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UWP Urges Immediate Government Action On CIP Issues


The United Workers Party is deeply concerned about the recent lawsuit filed by MSR Media in the United States against past and present senior members of the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis and involving senior officials of the Government of Saint Lucia.

The case makes damning allegations surrounding the business practices of Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate, a Citizenship by Investment approved developer carrying on business in both islands.

The allegations include unlawful payments to Government officials and selling of passports below the minimum price as stipulated by law in both Saint Kitts and Saint Lucia.

Alarmingly, McClaude Emmanuel, the Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) of Saint Lucia, has been named as a co-defendant in the lawsuit, and Ernest Hilaire Saint Lucia’s Minister responsible for the CIP has been named as a co-conspirator in the racketeering lawsuit.

This means that the integrity and reputation of our CIP programme and our Government as a whole are now facing the scrutiny of several international compliance authorities and foreign Governments with deeply troubling implications for us all.

The allegations made will inevitably cause an erosion of trust and confidence in the operation and management of our CIP Programme at a time when such programmes are already in the crosshairs of the international community.

This Government is gambling with our visa access privileges, and a very real threat exists of restrictions being imposed on our ability to travel freely and raises concerns about the integrity of our Banking System.

In light of the revelations stated in the MSR Media lawsuit, the recent arrests by both the United Kingdom and the United States of three individuals who obtained Kittitian passports during the period under review, and the lack of transparency and accountability by the Government of Saint Lucia, the UWP is calling for immediate action to protect Saint Lucia’s name and reputation and that of its CIP programme. We believe the following must be done with immediate effect:

  1. Suspension of the Infrastructure Option: announced Infrastructure Option must be suspended until there is both an independent investigation and full transparency by the Government regarding how the Option is to work. There is evidence that this Option is already being sold below the statutory price in contravention of the law.
  2. Sending the CEO of the CIP on leave: McClaude Emmanuel, the current CEO of the CIP, should be sent on leave pending the outcome of the investigation to ensure an impartial and thorough review of the allegations.
  3. Transfer of the CIP Portfolio: The CIP portfolio should be transferred to another Minister while the investigation into the programme is ongoing to maintain the integrity of the investigation.
  4. Review of citizenships: All citizenships granted under the real estate option should be reviewed to ensure that there were no approvals granted to persons who did not pay the minimum investment sum as required by law.
  5. Signing of Memorandum of Agreement: The Government must immediately sign the Memorandum of Agreement that provides for common standards and regulations between OECS territories for their Citizen by Investment Programmes.

The UWP urges the Government to take swift and decisive action to address these serious issues as a sullied CIP programme jeopardizes the reputation of our country as a whole.

It is absolutely critical that our programme meets international standards in order to allay concerns about citizenships being granted to questionable characters and Government officials using the programme to enrich themselves.

When our Government engages in behavior that does not safeguard our integrity and puts their own self interest above that of their citizens, it is the duty of us all to demand that they do better. We call on all Civil Society groups to join us in this call for swift and decisive action because the risks we face are real and imminent.

SOURCE: From the desk of the PRO – United Workers Party

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  1. Uwps, this great, but we St. Lucian need answers to this question that we continuously asking. We would like to know how many passports did Chas sold during his term in office? Unless all you answer this, Labor should ignore this recommendation made by all you.

  2. I am not a party favors person. But what I would say is that if this is the call from the UWP with regards to the CIP nonsense, then who ever endorse or narrate the abovementioned points they all should jump in a canoe and set sail into the Atlantic Ocean with no survival gears. This is stupidity at its best, if this is the level the UWP will reduce itself to then, in their reign of power the CEO for CIP should be spending his time in jail time like now because the public is not aware of the full documentation in term of guidelines about the CIP legislation etc, etc. What we the citizens are privy to is just gossip and surface talk of what should be and what shouldn’t be. Often the Politicians regardless of position, always think their citizens are illiterate, stupid and retarded generally. By them or someone just narrate some shit in the public domain believe they ultimately have the facts and the culpable party is guilty of his or her accusations. Unless the UWP can publish the full copy of what really represents the CIP in term of the documentation, requirements, guidelines and make full disclosures in a register format who were/are the beneficial/benefactor of the CIP program so we the public can know, then they can hold one accountable because the ruling party at the end of the day is the guardian of it. Defaulters should be dealt with. The UWP was there, and they should have access to this info, the citizens voted for politicians to become leaders and they owe this to the country. Don’t come and piss on my back and say it’s raining. Majority of Government guardianship in terms of legislation and investments are riddle with pure corruptions, gifts, kickbacks. It is time these people speak with fundamental substance. Why should we align our countries legislation and governance to another country, why should we copy their formula, doesn’t that expose our incompetence and inept ability to lead as an independent nation? We are copycats as we speak, so when the originator formula fail you ultimately become like a bat.. (up sided down) because why! Since you copy someone’s formula you become clueless to fix it and the blame game becomes a circus putting the nation at risk in the end.

  3. I’m dying to know what’s being done with the CIP funds? Who else is benefiting from it apart from the politicians? I stand behind the UWP and their demands. Let all of the top brass step a side so that there can be an investigation.

  4. Hey UWP, you guys have made many statements, but I have questions:

    1) Did you guys do due diligence on Caribbean Galax when you brought them to St Lucia?

    2) Did you authorize investors to keep money in offshore bank accounts?

    3) How many passports did you authorize Galaxy to sell?

    4) According to the Martinez lawsuit, Ernest Hillarie mentioned that Galaxy was up to no good when he was in opposition. Is that true? Did you know that Galaxy was up to no good while you were in office? Martinez then says that Ernest did nothing when he came into the office to address the Galaxy problem [that you, the UWP, created]. Is that true?

    5) If Hilaire heard that Galaxy was up to no good (according to Martinez), did you guys know anything about them or what was happening in St Kitts?

    Lastly, the Martinez lawsuit implicates your Government as well. You brought Galaxy to St Lucia, and according to Hilaire, they may have been up to no good. Do you take responsibility that Hilaire knew that your government didn’t?

    Just asking for a friend!

  5. @Troy Francis if this is your idea of how criminal justice works I guess no one will be held accountable.

  6. Name just one politician who could represent a role model. They have all sold us out. Slavery is repeating it’s self. They are denying the underprivileged an opportunity to survive without monumental competition. The fore mentioned are like sardines who are now introduced to sharks in an environment already deprived of resources. They have chosen the easy way out, without thinking of the consequences. They really don’t care much, because they amass as much as they can legally or illegally to absorb any future financial turbulence. It’s a jungle out there.

  7. If this is a call from the UWP regarding the CIP, then whoever endorses or presents the points mentioned should rethink their approach. It’s concerning that there isn’t enough public awareness about the full documentation and guidelines of the CIP legislation. They try to keep us in ignorant, and STUPID to pee in our eyes with their political chaos in an effort to question this administrations integrity. Anything to the 45 percenters😳😳😳 The lack of transparency leads to speculation and surface-level discussions instead of informed decisions. Politicians need to respect the intelligence of citizens and provide comprehensive information. The UWP, should disclose the complete documentation, requirements, guidelines, and the beneficiaries of the CIP program to the public. Accountability is important, and the government should address any shortcomings. It’s crucial for politicians to fulfill their duty to the country and refrain from corruption and questionable practices. Lastly, STOP PLAYING POLITICS WITH THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY!!!


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