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Saint Lucia Freedom Coalition Urges COVID-19 Pandemic Postmortem

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Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has written Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre an open letter, urging a COVID-19 postmortem as the pandemic recedes and life gradually returns to normal.

Freedom Coalition President Fremont Lawrence signed the  three-page September 28 letter to Pierre.

The letter said the postmortem was important to determine how Saint Lucia handled the COVID-19 situation and learn lessons to better manage any future ‘pandemic’.

And while commending Prime Minister Pierre for remaining true to his word in not implementing a mask mandate despite enormous pressure, Lawrence took issue with the recently revised COVID-19 protocols.

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The Freedom Coalition President expressed concern and disappointment that the new measures empowered business owners to ‘control the lives of citizens’ by allowing business establishments to implement health measures at their discretion.

In addition, Lawrence raised several questions including why public servants have the option of not wearing masks, while businesses can impose mask wearing on their employees and the public.

“Why does St. Lucia continue to retain some of these ridiculous protocols when the rest of the world, including our Caribbean neighbours have dispensed with them?” He asked.

“Where is the upsurge in infections that was predicted to happen by Dr. Merle Clarke and the COVID-19 Management Team as a result of the government’s decision to allow un-vaxed mass crowd events like Gros Islet Friday, Calypso and steel band competitions and Carnival?” The Freedom Coalition President declared.

In addition, he asserted that it was long overdue for the Ministry of Health to authorize the release of the consignment of Ivermectin for use by doctors to treat COVID-19 and other health conditions since the COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be neither safe nor effective.

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  1. Even more urgent is a government mandate to perform a post-mortem on everyone in St. Lucia who has died within 6 months of taking the jab, boosters included!

    Then, match up cause of death with the expansive list of adverse effects that pharmaceutical companies have been forced, by court order, to release!

  2. Sham. That’s all we need to know. Ask them on their adverse effects reporting system they put in place for this medical trial. After all it was a clinical trial. I recall that jackass King asking for Gilbertha St. Rose to conduct a clinical trial for ivermectin. Ask them if they did for vaxxxin

  3. JUST IN – Spike protein detected in the brain and heart in deceased man after mRNA injection, a peer-reviewed case report published in the top journal “Vaccines” shows.

    “The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”

    Fun times head with the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. We are still waiting on the post mortem for Carnival too as well as a response on the joint account that Chastanet implied that Hilaire had with Jafalli among others.

  5. There was a pandemic response plan. It was tossed out the window by WHO. No amount of post mortem will fix what those psychos have in store for the world.

  6. Whether or not people are vaccinated no one can determine when one will die. Simple fact. On the other hand critical issue like healthcare, national security and education are being ignored. Eg The Nursing Department at SALCC is in a crisis brought about by the administration of that department. Nevertheless, the authorities are ignoring our future nurses. Very unfortunate.

  7. @As it is I am glad you mentioned it you are not the only one waiting regarding the joint account report about Hilaire

  8. This is the biggest medical fraud in history, and they were all in on it. WHO, CDC, FDA and PAHO were all paid by the pharmaceutical industry, also by Bill Gates to push this medical fraud on the world. Because of this fraud many people lost their life, and the death toll will keep rising because of the death jab. Cover ups were done and is still being done by medical professionals and institutions, as to the damage caused and still being caused by the pointless protocols. So, asking for a postmortem is like asking to see a purple pig with wings. It will never happen.

  9. By the end of last year, I alone counted 42 people in St. Lucia who died suddenly days or weeks after receiving the Bill Gates-funded and Dr. Merle Clarke and Dr. Sharon Belmar-George promoted Covid-19 medication. Most of these people were healthy and normal prior to that. The Ministry of Health (which is an oxymoron) has covered this up. The post mortem must find all those liars who are culpable and they should face death my lethal injection for their crimes against humanity.

  10. speaking of which what is the latest with this doctor they took action against her using ivermectin?

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