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Minister Highlights Challenge Of Finding Skilled Workers

Labour Minister Dr. Virginia Albert Poyotte highlighted the disparity between the demand for and supply of skilled workers in an address Monday to launch Labour Day activities.

The veteran former trade union leader pointed to the free movement of labour within and from outside the region in emphasising the problem.

“We are already anticipating a challenge coming in the next few months where the demand for skilled workers will be higher than the supply,” Albert-Poyotte stated.

She hoped the Department of Labour could play a more significant role in becoming a clearing house, assisting people seeking employment and helping employers who want the best workers.

The Babonneau MP observed that many people are unemployed while jobs are available.

Nevertheless, Albert-Poyotte explained that sometimes unemployed individuals do not have the required skills.

She disclosed that she has many work permit applications to approve for non-nationals.

“The question is, ‘Do we have the persons with the skill set in Saint Lucia to do the work that is required? Are we doing due diligence in ensuring that we search for the persons here and give priority so that at least they are gainfully employed?'” Albert-Poyotte said.

“We may have to issue a policy statement because it is very easy for people to say how we leave persons out – Saint Lucians, and we are employing non-Saint Lucians whether in the region or outside of the region,” the Minister told her audience.

She spoke of the need for a database where people could register their skills and get assistance in finding jobs.

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  1. As an educator what did you do to bring vocational skills at secondary schools for example plumbing, tile laying welding. Electric engineering, carpentry brick laying . All you care about is earning your salary on the 25 of every month you already getting a pension and got a huge gratuity and . I am a Labour supporter but I am very disappointed in your peformance as a minister and former educator no wonder the majority of secondary school graduates enter as sheep but graduate as goats is is because of people like Dr poyette that we are in the quagmire that we are in

  2. wow Ras Clayton. The lady’s speech only highlights how much of a failure she and the labour govt hv been in the past 25 years. An education system which does not produce persons eligible for employment. Smh No Hope for us wiith the grade of leaders we hv in this country. Selfish, preying on the ignorance of the ppl. Keeping them ignorant

  3. That’s always usually the case!…skill or no skill our system always allow for foreigners and high colour persons,or families with names and not necessarily having the skill set that qualifies….check the hotels,majority of the high post are handed out to non nationals,…..typical mindset of crab in barrel small minded black folks like holding each other down and not liking to see you foward.
    She mention the term”gainful employment”only ppl like you ministers gain from y’all employment, common folks just work the cycle to keep your workforce engine running with no guine or benifits..wash,dry,repeat til dem drop awf.

  4. Well said Ras Clayton. For decades even teachers have been asking for more vocational studies. But the donkeys in power refuse to listen. How are we so stupid to elect the dumbest people to lead us?

  5. We need the skills and also a Decent wage not less than $10+ per hour to the Skilled workers that She is creating..
    I endorse my opinion

  6. Virginia your comment is a page from Reno at his last interview with Timothy Poleon. You are echoing exactly what he said and you believe if it is said one more time some people will believe it. There are ways to overcome and mitigate such issue if it exist. In addition to the youth economy which has not develop wheels as yet, why don’t you attach and apprentices program. This will capture those youths with the appetite to learn and sometimes they can do it but need some guidelines. I know lots of youths who can go plumbing, electrical, computers without any formal training. You need to start to think outside the box

  7. Serious indictment on our leaders and governments. I hope you know that your current administration has to shoulder most of the blame since you have occupied the seats of government more than the opposition since the turn of the century. Backward education system designed to fail people. The policy of many are called but few are chosen continues to be your mantra. Where else for our youth but on the streets and in gangs. Government policies need a revamp or else we will be hearing this same refrain 20 years from now.


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