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Saint Lucia Decides To Sign MoA, Proposes CIP Changes


The Government of Saint Lucia has decided to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) already signed by other Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) countries offering Citizenship By Investment Programmes.

The announcement came from Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

“In addition to signing this Memorandum, Saint Lucia has made further suggestions to strengthen this regional agreement,” Pierre stated.

His complete statement on Monday appears below:

After careful review and extensive discussions with stakeholders and other OECS Heads of Government with CIP programmes, the Government of Saint Lucia announces that it has decided to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) already signed by other OECS CIP countries. The Memorandum called for common standards and procedures in the following areas:

  1. Pricing

2.    Information Sharing and Transparency Standards

3.    Regulation

4.    Security Screening and Framework

5.    Regulation of Agents; Marketing & Promotion of Programs

6.    Joint Training and Capacity Building

7.    Dispute Resolution

8.    Amendment and Termination

In addition to signing this Memorandum, Saint Lucia has made further suggestions to strengthen this regional agreement, including proposing legislative changes to address change of name requests. This has been agreed to by the other Heads of Government.

After consultations are completed with regional governments and other partners, the Government of Saint Lucia will suggest further strengthening of the CIP programme. These would include:

  1. An annual quota
  2. A net-worth for applicants
  3. Escrow accounts to be held in Saint Lucia or in the individual islands.
  4. A requirement that only licensed promoters will be allowed to submit applicants to local authorized agents and these promoters will have to submit a due diligence report on each applicant.

Over the last year the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia has instituted all six principles agreed to with the United States Government

  1. From February 15, 2023 – ban on applicants from Russians and Belarusians.

2.    From September 4, 2023 – implemented applicant interviews.

3.    From September 4, 2023 – vetting of all applicants through the local Financial Intelligence Authority.

4.    From January 2020 – sharing of denials with the Joint Regional Communication Centre (JRCC).

5.    An operational review of the programme by an international consultancy firm which will commence shortly.

6.    The Saint Lucia CIP Unit will seek international support with the recovery of revoked passports.

Additionally, the Saint Lucia CIP Unit publishes an Annual Report that is tabled in Parliament, which includes audited financial statements.

Furthermore, the fee structure for different options are published in the Official Gazette.

The Government of Saint Lucia remains committed to maintaining and reinforcing the integrity of its CIP programme with a transparent and accountable process that delivers tangible benefits to all Saint Lucians.

Thank You

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister/SLT

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  1. Anon Jackass/ O Really The Everlasting Jackass Presume Buss Pipe ?? Shameless ?? Got them … as if to say The CIP belongs to one set of people and not for everyone and country….you yellow fools are like hungry dogs looking for a bone. One has to wonder after reading the contractural agreement amongst EC States one cannot help but to ask is this our CIP or is it The United States ? They want us to abide by their “ rules of engagement “ as it pertains to who we engage but on the other hand they are not investing in any developments to bolster these economies of these EC countries, but foam at the mouth when we engage China.

  2. I love what Pierre did, he took his time analyze the situation and then decided to sign. He did not jump into conclusion and signed quickly like the DSH deal.
    Well done PM.

  3. Pip thinks that everyone in St. Lucia is a moo-moo like him, and believes he “independently decided” to sign the agreement with the US. Everyone knows that the US mafia State Department twisted his arm until he begged for mercy to be allowed to pen his name to the extortion document. Previously, the US representative had read him the standard line used against vacillating puppets: “Your obedience or your premiership!”

    The only difference between Pip & ti Chas is this: Pip pretends that he spends 2 seconds going over the pros & cons of disobedience to the US; while ti Chas pretends that he (more likely his father) advised the US to let him be their unpaid mole (aka suceur) in every regional body of Caribbean states.

  4. @Lowgrade Lucian, please explain how CIP has benefitted the regular St. Lucian ? All I see is controversy and corruption.

  5. @Bolo Byron, you’ve convinced yourself and you’re trying to convince us that PJP delayed because he was analysing the situation, what a joke. Were you listening when he said the reason for holding back was to fulfill contractual agreements. Don’t be so blinded by party allegiance that you can’t see what’s right in front on you.

  6. hahahaha.. I like the number one point… as if when they collect the fat checks under the table the money will ever touch the government bank account. What you the Trump is making a mockery of their justice system.

  7. @Oh really what would you like to see every St Lucian been cut a check from CIP ? The benefactor of CIP is the state (supposedly) in terms of investment form the sale of our passports, I am not a fan of this it’s slow but coming at the mercy of the rich I would rather align myself closely with China and let who wants to foam at the mouth do. Where are the US investments in St Lucia in terms of infrastructure and economic development ?? None existence, since they had the airfield in VF and built the concrete road that was all she wrote but yet we must continue to walk a tightrope as it pertains to China to bolster their national interests with our hands tied behind our backs forever remaining stagnant and underdeveloped ? How long are we going to bend over to please Masa who clearly sees us as not a vested interest for anything but sand and sea…. St Lucia has evolved the world is on fast track all we have is our seat at the UN security council as leverage I believe we should leverage it more aggressively and profoundly for the betterment of the country and leave CIP alone

  8. @honorable sice you’re pjp piss pipe.. make ke public the full cip documentation public and the moa. And stop behaving like a political clown

  9. @Lowgrade Lucian, there are countries which have actually cut the cheque to their citizens from the CIP holdings. That money belongs to the state, it belongs to all of us and should benefit all of us equally. Politicians should not be the ones deciding what this money goes towards because we all know it will go towards their self serving projects. You want us to align with China ? What are you comfortable giving up to align with these countries ? If we didn’t find out about how the Chinese government works during the pandemic then don’t worry we about to find out real soon, real soon.


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