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UWP Criticises SLP Government Over ‘Culture Of Secrecy’


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has criticised the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration for its ‘persistent culture of secrecy’.

“Is the government deliberately not allowing time for parliamentarians to research and prepare for an honest debate on the many issues affecting Saint Lucians because they have the majority in Parliament, and they know the” I’s Have It“?” The UWP said in a statement Thursday.

The statement came from the desk of Public Relations Officer Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute.

The complete statement appears below:

The persistent culture of secrecy within this Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government has reached untenable levels, the last sitting of Parliament on Tuesday now becoming part of a string of actions that undermine transparency, openness, and accountability and part of a pattern of secrecy now synonymous with this government.

It is unacceptable that Parliamentarians are being furnished with Order Papers and documentation for debate in the late evening of Monday, May 06 for debate the following morning at 10 am.

Is the government deliberately not allowing time for parliamentarians to research and prepare for an honest debate on the many issues affecting Saint Lucians because they have the majority in Parliament, and they know the” I’s Have It”?

This  latest  disrespect for the people  of  this  country is one of the many examples of      this Administration’s reluctance to provide information or the truth about its projects and undertakings.

What is the government hiding?

Is the government trying to hide its excessive borrowing that is going through the roof with little to no accountability as to the contractual arrangements and expenditures?

Is the government trying to hide the fact that we presently have the highest borrowings in the history of Saint Lucia and the third highest debt to GDP in the OECS? This is testament to reckless fiscal management and unchecked expenditure by this Pierre administration. We are borrowing faster than the economy is growing. What lies behind the incessant borrowing?

Why is the Prime Minister refusing to answer questions about the cost of St. Judes? Why would the Prime Minister lie about the numbers in the Estimates of Expenditures that are prepared by his administration?

Why did he mislead the population on the real application of the 2.5% levy and its compounding effect?

What is the government hiding about the contractual arrangements with Global Ports Holding (GPH)?

The GPH deal needs to be made public.

Why wasn’t the Bananes Land offered to Invest Saint Lucia or SLASPA for development but was given to a private individual at a fraction of the value?

Why was the Prime Minister summoned to Brussels to answer questions posed by the OECD about our CIP program? Why was the government of Saint Lucia invited to view evidence collected for a pending criminal investigation in the Law Courts of the United States which may bring our CIP program into disrepute?

Who are the Contractors under the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) contract? Why is the relevant Minister trying to hide who the main contractor is? How are the 80 million dollars to be spent?

Why are the arrangements for Hewanorra International Airport being held in secret?

Public mistrust of this administration continues to grow on a daily basis. Saint Lucians have a right to know how the government is conducting business on their behalf and the long-term ramifications for future generations.

The United Workers Party will continue to remind this government that it works for the people and to demand answers to the secrecy that defines this administration.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Spider and the UWP, rhetoric is quite evident. Those questions you’re asking has been debunked on several occasions.
    Now tell us something new we don’t know about,but it must be the truth.

  2. I appreciate your effort to remain relevant, but this is not the way. Concocting stories, rehashing issues that have already been settled. This sounds like I was reading something relating to the 2016-2021 Parliamenary term.
    Anyone who listens the news knows that your statements are a last ditch effort at keeping the image of the LOO intact.

  3. I am so surprised UWP is making such silly statement. Up till now Allen cannot tell us the number of St. Lucian passports that were sold during his term in office. Allen reveal this first and then Pierre will supply you with all what you want to know.

  4. @senoir
    You have the intelligence of a stone. I doubt you are St.Lucian but then again we have some people like you who just can’t see beyond a sertain point, ignor….ignore…..ignoring the facts. The word is IGNORANT!

  5. Representative democracies are nothing but corrupt cesspools. Politicians pretend to represent the people while they help themselves to the resources of the country. Direct democracy is the only option. Details of every government transaction need to made public.

  6. St Lucians 🇱🇨
    When will you all allow God to come to your rescure from the hand whosoever,of the oppressor ❓
    Therefore let no one juge ⚖️each other, rather condemn if found guilty..
    Or cast the first stone,and let each one dies for their own 😈Sinful desires..

  7. What did us Lucians know about DSH? What did us Lucians know about the Vieux-Fort lands that was sold? What did us Lucians know about the vaccines money that were not fully repaid? NADA! Even though we don’t know everything, We know more about GPH than all the previously mentioned “projects”.

  8. Tropical Trump the slave master is at his game again with his 37 thousand house slaves, although I believe that about 20 thousand have deserted him

  9. This is one of the times that the UWP is correct. Imagine Pierre is attempting to roll-over $477.3million of debt , yet he is bold-facely trying to convince Saint Lucians that this is not new money. Imagine asking people to re-invest their money at a new interest rate, yet Pierre is calling it old money and saying that is not borrowing.
    My God, why would a grown-ass man stoop so low. All in an attempt to fool the voters of this country. Pierre should leave that for cock-sans-zel to say, he does not know better and people generally don’t believe him anyway. For the benefit of Saint Lucians, the $477.3 million, if it is re-invested will surely be new debt.


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