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Saint Lucian Entrepreneur Launches A New Sneaker Brand

The sneaker brand Yanno also known as Yanno Footwear is the brand of world-renowned and successful award-winning Saint Lucian entrepreneur, Yannick Theodore.

The recently launched sneaker brand is one of Yannick’s latest initiatives, comprising of a collection of premium sneakers and shoes loved by enthusiasts worldwide.

The author of the best-selling eBook, “Let’s Talk About Business,” has invested significant time and money into launching the sneaker brand. His vision is to build Yanno as a luxury brand specializing in manufacturing and selling the best and most durable brand-name sneakers and shoes globally.

As a long-time cultural phenomenon, sneakers have come a long way to become mainstream in contemporary fashion. No longer just functional items, they have become a style statement and status symbol, sought after by persons collecting and trading rare and limited-edition sneakers.

A world-famous shoe brand that manufactures and sells some of the best sneakers in the world, Yanno Footwear is renowned for its brand name sneakers. Sneakers like the SuperSpeed Pro, the Evoz, the Evoz 2, and many other fan favorites are all designed by the award-winner Yannick.

Yanno Footwear produces brand-name designer sneakers and shoes adored for their style and versatility. Made from Italian leather of the highest quality, the Evoz and Evoz 2 for example are widely acclaimed for their durability, performance, and supreme comfort.

Yanno now introduces its latest innovation in footwear trends with its new Legendary SuperSpeed Pro. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and crafted with the finest materials, the SuperSpeed Pro epitomizes the essence of Italian craftsmanship, long revered for its elegance and flair.

Designed for speed, increased traction, and durability, the SuperSpeed Pro is emerging as a fan favorite. Taking inspiration from this rich heritage to present a collection that seamlessly blends classic design with contemporary trends, the new sneaker design represents a bold departure from convention, offering a fresh take on tennis footwear.

Whether playing your next match, strolling through the city streets, or stepping out for a night on the town, the SuperSpeed Pro will surely turn heads and make a statement.

This sporty tennis sneaker has a stylish and classic low-top silhouette. Featuring Italian material side panels and an extra padded heel collar.

The Super Speed Pro comprises the latest technology, to give you that extra boost of speed and comfort when on or off the court. The insoles have been carefully designed with a double layer of cushioning foam.

The soles have been designed and developed by the best technicians in the world to give you that extra grip you require when playing your next match or prevent you from slipping and sliding when going out with friends. Its eyestay features a lace-up front with gold sparkling laces and reinforced metal eyelets.

The sneaker is finished with a logo conveniently placed on the front of the sneaker tongue for stronger branding.

As fashion trends come and go, Yanno emerges as a respected brand synonymous with quality, steadfast in its commitment to timeless style and impeccable durability. With the launch of the SuperSpeed Pro, the brand reaffirms its position as a leader in the world of footwear, setting the standard for style, sophistication, self-expression and adding a touch of Italian flair to every step.


In a market saturated with mass-produced products, Yanno Footwear stands out for its commitment to quality and attention to detail, employing the best materials, the best technology and the best manufacturing processes in the world, complemented by a team of skilled craftsmen who have spent years honing their techniques.

Yanno doesn’t only specialize in selling good quality Italian-made sneakers, but various other shoes as well. Shoes including, stilettos, pumps, casual shoes, sandals, and slides for women, formal and casual shoes, yachting shoes, sandals, and slides for men, shoes for kids, boots, and lots more. Yanno is also known to sell fashion accessories such as bags, for both men and women, wallets, and belts.

Complementing its premium product, Yanno provides free shipping to Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA. As a testament to its confidence in its sneaker line, Yanno offers its customers free returns if they are unsatisfied with their orders.

Each pair is a masterpiece, combining over a hundred years of handcrafting tradition with modern style for a high-quality product that exudes the class of its Italian heritage. With its impeccable craftsmanship and careful stitching, every order of Yanno custom-made shoes comes with an impressive custom-made collectors edition box.

Yanno Footwear’s line of custom sneakers and shoes represents the brand’s dedication to Italian flair and excellence.

Crafted with precision and passion, each pair exudes a perfect blend of functionality and fashion, seamlessly marrying comfort with style.

Its commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its products. Handcrafted from fine Italian leather by Italian master craftsmen, these custom designer sneakers boast a refined aesthetic, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless style.


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  1. That article is filled with too much self praise. “ award winning”, “renowned” come on guys. A quick google search and none of these could be found under “yanno footwear” these sneakers mentioned I only found under new balance and Reebok. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. Great article! I love it! It is very well written! Stop being a hater and a critic! It is an excellent article! You can probably find the sneaker if you search for the founder himself!

  3. @wowyoure right . And they’re more expensive than the very famous brands 🤦🏾‍♀️.. I know little business start somewhere but the way he’s going , it will soon be $500 a pair 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Well done young man…I wish you all success in your endeavours…and never forget your homeland…give something back.

  5. I like to see our people develop and go forward, but in forward motion you have to be strategic and tactical, this combination will ultimately decide your future endeavors. Nothing wrong with your talent and product now you have to develop buyers, investors and commercial approach. You see the Chinese made sneakers are not for just special event wearing, it is for everyday use and deteriorate quickly but yet you can afford to dump that and go buy another one. While pay for one wearing it for a year constantly make it dull.

  6. STNO I understand that income is needed in this line of business but you all should indicate that this is an advertisement as oppose to an article.

    Simply stating the source as “Yanno” is not suffice in your line of work.

