tenancy with 2 people.
    When a joint tenant passes away, the other tenant automatically becomes the sole tenant through a process called survivorship. This applies regardless of the tenancy type. Read your agreement ASAP.
    However, if the surviving joint tenant is no longer resident, the tenancy loses its security. And in such cases, the Landlord or NHC can serve notice to quit to end the tenancy. Did you receive a letter from NHC?
    If there is a joint regulated tenancy and the surviving tenant no longer resides in the apartment, the tenancy automatically ends. So it important to know which and what type of agreement you have with NHC. Also remember notice must be served to the tenant.
    The question here Mr Polius, are you certain of no letter sent. I am not sure who the joint tenant is. Is it with your aunt or daughter? Did NHC write to your daughter or your aunt informing them of the risk of losing their rights as a tenant and reasons why. From what I gather, she was not in arrears. Just because she was not residing at the apartment at the time does not mean she is breaking any rules. It is not a reason to change the locks so soon after a bereavement. It’s only 20days !
    Landlords, NHC must inform the tenancy before moving to lock them out. The tenant is entitled to an explanation via letter. Did she receive a letter from NHC before they locked her out? If the answer is no, I would challenge that decision. Legally it could look like they are depriving a joint tenant of access to the apartment by changing the lock. Also Looks to me like, someone has informed on her no longer residing there. It’s also possible they are keeping tabs on all tenants and when certain circumstances or opportunities arise they move to eviction. There are legal stages and correct rules to follow before changing the locks. Just because it belongs to NHC they are still legal procedures to adhere too.
    For example when a
    Possession order is issued, it must expire before changing the locks. That means, if you were given a Possession order by the courts, they cannot charge the locks until the expiry date and time has lapsed. So example, if told, you have until 10am 25th April to vacate the apartment and why.
    That picture on the door looks wrong to me, it’s hand written, no signature not legal. Tom and Jerry could have wrtten that. It’s not legal. It’s not how it shoukd be carried out. But then again anything goes in St Lucia, they sometimes make it up as they go along and poor innocent people suffer. That’s not right, it’s unlawful behaviour.
    It is illegal to force a tenant to leave unless the tenant has been issued with a notice letter or court order. You cannot change the locks and leave a ridiculous hand written note on the door. Only in exceptional circumstances can you enforcement immediate eviction, such as criminal activities, sub-letting without permission.
    Even then, you still have to provide written letter. Was this an unlawful eviction? Looks like it to me but again I don’t have all the details.
    It is very important to understand your tenancy agreement. Please read the agreement to see whether NHC has broken any rules when it comes to following legal procedure when evicting a tenant.
    Most of the time, what I find unhelpful attitude is tenants and occupiers not reading and understanding the full implications of what the rules are. So before we condemn this gentleman as he is going through the bereavement process of the passing of his mother, which I find uncomfortable with how quickly the NHC has gone about resolving this matter. It’s only 20 days. However, without full access to all the facts, it still remains that there are processes and legal rules when it comes to locking a tenant out. Get some advice ASAP.

  17. Lease soon to be up ,does not give the landlord authority to place look on the tenant’s door unless there have been an arrears of rent and a letter have been sent to the tenant. Additional the tenant can give access to their house to anyone.
    Abusing the system is not a legal reason to discriminate against the small people.

  18. All of y’all who are chiding the landlord, do you know whether the landlord has/had been in communication with the tenant? Y’all have gottent the one-sided story from an individual who may or may not be seeking sympathy. So, 🛑.

  19. @ C-Wiz, you are absolutely spot on. Inspite of reading the article, this is the one thing that really caught my attention. Third world indeed. Sad but true

  20. when you do people things you dont know it come back and check you. God not sleeping , there is more come.

  21. Mr Polius, as you are unable to enter the apartment, if you can’t find the tenancy agreement, ask NHC for a copy of the signed one given at the time the contract was renewed. It’s important you have the signed copy to know the joint tenant’s rights and what type of agreement you have. This sounds shockingly shady to me. Do not let them throb you off with excuses. You have a right to be allowed into the property without prejudice to you, your aunt and daughter to collect or retrieve personal belongings on behalf of both joint tenancy and that includes your deceased motger.State that please to them, if they refuse you entry.
    St Lucia law is outdated, draconian and filled with big useless words to confuse the public. They do not like to amend laws because of lazy attitudes and power. All countries review and amend old laws. Especially as we don’t speak old English anymore, globally it’s done to ensure the words are clear and simple to understand. Laws are there to protect everyone, the homeless, children, animals everyone is allowed and should be treated with courtesy, respect regardless of class. They know damn well the disadvantaged poor people do not fully understand the law and hence it’s open to abuse by people in power. Who should know better. Power goes to people’s head and they use it as a form of control.
    Under civil law you are within your rights to request entry and ask for a copy of any letters sent. If they did issue a Possession letter, it would require a signature of delivery to whoever received it. Ask them to provide proof if they did send such letters. Whatever happens stay calm and do not break any laws by breaking and entering. If you do, you will be in trouble. So do not allow them to push your buttons. Stand up to them. You deserve an explanation. Good luck.

