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Felix Responds To Pierre’s Invitation To Join The Cabinet


Choiseul-Saltibus MP Bradley Felix of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has responded to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s invitation to join the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

Pierre announced the invitation at Monday’s regular pre-Cabinet press briefing.

“The former Prime Minister (Stephenson King) is in the Cabinet, and I have invited Bradley Felix. If he wants, he can follow, once he can follow the principles of our party,” Pierre told reporters.

“We’re inclusive. We want to bring everybody togetherโ€”all men and women of goodwill. We have a big umbrella. Come in,” the Prime Minister declared.

Felix, in response, recalled that the Prime Minister had made overtures to him at almost every House of Assembly meeting.

However, he explained that he had never taken Pierre seriously.

Felix recalled that he was in office as a UWP MP to represent the people of Choiseul-Saltibus.

“I have no intention of joining any other party at this point in time,” he told St. Lucia Times.

Felix was also confident that the people of his constituency were not worried about anything that would jeopardise their trust in him representing them as a member of the UWP.

When asked whether his intentions might change in the future, the MP responded that anything could change.

“But it is not anything in my vision. Anything could happen in the future. My political career could come to an end when the next election is called. Anything can happen,” Felix stated.

“I think when we speak we need to speak in an expression so that we always can be very careful in how people interpret what we say,” he stated.

Felix and UWP leader Allen Chastanet (Micoud South) were the only party members to retain seats in the July 26, 2021, general elections.

The SLP surged into office by a landslide after the polls.

The government currently enjoys a 15-2 majority in the House of Assembly.

Stephenson King, who quit the UWP to run an Independent and retained his Castries North seat, and Richard Frederick, who ran as an ‘Independent Labour’ candidate and won Castries Central, accepted posts in the SLP Cabinet after the SLP landslide.


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  1. @Arsonist. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ

  2. All just words………..if you are for the good of your communities then WHY has Gais Bais Road been seen too? As I said all just empty words.

  3. Stay where you Mr Hair Club for Men we donโ€™t have enough stying gel and mirrors for youโ€ฆ..then again we taking that seat so prepare to join the unemployment line with Black Bway Fedee just now. Yull see how Pierre nice he is actually offering missay a job.

  4. St.lucia’s politics has evolved into a big joke. GUYS! You have a country to run, a nation build. These nonsense shouldn’t even be in the media. Garbage politics, thats what we have in st.lucia. Just a bunch of excrete talkers in suits and ties.

  5. Wow another political distraction so people wonโ€™t see the real issues at hand once agin good move Pierre keep distracting us and let the bad boys do as they please as ministers Thank you Pierre god is going to deal with youll wicked racist and disrespectful government. Itโ€™s all over the world soon they taking pm from you. Already everyone is scared to talk

  6. So labour wants to rule communist style, no opposition. Smh. This country is garbage especially the politician both sides. We have laws but just nobody to enforce them. I saw bus driver over take into in coming traffic between 4 -6 pm on week day , forcing vehicles off the road . Some of these Gros islet bus drivers are pigs. Guess people see no accountability from the top so itโ€™s all good. Stephanie Queen the chaos your ministry causing on Gros islet highway , stop it . All because of politics you not fixing the road in the north doing papishow. Question did the govt or S&S design the roundabout? Because I want to know where the road users benefiting on your bs .

  7. I see the PM wants a one-party State. Dangerous!!!!!!!!!
    Is the PM afraid of opposition which democracy provides for?

  8. What we have in our political formula are not individuals who have the entire country interest at heart. Its 45 years since we were given self governance and the current outcome will speak for itself. When one feel victimized they just jump platform because they know they can still suck the blood out of the people at the end of the day and this is evident. We can always give opinion but the evidence will prove otherwise.

  9. I would not be surprised if Felix crosses over, I get the vibes that he doesn’t fully support Chastenent. He’s going to make his move 2 weeks before the general elections (he’ll pull a King).

    Chastenent should look of for the Judas’.

    @small fry you quite correct, a party that wants no opposition, very dangerous indeed.

  10. Pissing in your eye and calling it rain. They fooled everyone (both sides) before and we fell for it. Thought they knew what they were doing, but did not have a clue aside from self enrichment. Now they want real workers to come and help. Awa man.

  11. St. Lucia, St. Lucia, St. Lucia beware; open your eyes see what’s happening all over the World today! he who has eyes to see, let them see. The men on the Rock rather spend their time drinking, smoking, stealing, shooting & killing, many wasting time in Prison, no one wants to get back to the Farm to plant and grow the good healthy fruits & food to make a decent living – NO THAT’S TOO HARD IN THE HOT SUN, WE PREFER TO ROB FOR EAZY MONEY – how do you think a 15 – 2 was gotten? bribery, corruption, see who you have calling the shots? the U.S. don’t want him around but PjP soft as jelly allowed him in as a government Minister. The damage that that do to this Island only he and his acceptable friends around him care.
    Today they’re going further to buy out the unlearned, uneducated masses, even buying out some with some education to spew out hate, racism, classism among a nation never learned of such before. It suits ones to blame for their laziness and failure, it is bound to hurt class mates, work buddies, close friends looking at each other as one not being black, the other as the son of a once slave owner.
    Will the people of the C.D.C. and in central stay quiet very long? how about Castries North, do I hear your voices? St. Lucia better retain the love and respect we once had for each other, a God fearing people, a people who loved attending Church as often as they could, a blessed people who worked hard educating their kids to do better BLESSED BE THE LORD.

  12. Choiseul people…..we not real that hungry…. and he knows he can’t betray the one’s who put him there……. Bradley is smarter and don’t wanna line with Pjp…. Can’t not even handle criminal and the country…. you want people cross over….smfh

  13. Pierre needs to stay in his dam section..go take care of Richard Fredrick that will make you loose the next election useless pm

  14. Bradley from my point of view, act professionally and i believe that’s his character, they no that … Also realize he is not entertaining their dirty drama… He been loyal and professional …so my point of view they saying ”Let get Bradley in so we could defeat Chastanet” . You got 15 seats and you still worry about two guys seating across….. With that 15 you still can’t lead….Bradley would be my less worries….PJP Weak ….Run the country bro or give up


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