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Saint Lucia Announces First-Ever CIP-Funded Housing Projects


For too many Saint Lucians, homeownership is just too cost-prohibitive.

The Hon. Philip J. Pierre-led Administration is taking action to break down barriers to homeownership to give ordinary families a real opportunity to become first-time homeowners.

For the first time, the government will utilize revenue from the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) to build affordable homes to help families transition from tenant to landlord.

In his Budget address, the Prime Minister announced that the government will break ground on a historic affordable housing development project.

Approval has been granted to a developer to construct a 64-unit housing development in Rock Hall, Castries. The government is finalizing the terms of a second housing project earmarked for construction in Belvedere, Canaries.

Under Prime Minister Pierre’s leadership, CIP revenue will close the housing gap and make the dream of homeownership a reality for many Saint Lucians.

The Pierre-led Administration is Putting People First and will soon put Saint Lucians in new homes through the CIP.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Love this initiative. Have always said that CIP money should be used for tangible long-term benefits of citizens.

    Happy that this is coming straight from the PM and not the loud mouth who promised us condos in Cul de Sac!

  2. Bravo yet another Policy for the people, this is long overdue but better late than never.

    Each to they own but give me the loud mouth working guy minister (for the masses) than that shameless, lying honkey any day.

    Philip “Policies” Pierre is driving yet another nail in the opposition party’s political coffin.

    At this rate the SLP will be in Power for the next 20years.

    We need a public protest to highlight the lack of a functional opposition.

  3. God is good at all times good day to to everyone I’m a husband of nine kids from sixteen to one yr old an getting a home is hard for an my family it’s to casty work is not like be4 I’m not complaining of how my situation is but I pray everyday for help to put a roof over my family’s head I’m not the type of person that ask for help in mylife but when u get in the night an see your kids on the floor sleeping it gets to u but at the other time u know it reality an i wish I could do more to see they sleep better at night so if I’m talking to the right platform I’m seeking some help truly from the james family my GOD BLESS YOU LOVE

  4. Well I’m a supporter of the UWP and honestly pierre has done more things than chas. I’m being honest. I think that’s it for the UWP. All governments do make mistakes. However judging on what chas did comparing to pierre I honestly think pierre has done more things for the best interest of the people than chas. Anyways I’m happy for our people but sad in a way.

  5. Haha. Talk about deflection. Now that the borbol CIP is being exposed we suddenly find CIP money to do things for the people. And this is why this country will always be mired in crime and corruption. People are too simple and very easy to fool and buy off.

  6. Young people here it is the opportunity most St Lucian’s never had take full advantage of this. The stress I received from the banks 25yrs ago when I first brought a piece of land in Black Bay and built my first home, this kind of opportunity was not around and it was tough with super high interest rates. English People love it I sell and build a bigger one, this how you pass on generation tonal wealth. When it’s time to apply make sure you are working and have some money in the bank to show on paper you are in good standing, clear off some of those debts from now, leave the new wheels alone because if you have a new car the bank won’t lend you a dollar because if push come to shove and you have to pay your bills monthly you would rather forsake your mortgage and pay your car note same so if you are unemployed you know Black People already bling before a roof. Go to the credit unions the interest rates are lower. I you need extra advise don’t be afraid to seek the counseling services of Highgrade & Highgrade Esquire Cedar Height’s VF the poor people’s firm for small retainer fee. Remember our motto is No case is too Big or small Highgrade advice them all. Knowledge is the key to success.

  7. @Abiah James:- I guess you meant you’re the father with nine kids; never mind we understand. It is too late for some, but in this day & age after three, we put a Sock on It. Mr. James I’ve noticed how you pray to the Lord, I too I’m a Believer but even so “all have sinned & come short of the Glory of God. but thank be to the LORD JESUS CHRIST who died on the Cross, shed His Precious Blood – as a believer, when I sin I apply the BLOOD to cleans me from my sins & Its done”
    Mr. James stop beating yourself to death, its done so just keep praising the Lord; one day one or two will work and help out; I was too young like thousands of other children, don’t know how or where I Slept, kids don’t care where they sleep, as long as they sleep.
    Try sleeping on the floor most of the time(though too late)let the little ones sleep with mummy some time and give the Ol’ girl a rest, enough is enough. Keep praising the LORD and ask for wisdom in the Holy name of the Savior Jesus Christ.

  8. How many passports did Chas sell during his reign in office?
    Why can’t he answer this? Mr Chastanet before you talk about cip corruption tell us the number of passports you sold.


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