  22. That is so not right. The rent was paid April 3rd 2024.Why did housing received payments, then put on locks. Only a crackhead would do such. Its okay for housing to not want to renew the lease, but you have to give the family time to move out their stuff and making it worse not even a proper typed letter was posted on the door, but a piece of paper telling whoever have access to the apartment to call
    That’s ghetto, gutter to the lowest. You mean to tell me that’s how those in authority behave.

  23. It is time for St Lucians to wake, regargless if the person is absent, and the rent is paid,it is such an unlawful to do such things

  24. This is how some so-called professional treats poor people. I have one thing to say no one knows on who’s head the crown will be tomorrow, I rest my case

  25. The right thing to do is vote fredrick out before we start regretting. He knows exactly what he is doing. This apartment was occupied by uwp supports so Nhc get a loop hole to try and kick them out.

  26. Herein lies the issue – although anything goes in St. Lucia. If the housing department was informed of the passing of the lease holder in March 2024, why then did they accept payment for April 2024 rent. You folk in St. Lucia are really too much – messy on every level.

  27. Well the pit bull strikes again. Last week it was a well established vendor being victimized, this week it’s a tenant. @ Crow did you take time to read the entire article. Both sides made a statement so you have information from both parties to make a sound judgement.
    I think Mr Polius needs to contact a solid lawyer because as far as I’m aware NHC is in violation of the law. The tenant is not in arrears and the lease expires next month, why then the haste to lock out the tenant? Legally the tenant has the right to access the apartment until the lease expires. Mr Polius should also say that things were taken out of the apartment and have NHC pay for whatever damages.

  28. @Crow, perhaps you did not read properly or cannot read properly or up to mischief. It is not a one-sided story. THE NHC actually gave a statement. In fact, it is the NHC statement that made me see how unfortunates its own action was.

  29. Wicked and vindictive people. Karma has a way of dealing with y’all in the worst way possible. So kick him out on the basis of perceived party support. The lease is not even up yet but you have already put locks on the door and so declasse to deface the property with a marker.

  30. If the gentleman has a receipt indicating that the rent has been paid to NHC for the month of April he is within his right to break the lock and enter the apartment. And, sue NHC. This is what happens when genuine fools are given responsibilities that outweigh their intelligence level. Bloody idiots. Sometime last year, the Housing Minister suggested a dollar per square foot figure for the land occupied by the CDC buildings. Has he and or the NHC consulted the National Archives to determine the ownership of those lands on which the buildings stand? Those lands don’t belong to the Government, the Minister or the NHC. Get it right.

  31. These CDC were built after the Castries Fire as temporary housing
    So why is there so much drama there
    It’s about time they get rid of them in the city they have serve the purpose
    Let’s move on.

  32. NHC IS That the best you can do write on someone’s door that has been a tenant, shame on you classless only in this lawless country God don’t like ugly

  33. Wow… Bully politics here in Saint Lucia Our democracy is under fire! Entities that are answerable only to themselves. I’m waiting on the spin and to think there are people citing all manner of laws trying to justify this nonsense.

    Broke down the CDCs, relocated the residents with little compensation only to erect a car park to generate income for the City Council. Security made redundant to outsource servicea to the security company of friends.

    Putting people first indeed!

  34. Anonymous April 11, 2024 At 10:35 am
    The right thing to do is vote fredrick out before we start regretting.

    Man you are so right. Pop made deal with the devil to get power and it will bite him hard. This guy should’ve never been given a ministry far less housing.

  35. NHC has an advisor lawyer attached to them– The same one they bought the current building from and a Minister Lawyer, yet still they are engaging in what clearly appears to be not only unethical but highly questionable behaviour. Smh

  36. Well with my experience in St Lucia, may times staff are the ones taking (stealing) the money and NHC know nothing about it. Tenants are being told that there is a new system (who to contact) in place and no one responds.

    Bills are being paid via Surepay, but no receipt of acknowledgement nor a statement from NHC of payment being processed. THE STAFF ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS PROPERLY!!! Government offices always have issues and fight downs. WE ARE ALL ST LUCIANS!

    There’s a late fee and to date, I don’t know how the late fees are being calculated.

    Listen if apartment was assigned to 2 tenants & one dies, and the apartment is up todate and was last paid on April 3rd, 2024 why would NHC put a padlock and have a handwritten note on the door? This is not professional and the second tentant should have been notified via whatsapp or calling as a representative from NHC normally do when payment is needed. I am not just writting as i am a tenant as well.

    Question; Was this done because the gentle man is a supporter of the United Workers Party???

    Is this how our government is putting us first as a nation? What exactly does the theme, “PUTTING YOU FIRST” Means?

    How can employees execute dirty works on behalf of a government minister? Don’t they have a conscience? To me if this is how its being operated, i strongly believe that the whole Dept needs to be closed down.

  37. This has to be among the dumbest things I have read. It’s a case of morons in high positions. I am just blown away by the level of stupidity and unprofessionalism exhibited by NHC. Sadly, this form of behavior is not reserved for NHC only. When anyone dares visit those sorts of offices, be prepared for an assault on your intelligence. It’s impossible to show management a different way… they are unteachable.

    What rail does NHC hold to think that their actions are justified? Their letter is a big fat joke that elicits snickers and plain ridicule.

  38. I think Central Castries motto is putting all perceived UWP supporters last. Look at how the Castries Vendor was exposed by the Minister. I imagine the same fate will befall this man on “Can I help me” tonight. I’m sure not a word will be said about crime.


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