    I hope you all do not become liable as well due to association.

  7. Self agrandisement is all I see here. The person who’s selling the sneakers writes about himself without an ounce of humility. A show off doesn’t impress me one bit. Check out the Facebook page of Yannick Theodore. He has several accounts, liking all his comments and photos.

  8. Boy Lucians are a sick set of people 🤦🏾‍♀️
    If you can’t afford to buy one just move on with your life and buy what you actually can afford…nobody cares really…
    Why can’t y’all just be proud of a fellow Lucian trying to make it in this world 🙄

  9. This “news” article was posted by the “editorial staff”… and this article was obviously written by this Yannick person… who has multiple accounts on social media, praising and liking his own posts – that is concerning as a “reputable world renowned business person”. I thought St Lucia times was a trustworthy news source … but clearly it is not.

  10. A black pair please … Congratulations!

    You could start at about $150.00 to a pair, most Syrian stores here sell their shoes at a such a price (their lowest)

    My name is quality for the lowest price possible …

  11. I know yannick personally and he did not write this article! I spoke with him today and he assured me that he has a PR team writing his press releases, and the editors edit and publish! Stop spreading lies! St Lucia times is very reputable and trust worthy! Don’t slander their name with your lies! Yannick is very hard working and does not deserve all this mapwee you’re giving! He definitely doesn’t make multiple accounts and praise and like his own posts! You Lucian’s to visciez! Stop it! We should be supporting this man, and buying his shoes! Not fighting him down! He is a Saint Lucian after all and he is putting us on the map! We must all stick together! Regardless!

  12. Well done my youth! Grab a share of the sneaker pie. I see dumb people esp celebrities doing the same and raking millions, even Donald and the empty headed Kardash girls!!! You are a son of the soil that I walk on everyday and for this, you have my support. Get it! Tell the local haters “mash!”

  13. I came across this Yannick guy some time ago and I observe strictly for comic relief but seriously his parents need to find something serious for him to do instead of him talking all this craziness about things that doesn’t exist. Award winning because he won a few tennis games at school, Award winning best-selling books that nobody knows about, spoilt by parents but gives tips on how to be a successful millionaire. Award winning clothes lines that nobody knows about, Acclaimed actor in movies that nobody has seen. this is the 3rd edition of best selling world renowned shoes. some of the comments under the post are clearly from him. This guy is a few grapes short of a full fruit basket.

  14. You clearly don’t know yannick, if you can say all that nonesense! You’re clearly delusional if you think any of that! Yannick works very hard and has worked very hard for 10 plus years, building his career hiring expensive PR teams both in Saint Lucia and abroad! Lending a helping hand where ever he can! Yannick has meticulously ensure that everything said about him is factual, and for you to sit there and try and slander his name like this with lies and untruths is despicable! Disgusting even! Everything you said about yannick is lies and untruth! Yannicks books are well received and known world wide, yannick has won more than just tennis games at school, yannick is most definitely not spoilt by anyone, everything about yannick is known world wide, yannick has no time during the day to comment under his own posts, he’s to busy ensure his products are known world wide! He is a very busy man with lots on his plate! Yannick most certainly acclaimed to be anything that he’s not! Stop your lies! It’s disgusting and shameful, the way you can sit there and spue such lies! You have never come across yannick don’t lie! SMH! Go to church!

  15. I agree, yannick does not acclaim to be something he’s not! Yannick works very hard ensuring that all his products are known world wide and everything said about him is factual! He’s a good man! Put him down! Leave him alone!

  16. I will soon be running independently for the Gros Islet constituency..

  17. This is clearly an “Advertorial” not a news article. I don’t know Yannick and this is not a criticism of him personally. But whoever wrote, submitted and approved this so-called News items needs to be retrained or get some training (!) in their profession…

  18. The young man keeps trying different things but something has always seemed odd about his online image, so as a result he comes off wrong. I have interacted with him and he is actually quite pleasant in person, but I don’t think he will accomplish anything much in St Lucia. Lucians are reluctant to support the bright ventures of “rich” kids, unless the said rich kids has mostly “ghetto” or “country” friends.

  19. LOL…TIFFY and BIG MIKE are really YANNICK, posting here under these assumed names, you can tell by all the self-flattery just like when he “likes” his own post on FB. I know enough about him to say that he is delusional. he claims to be a top model and has starred in movies, he also claims to be six foot two when he’s actually much closer to five foot two. Just check out his FB page. the guy is socially awkward and tries to compensate by engaging in exaggerated self-importance and achievement.

  20. Yannick is the furthest thing from delusional! He got his head on straight! You know nothing about him if you can say anything bad about him! He’s certainly not socially awkward! Case closed!

  21. Yannick claims non of these things. Yannick works hard, minds his business and achieves! Yannick never shows off and is most certainly not 5 foot 2! SMH!

  22. Most if not all races support each other, unlike us who don’t like to see another like us take a step further than us, then blame slavery for this selfish attitude. It’s about time we move on up !

  23. Saw this man recently and he didn’t even have on a pair of those high quality handcrafted shoes.

  24. The self proclaimed superstar at it again… his parents need to check his pills to see if they are all gone. Delusional!

  25. Congratulations young man and all the best in your future endeavors… the comments are what is wrong with the black community. So what if he is from a rich family trying different things? Let the guy live.

  26. the comments are funny lol lol wtf is wrong with yall… bad mind is so prevalent in lucia eh you so bcus the boy didnt wear the shoe last time u saw him yall have a prob with that ? smh lmaooooo lucians again eh


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