Police Identify Victim Of Fatal Shooting In Vieux Fort

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Saint Lucia police have identified the man fatally shot Monday in Vieux Fort as Bruceville, Vieux Fort resident Sean Philip.

According to law enforcement officials, Philip, also known as ‘Ti Fish’ sustained a single gunshot wound to the forehead.

The incident occurred on New Dock Lane, about 75 yards from its intersection with Clarke Street, Vieux Fort, around 12:20 pm.

A medical practitioner pronounced Philip dead at the scene.

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His death came as videos of suspected rival Vieux Fort gang members issuing death threats against each other surfaced on social media.

Residents of the community fear that the gun violence will escalate.

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  1. Satan 🐍or the devil brought death which follows death in the world.
    Satan-means “enemy”. Satan is the enemy of God. He wants to destroy everything God has made (created)
    Which he was and now is a murderer from the begining.
    God created the first people with the ability to choose whether or not to trust to obey God.

    Ransom : the price paid free who so ever has condemned. Jesus gave himself as a 💝 ransom to set his people free from slavery to sin and ⚰️ death penalty…
    Then God sent Jesus to reconcile the word of God…
    But, unfortunately,till today people are born with a sinful nature that holds them in slavery, that leads to all kinds of law-breaking,and as a result……

  2. The police should invite persons to turn in their illegal guns for a substantial monetary reward. No questions asked. Cash on delivery. This would help with the situation.

  3. Meanwhile Poyotte is putting mechanisms in place, PJP is clueless, Kenny is waiting to hv a chat with the commissoner and the Mayor is asking the church and the grps who hv nothing do with gun violence to do something. Are for real here. A yr on from elections and yet still Nothing from the PJP govt to deal with Gun Violence/ nada. Talking about carnival and attending conferences overseas alone. In 1 yr the PM has been away about 6 times WTH.

  4. Politics can’t stop crime. The only ppl who can stop the killing is the ppl doing it by putting down their illegal weapons.

    • Yup. Take away the guns, they revert to cutlasses. Take away the cutlasses they revert to knives. Take away the knives they go to stones. Fix the people however….

  5. A strong message to the vf gang, stop this shooting. We have stopped., now if there one more killing I will take my gang to VF and get Larry and Banan. Note this well

    • You’ll honestly need to stop this f****** bullshit by no shape or form bolo would comment this
      Madness… stop causing useless problems… get something to do stop this fake name f******… promote peace not violence bunch of useless f**** in slu….

    • The only job the young people can get in Vieux Fort is working as a security guard for 3 dollars an hour working 12 to 16 hour shifts

  6. So the HC and Kenny still at some hotel drinking Hennessy? Paythew! Those fellas have alot of negativity in there DNA


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