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Jawahir Fires Back After UWP’s Halls Of Justice Criticism

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Communications Director has called out the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) over its criticism of the multi-million dollar Halls of Justice project.

Noting the opposition’s claim of a sod-turning ceremony shrouded in secrecy to which the local media did not receive invitations, Jawahir recalled that last month’s event occurred at an open ceremony in Constitution Park in Castries.

The SLP Communications Director questioned how it could have been secret when it occurred in the City centre.

She said the local media received invitations.

Jawahir told reporters that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre included an estimated cost for the Halls of Justice project in his appropriations bill.

“It is not a situation where we have to incur any debt on the backs of taxpayers. It is not a situation where the government has to sign off or guarantee a loan,” she explained.

The government entered into a Build-Own Lease Transfer (BOLT) arrangement with NH, a Trinidad and Tobago contractor, for the project.

“We know that the project is going to cost us about $143 million ($US54 million),” Jawahir stated.

However, the UWP declared that ‘according to reports, ‘ the bill would be US$61 million or EC$162 million, not including financing cost.

The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian had earlier quoted NH executive chairman Emile Elias as saying that the total investment cost is US$61 million.

“We must remember that the Prime Minister did say that it is expected to cost. That doesn’t mean that at some point, if may, that the price could go downor the price could go up. We know how these things work. But as it stands, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre presented $US54 million,” Jawahir said.

 She added that the opposition wanted to give the impression that the cost per square foot was far greater than the average for a building in Castries.

“Many of the buildings in Castries were built years ago. We know of supply chain issues. We know that the price of different construction materials has increased,” Jawahir told reporters.

She added that there would be a cost to demolish and build.

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  1. “Many of the buildings in Castries were built years ago. We know of supply chain issues. We know that the price of different construction materials has increased,” Jawahir told reporters.

    You nice (looks ie) but your mouth uttering pure stinking untruths! It is your government and mine too (slp voter) that brag that VAT was removed off building materials and that the price of general construction has gone down!!!!!Stinky untruths my girl! I hate when politicians lie, you could be my father, I will call you out when you lie!!! Based on the total cost of that project…seems like NH already has government paying (smartly) for a hefty maintenance cost of such a monstrosity!

  2. @George, you are pretending like you don’t know that when these flambeaus leave their party and come to SLP they come with all their lying habits.

  3. Corruption lives in the dark. If it is so difficult for the government to come out and tell us the specifics of major projects in our country then one will never trust our institutions.

  4. They usually and will get concession on all building material for government buildings compared to private properties which were built a few years ago with not concession and rent much lower.

  5. Jawahir words are riddle in a double sword manner, get the effing hospital completed plz. …

  6. Very interesting read the more we tell lies the deeper holes we dig ourselves in. Why oh why a simple project building needs to have discrepancy with build cost? The client government gives a lower projected cost and contractors cost is 7 million higher?

    This smell fishy which ever colour of government that fall so short! Therefore unacceptable the project have not started and there are conflicting figures!
    Trying to present this as just a supply chain issue, demolition cost, price variations in materials is definitely wrong and suspicious. You and I would not proceed with such a contract discrepancies so why would government use our taxes in that way. ‘Cost overrun’.

  7. It looks like a lark of Trust on both sides..let’s be honest with each others and avoid all the issues..
    I endorse my thoughts and opinions..

  8. @Highgrade wannabe you heard her “ the pm did state “it would cost” there will always be cost overruns on projects this size and the pm stated this. That Coolie fool worrying about the structural implications to the beloved Cathedral to that I say oh well the halls of justice shaking the foundation of the injustice dig baby dig let those walls of Jericho come tumbling down Babylon must fall.

  9. STOP THIS ‘AND ANY OTHER CONSTRUCTION PROJECT’ SO BIG AND HEAVY IN THE HEART OF THE CITY OF CASTRIES. There is enough space at the old Jail & Police Station (demolished) south of the BRIDGE with lots of Parking, no need to dig(cost wise)underground for$$5-M.
    What is the benefit in digging up Castries, to inconvenient the normal flow of traffic, shoppers and visitors around that very spot? is this for political reasons or esthetic?


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