Man Shot Dead In Babonneau

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A twenty-five-year-old man, identified as Gelaney Joseph, is dead after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds at La Guerre, Babonneau.

According to reports, the incident occurred around 3:00 am on Monday.

Joseph died at the scene.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. The young people do not want to go and work for jobs that pay 5 dollars an hour in St Lucia they say that the hours are to long and the rate is to low

  2. We keep questioning what is wrong and what to do about the problem of gun violence.
    The reasons are simple the solution requires difficult decisions and actions – which I have outlined already.

    One guarantee is that you will get NOTHING of consequence from the SLP. The solution has to come from the administration in power and history and commonsence has proven that the individuals populating Cabinet (more like a chest of drawers) do not have the capacity, skillset or intentions.
    Pierre as deputy PM has repeatedly been in administrations that have done nothing about violence. In fact I say the SLP has condoned and been part of the fabric of that violence.
    King is clearly just a seat warmer and as PM was amazingly incompetent and incapable of decisive decision making..
    The history of hillaire and fredericks speaks for itself – they are on about their business that has nothing to do with the citizenry of St. Lucia and lack any of the morality or work ethic of a John Compton.

    St Lucia is therefore going to keep careening down a slippery road led by arrogant fools.
    I have said the same for years and events have shown me to be 100% correct about how self absorbed the SLP is and their only skill is noise in opposition.

    And a warning – China is in deep trouble with their imploding trillion dollar property market and Covid policy (and a heat wave plus posturing on Taiwan). The USA under the dementia addled Biden is in a recession and getting worst, Europe is in for economic devastation when energy bills and lack of energy hit in winter. All this means worldwide economic decline starting shortly that could mirror the 2008 financial collapse.

    And how do we deal with it? With a clueless, incompetent, kleptomanic friends and family outfit called the SLP running affairs.

    • @Ant All you talk is foolishness. First off, that BS you talking is Bias. SLP blah blah blah blame SLP. What about the other guys did they do anything with the crime situation?

      And who do you have in mind to fix the problem?? …. Don’t tell 🤔 UWP… my thing is if you ain’t got nothing to say “SHUT THE HELL UP” 🤐 don’t type or post!

      Because no one, no party, no commissioner have been able to effectively deal with the crime situation. So what the hell you criticizing SLP like they the cause of the crime problem? You clown 🤡 -> everyone is at fault!

      Taking about Biden and Europe and all this BUllshit you talking totally irrelevant! You a joke !!

  3. I will keep saying it…make it law that if caught with an unlicensed firearm you shall be executed with the same firearm and then destroyed …let’s see how many will want to be in possession of an illegal firearm

  4. Waiting for Pierre to come and put up a show on TV and make some empty promises to the public. I am not sure how long Lucians will continue to be the receipients of these insults from the PM. The guy continuously insults the intelligence of the people and yet they sit there and applaud him.
    Enough is enough in SLU. We do not need someone to read a speech to us anymore. We need action and we need it right now. We want to see a plan of action, a change in culture in the Police services, record keeping plan from the police and at the same time a disciplinary action plan to ensure the police conduct their duties with integrity, confidentiallilty and availablity – CIA. We need a CIA plan from the police – Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. Part of the problem in slu is a lack of leadership. This is more of a criminal act than the criminals who commit the crime.

    Is that too much to ask for from Pierre – the lame duck.

    • Excellent comment from SAMEGUY.

      The lack of leadership by the SLP in combating crime or even pretending to care or put any effort towards solving this massive problem plus focus of the SLP bigwigs on their own SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT is a bigger travesty than the crimes themselves.

      “With great power comes great responsibility”

  5. Ghete Must be a Crime Fighting Strategy in St.Lucia .The Police Depend on Witnesses they have to get to the Roots of these Homicides .There Should be a Direct line to give the Commissoner or Deputy Commissioner Information and not to Constables who Will ask Whats your name .Where are you Living and other Foolishness

  6. This is happening almost daily what is going on,?people know but too scared to talk, an incompetent, underfunded police force, corrupt politicians and desperate families, our Helen of the West is no longer fair, its a pit and we are all falling deeper and deeper, very soon it will not be safe to do anything. Someone must step up and stop this before the gaping, festering wound gets bigger and swallows us all. Remember the tourists will not come if this continues, these so called bad boys and their actions are affecting us all, in one way or another.

  7. Men killing each other. They join gangs to live this life. Everytime someone dies by the gun we never know why he was killed. It is their mess.

  8. All I want is a 2 gold chains,my fresh bike 🏍,my side pouch & a lil works from a BOSSMAN or a Venezuelan link,a customs link,a crooked police & for no one to grudge me & I SET!!! Too many haters on the island,dem man eh want to see you eat a bread without grudging you.The good lord must give me what I want.

  9. When will this stop? We are losing too many of our young men to violence. Why can’t we settle matters amicably?
    I look forward to tonight’s new broadcast to listen to the masterplan from the Powers that Be.
    Lord Help Us!

  10. Another Gun Related Homicide whats happening in St.Lucia .The Crime Rate is Unbelievable and Nothing is being Done


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