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SLP Accuses Chastanet Of Inciting Violence With ‘War’ Remark


The ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has criticized opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s remarks about declaring war, asserting that he was inciting violence.

Chastanet made the remarks during a Town Hall meeting of his United Workers Party (UWP) on Sunday.

He accused the SLP of destroying Saint Lucia’s democracy, warning that the country would become a dictatorship.

The Micoud South MP also declared that the Philip J. Pierre administration had no plan.
“Tonight, we must declare war,” Chastanet said.

“We must declare war on anybody who wants to take us for a pappyshow. We want to declare war on anybody who wants to be in breach of our constitution, anybody who tried to take advantage,” the former Prime Minister asserted to applause from those in attendance.

“And I am putting the civil servants on notice. They are obligated to protect the people, not the ministers. It’s not a threat,” he said.

The SLP reacted with a statement accusing Chastanet of inciting violence among his supporters at a time when Saint Lucia was trying to manage crime and violence through various crime-prevention strategies.

“Why does the United Workers Party constantly encourage its supporters to engage in waring behavior, whether it is to burn down buildings or point guns at supporters of the SLP? This gang leader, Allen Chastanet, proves that he will stop at nothing and will do whatever it takes to regain leadership,” the SLP declared.

The ruling party statement described the UWP leader as a ‘dangerous man’ who must apologise for his ‘outrageous and insensitive comments’.


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  1. When he told his supporters go in the faces of supporters and say we beat you you loose wasnt that inciting discourd. PIP MOVE THERE TAN

  2. Tropical Trump, that’s his habit I can’t wait for 26 for the current administration to win all 17 seats .. Look at his demeanor, look at the face of the loser desperate for power like he is entitled because of the wealth that his family has accumulated on the back of black people . He is like a drowning man trying to grab a straw

  3. When the speaker made the bazooka comment nothing for that. Now we all want to crucify Allen. We all need to put these politicians in their place. They take us for their sheep. Wake up people. Let us be objective. We need to shake up all governments to show them that we are in charge.

  4. Al move your head from Chast *** and you’ll remember a lot was said about the bazooka comment. Deceiver.

  5. Yawwwwn Scratch, scratch,……….Oh Really are you there ?? This is your queue old chap fire away. Why even give them a rebuttal ??? The PM, correction let me appease the paid cohorts and culprits “ The little Black Boy for Marchand” has been performing exceptionally well and the UWPEE’S are lacking their “Haha” moments so they are extremely desperate like I have been saying this for the past month they are worst off than a drowning man clinging for a straw so what else is there but in fine Tropical Trump style calling our own MASGA insurrectionist to arms . This man and his Corrupt Cohorts are truly the enemies of this State and should be carefully monitored. He has obviously drank some of the orange kool aide and given the recent right wing up evil in Europe and The United States I truly believe HE SHOULD BE PLACED UNDER HOUSE ARREST ALONG WITH HIS PAID COHORTS AND CULPRITS FOR THREATENING THE STATE AND OUR DEMOCRACY WITH THE IMMEDIATE EFFECT FOR INCITING A WAR AGAINST THE STATE AND A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT LOCK HiS YELLOW *** UP TODAY. Let him go to court and explain himself on his recent bellows to threaten the government and our democracy ITS A CRIME iTS IN OUR CONSTITUTION. Pierre don’t sleep on this SEND A MESSAGE, just I have always told you during campaign mode kick sand in a bway face and make no apology call the police commissioner and he head of the RSS to discuss our security against these insurrectionist. I am quite sure folks at the State Department in their daily have taken notes of of his recent rhetoric I hope, since they monitor everything and anything in their so called backyard.

  6. The SLP just choose one word that benefits then ,”war” out of the entire statement if the article reflect the essence of the message. They conveniently leave out the part about abuse of power or doing things unconstitutional.. politics are for fools to follow. Sadly I don’t follow just calling them out.

  7. Another food fight. Time to excite the semi-illiterates among us. If you keep them riled up, followed by infrequent shots of Bounty rum, then you hold an ace of spades come election day.

  8. I am just tired of Lucians being insulted by these politicians. I heard the full conversation Chas had at the town hall. How on earth, someone with an ounce of intelligence would ever believe those clown who took the word war out of context and believeit . It is about time we tell those clowns we are not stupid. Those clowns do not communicate with the smart Lucians. Instead they target the not so smart Lucians with their nonsense. Stop being a target


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