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Pierre Pledges To Pursue Better Wages, Work Conditions


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has emphasised the government’s responsibility to improve work conditions in Saint Lucia.

It is our responsibilityas the party in government to continue pursuing our founder’s vision to keep improving the wages and conditions of the workers of this country,” Pierre explained in a Facebook post to mark Labour Day.

“This is why in 2022, we appointed a Minimum and Equal Wages Commission comprising representatives of the Trade Unions, private sector, and government,” the Prime Minister noted.

He disclosed that the Commission had completed its report.

In this regard, Pierre explained that the way forward would comply with the Labour Act Cap 16.04 provision. 

“It is our hope and our desire to follow the rules and that Saint Lucian workers will have a new Minimum Liveable Wage by August 1, 2024,” The Castries East MP stated.

The leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) paid tribute to the party founder, Sir George F.L. Charles.

Pierre observed that Charles, Saint Lucia’s first Chief Minister, was the architect of adult suffrage and a representative of workers through the trade unions. 

“It was his vision that led to the creation of the Protection of Wages Ordinance and Holidays with Pay Ordinance in 1959,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister noted.

In addition, Pierre said a true historical account would indicate that, between 1964 and 1969, Sir John Compton and the late Maurice Mason were influential figures supporting Sir George FL Charles’ legislative agenda on workers’ rights.

Pierre asserted that the core values of equity, respect for the rule of law, and inclusiveness have been part of the philosophy of the Labour movement. 

He also declared that the governing principles of the Saint Lucia Labour Party are rooted in its history. 

“It is the political party that has enfranchised the working class in Saint Lucia. The Saint Lucia Labour Party has always demonstrated that it is the political party that cares and respects the dignity of the Saint Lucian people,” Pierre expressed.

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  1. So why then is the LABOUR DEPARTMENT not functioning under a LABOUR GOVERNMENT???

  2. Pierre, you can spin it how you want. This time around you have to deliver. This is not the $1,500.00 promise you made and later on you denied. This one the spelling is clear on the wall. Please deliver on the minimum wage. There will be inflation, job loss, unemployment increase – the people need to be educated and made aware. My advise to you is stagger the implementation. Have a pilot project because the consequences will be irreversible. Pierre, no denial on this one. This will be the one to take your government down

  3. Boy, Pierre is on a roll…. dropping candy after candy to the people… fixing St Jude’s Hospital, fixing port Castries, building the Halls of Justice, tackling infrastructure, more money for pensioners, if he has his way, soon it will be a new and efficient transport system in Saint Lucia, mind you, there are a lot of inefficiencies in Saint Lucia, one would think, perhaps sort that out first but in any case let’s move forward in our development…….it all sounds good and I will you to achieve those objectives for the sake of the development of our nation…but if history proves any thing is that I will only believe it when I see it ….and see it completed….but no doubt, the PM is in a roll, I give him that..

  4. Monkey telling monkey what monkey want to hear…politicians really know how to entice ppl’s mind,ppl are actually longing and it’s overdue.

  5. It’s a crime against humanity, when big companies that are making millions in profit are paying workers 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour working in inhumane conditions . That nonsense has to stop in st Lucia as no one should be working for less that 8 dollars an hour educated or uneducated

  6. Re Article, Good news, but, how much is the minimum wage?
    It should be $10+ to all workers..

  7. In reading the criticisms of Pip’s statements in this article, I couldn’t help but note that they originated from an ignorance of political economics; an ignorance of which Pip hoped (successfully) to pass off the numerous half-truths & outright deceptions for bolstering his credibility as an assiduous & faithful steward for the rights & progress of the working class in St. Lucia.

    Here is a video primer with which the ordinary citizen of St. Lucia can accurately assess & discern the true nature of Pip’s program for the well-being of St. Lucians – merely to usurp the political power of the people for the benefit of the SLP leadership & their ignorant, fawning minions.

    Presenting a Question & Answer session with the renowned economist, Richard D. Wolff:

  8. @ Dumb Nudge what are you equating this to. ?? There is nothing about Philip Pierre persona or governance to equate to anything of Carl Max or Marxism YOU ARE A FOOL . I don’t care if you don’t print anything of mine….. beside they are direct to you I do this for balance not for the likes your paid manipulation of St Lucian Society needs to stop there is paid “freedom of the press “ here no freedom of the press. Some of the communist acts that curtails the press should be adopted in St Lucia for loose cannons such as yourself with your sole purpose of your daily vomit is to undermining the government policies and agendas .

  9. A relief is enough to fool the, words without actions !
    Nevertheless,Sir Honorable,to make every efforts, good to go with a minimum of $fifteen dollars an hour ⚖️ and not three cents an hour, which can be affordable for your Slaves behind the wheel,hoarding graines for your house and your maiden and servants..
    Untie the colts of the donkeys and let them range free, because they does not desert to be in Cruel bondages by the employers and labour représentatives..

  10. @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade: I definitely cannot take credit for your mental deficiency & extreme biases towards maintaining your massa’s plantation in perpetuity, to the detriment of your fellow citizens. I am confident that anyone who views the attached video, above in my original post, will appreciate how easily Professor Wolff explains economics to the layman, and how capitalism is just a modern iteration of slavery, much to your chagrin. Malcolm X warned us a long time ago about house n1gg@$ like you:

    Malcolm X: The House Negro and the Field Negro (1963)

  11. The purpose of house n1gg@$ like “@The Honorable Lucian Highgrade” & news media stenographers in the Caribbean is to protect the interests of their massa from the continuing struggle for liberation, even after over 50 years of so-called independence from oppressive colonialists. Here is an example of their efforts against Haiti:

    CARICOM, Regional Arm of the Core Group, Sells Out Haiti Again

  12. @ Nude the Fudge….Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha What are you trying to portray??? The leopard you are will never abandon the Archie Bunker within. You can’t accept the man in the mirror far less to embrace Black Nationalism. It’s good you have read the teachings of The Honorable Minister Malcolm X and you have found some sort of “solace”. I don’t know where were the likes of the you and your newly minted anti massa mindset during the UWP reign of terror . The sell out of Haiti has been written a thousand times over but I do believe Caricom efforts were positive. Question do you believe The failed economic policies of your Massa Allan Chastanet was more in sync with Professor Wolf ?? Everything he spoke of was straight from Allan Chastanet Failed Trickle Down Economics 101 Here My Dear I Present To You Dubai ? Just asking for a friend.

  13. @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade: Longtime followers & participants in this forum will readily acknowledge that I have been the most vociferous in criticizing ‘ti Chas & UWP, in equal measure as I criticize Pip & SLP! In fact, I have referred to the criminal political duopoly in St. Lucia (SLP & UWP) as two cheeks of the same backside! Your portrayal of my criticism as “newly minted” is a vain attempt to ignore the fact that I have called you out as nothing but a house n!gg@ for quite some time now, as I note your attempts to prevent St. Lucia’s field negroes from escaping the plantation.

    As black men, Pip & the pippettes can only offer retreaded policies (reforms) to persuade the electorate that the only choice open to them is to bet on the electoral musical chairs game between UWP & SLP every 5 years.

    And every real man here has noted your style of debating , that of a little primary schoolgirl, who loudly attempts to change the subject whenever her weak arguments are exposed! Your little mind does not allow enough space to adequately criticize any sentence in Marx’s detailed works – themselves an exhaustive critique of capitalism!


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