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Chastanet To Attend 2024 Global Parliamentary Forum


Saint Lucia’s opposition leader, Allen Chastanet, will attend the 2024 Global Parliamentary Forum (GPF) in Washington, D.C., on April 15 and 16.

As a result, the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on Facebook that he would be out of state from April 14th to 20th.

The GPF, jointly organised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is held ahead of the 2024 Spring Meetings.

The Forum will bring together legislators worldwide and senior leadership from the World Bank and IMF to share knowledge and best practices in development. 

This year, the participants will gather under the theme: “Multiple Global Challenges: Action for Impact.”

GPF participants will discuss challenges that put prosperity out of the reach of millions globally, and topics such as Artificial Intelligence, climate change, debt, gender, and governance.


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  1. I am convinced that no one in our present government would have made a vital contribution to such a meeting. This administration apparently is making a mess with the borrowings they have done, hence they were kept out. Or just maybe the World Bank and IMF saw light in the letter Allen wrote to our Prime Minister Hon Phillip J Pierre and was copied to them.

  2. World Bank His ever loving IMF both them the same thing yeah you go on and whoever pumping their fist for you drag them along THOSE ILLITERATE FOOLS . Prime Minister Pierre this is one trip I am so proud you decided NOT to take you are not throwing us to those wolves or even giving it any school of thought, our taxes might be high BUT WE OWN OURSELVES AND I WOULD RATHER PAY MORE THAN TO SELL OUT OUR SOULS. Micheal Manley wrote many books to warn regional leaders about these LOAN SHARKS and at all cost to do our dam-nest to avoid them. The Honorable KDA raise the VAT to 15 percent at the time of his last tenure to avoid St Lucia going to them we bawl and bitch about it this fool made made the most noise but now they see the need for it to go back there at 15 percent. St Lucian’s PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MAN AND HIS VISION AND ASSOCIATION PLEASE I IMPLORE EACH OF YOU WHO GIVE A DAMN PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. Don’t be fooled by these headlines of him talking these trips to these functions he walks with a blue print of our souls and destiny in his briefcase to sell to the highest bidder read and understand who/what the World Bank and The IMF are and the mental and sociological effects they have on small nations such as ours don’t let anyone tell you these institutions are good for us.

  3. My issue is, if this forum is so important to developing nations, which it appears to be, why is it Pierre, who is the elected Prime minister and the minister with the portfolio for finance not attending? Not that I have an issue with the leader of the opposition attending, but one would think that the elected Prime minister of a country would be invited to have such an important discussion at the table. We want to know, why is Pierre not attending this forum? Was he invited and declined the invitation? Was he not invited at all? Is anyone from the current administration going to this forum? Are we going to get a complete, open and transparent report as to what was discussed? What does parliament have to say about only the leader of the opposition attending this forum? We want to know and we demand to know, as it is our right to know. This forum appears to be a major event in our ecomonic development and it is glaringly apparent that the government was caught flat footed on this. This is embarrassing for the Government to say the least……what is going on here? WE THE CITIZENS DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON….Juke Bois, what day you? I know you received an award from the UWP for you contribution to journalism but now is not the time to stay schtumm on this very important issue.

  4. This man could never be a prime Minster in this country again . The house slaves who think that he will bring them the bacon are fools after 400 years of being enslaved we as black people must withdraw support for this man …

  5. I only hope he is not called to do a PowerPoint presentation, would be very embarrassing with his level of spelling.

  6. Which country in the world has positive long or short term benefits from the World Bank. We know the lend money but there is very little information about the contracts in the long term. There have be protests world wide against the world Bank… why?

  7. Chas, anything you are going to say, ensure it’s the truth. We know you and the truth are somewhat enemies. Also make a great presentation about what you know and not what you heard.

  8. Fire Burn I really feel sorry for some of you all Lucian’s the level of hatred for Chas awa you all should be ashamed of yourself..Pierre go in parliament and lied to the people of St Lucia…he implemented 2..5% on your all backsides go hate him instead Health get worse security gets worseer Zort pa ca honte changed your mindset because the wrath of god will fall on our country..

  9. Happy Journey ✈️
    God is the Father of all, remember that the those who governs are ‘ungodly people with Sinful 😈 desires,so God looks at the heart of man…
    If he ask God for instructions to teach him the right way,and give him wisdom to administer ⚖️ justice, that is only if his heart is right before God, God can restore him to his rightful position !!

  10. So we are all just going to assume St Lucia’s government will not send a representative and Chas is the only one representing St Lucia? Chas is representing his own agenda and by extention St Lucia as an opposing leader. He isn’t running the country, so as party leader his schedule is quite free to apply for invitation and to attend all these important events as a country representative.

  11. I’ve met both men briefly and I’m certain Chas would present a better verbal presentation to both bodies. @ Fire burn: obviously you have been stung with a heavy dose of hate, ignorance, racism which I strongly advise you to put a caulk on it. That kind of ignorance can only hurt St. Lucia, if you can’t raise the limit of your intelligence beyond the $3 – $5/hr. limit then shush.

  12. @wow correct the Sensible Leadership Party of St Lucia does not participate in any events that sells St Lucia and its citizens into more fiscal slavery as if we are not enslaved enough to the tune of USD$ 100 million for the airport from The Bank of Taiwan USD$ 43 million to the Caribbean Development Bank we have max our limit as the biggest bower they won’t extend any more credit to us. He took USD10 million during Covid, can’t account for USD$ 7 million to date in Covid vaccine purchases, but the likes of you just don’t get it you will support any and every crap he does to sell out our country and keep us fiscal enslaved.


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