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Mayor Responds To Concern Over Lease Agreement For Vendors

Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel has responded to Castries arcade vendors’ concerns regarding a new lease arrangement.

Saint Lucia Craft and Dry Goods Vendors Association President Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac said the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) had yet to consult the vendors or the association.

Isaac said the CCC asked vendors to sign the new agreement without explanation or allowing them to seek advice.

As a result, the association President said after signing the lease, some vendors realised that some conditions were ‘draconian‘.

He disclosed that some vendors have occupied their booths in the vendors’ arcade in Castries for close to three decades and believe a two-year agreement would not benefit them.

“Some of them already have arrears,” Isaac observed.

Nevertheless, he indicated that under the new lease agreement, incurring arrears within three months could result in the revocation of a booth, as would failure to meet the lease conditions.

Among other conditions, the lease agreement  prohibits tenants from playing loud music, subletting, having individuals use illicit drugs, and extending their vending units.

In response to the Vendors Association President’s concerns, the Castries Mayor declared that a lease does not require consultation with any association.

“We have gone to our clients, which is our right,” Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel observed.

She said the CCC would address issues clients may have.

“Giving the people the lease at this time is critical. It means we are ensuring that those who are operating in the facility are the ones with the leases and if you have been there as we begin to do upgrade work through the GPH programme persons in that facility will actually have a lease,” the Mayor explained.

“It is not about the lease. It is about outstanding payments and those who have outstanding payments must come and ensure that they do what is right,” Lendor-Gabriel stated.

“We forgave millions of dollars of debt to vendors who were in those facilities,” she recalled.

The lease agreement requires tenants to pay roughly $140 a month.

“You can’t be in somebody’s facility and don’t want to sign an agreement,” Lendor-Gabriel noted.

She said if an egregious clause existed, it was necessary to point it out.

Nevertheless, the Mayor told reporters that the CCC had no reason to insert such a clause because it had a vested interest in supporting the vendors.

She said leases have always been in place.



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  1. I support any decision that the Mayor takes . I have had reason to deal with her recently, and I must confess to her sincerity and willingness to help. She is willing to help even when she promises not to help. The Mayor’s office could not have found a more agreeable human being. So Ras Ipa needs to stop crying wolf. Vendors need to make an effort to pay the small rent that they called upon to pay.

  2. Everything is “Draconian” to Ipa as long as it does not personally suit Ipa. He tries to make it look like he is on the vendors team, but he is only dancing for Ipa. Man is a manipulative wolf in sheep clothing. In other words, Ipa will be frustrated with anyone who has no time for his contradictions, then claim to have no side. Castries is a disastrous mess all over. Only people who like Castries are Chinese,Guyanese and alcoholic Lucians on that stinky Jeremie street. Most vendors sell the same crap visitors buy all over the Caribbean, yet they complain about sales.

  3. We need a revolution to drive the two political parties to the gates of hell as they only represent the interest of the oppressors take for example after 3 years in power not even a minimum wage that they can enact for the working poor and the working poor who keep voting for them every 5 years … Black people in st Lucia have a backward mindset…..

  4. @Amani On her she is indeed a lovely person but we all know she’s not really the one in charge at CCC. Just ask NHC who runs things there!

  5. Some St. Lucians believe everything must be free for them. Living in the CDC must be free, all taxes must be exempted. What is the big deal with signing a lease agreement? Those who don’t want to sign the agreement let them point out the flaws and amend it. Remember the last Mother’s day when all their trays were dumped?

  6. Her business practice is no different from any other. What was not stated in the article is the length of time given to sign the lease after it was delivered. Generally, a 72 hour window or slightly more is provided. The culture of “freeness” has retarded our development. If you don’t pay your bills, the victim of your inaction makes a play. That is everywhere you go. The council is running a business which by the way benefits the vendors. If people have been there for 30+ years, and they are paying rent in a timely manner, there should be nothing to worry about. Unless they want to emulate the non-paying CDC tenants.

  7. Lydia Estaphane May 1, 2024 At 7:03 am

    Exactly. But lets place the blame squarely where it belongs. The politicians. The scum that has created this welfare state and free for all mentality in this country.

  8. Amani: “She is willing to help even when she promises not to help. ”

    My experience is quite different. She is useless. Even when laws are being breached and you point out those violations to her and non response by her law enforcement team. Another typical politician. We can hard wait to vote them out.

  9. So you not paying your rent and you want to dictate terms to the property owner? Enough babying this is the real world pay your rent then you can complain!

  10. The lease agreement requires tenants to pay roughly $140 a month…and ppl complain

  11. I will never understand the mentality of some Lucians. Complain, complain, complain and complain about everything-no one lives in this world for free. In addition, nothing in this world is free – because everything has a cost. With that FREENESS mentality you will not be able to live any place else but in St. Lucia where anything goes.

    Some of you forever complain “things are hard in St. Lucia” – I have traveled to several countries and I have also done extensive research and I am still looking for a place in this world where things are FREE – that is impossible on every level.

    In the meantime, most of your have tickets for every jazz concert and outfits etc. etc. etc. – and you calling your family member oversees who work in snow, rain, storm etc. asking them to send you money for your lifestyle -find a job and stop the begging.

    Pay your rent, buy your costume, your jazz tickets and pay for your booth, live your best life and stop the complaining. You want to be able to play LOUD MUSIC in a public setting, violate space agreed upon, sublett to rip off others because you want to make a profit for yourself – by getting over -BAYTEEZE TOO SELL

    The reality is – if you are in disagreement with the terms of any lease/contract/mou – simply do not sign and move on.


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