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‘All Options’ Open If SLTU Unhappy With Ministry’s Stance On Student Discipline

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The Saint Lucia Teachers’ Union has sent a strong message to the Ministry of Education on student discipline, indicating that all options would be open if the union is displeased with how the Ministry handles the matter.

In an address on Wednesday in observance of Teachers’ Week, SLTU President Don Howell declared that a teacher should not be subjected to any form of abuse on the job.

As  result, Howell reiterated a call to the Ministry of Education to take a firm stance on student discipline in Saint Lucia.

“As the SLTU, we will engage our members on this, and as they come up, we will speak to our members,” the SLTU President stated.

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“And let me make it clear to the Ministry of Education that all options for the SLTU remain on the table if we are not satisfied with the stance that they take as it relates to student discipline,” Howell asserted to applause from his audience.

The SLTU President disclosed that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the union partnered with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation on a study relating to the pandemic’s impact on teachers.

Howell said the raw data pointed to high levels of psycho-social trauma teachers experienced.

“The research also highlighted the growing feeling among teachers of being under-appreciated. They felt that they were disrespected during the pandemic. Importantly, they were given no rewards for using their own resources to keep the education system afloat,” he revealed.

Howell said that based on the findings, the SLTU has already started its work to support its members.

He, therefore, called on the Ministry of Education and the government to expand the Employee Assistance Programme.

Howell observed that the SLTU negotiated the initiative but  it was handed out to everyone in the public service.

According to Howell, the programme has to expand to ensure that teachers benefit.

He also urged the government to give teachers some concessions.

But while urging concessions from the government, Howell also spoke of plans by the SLTU to support its members.

Among the initiatives he outlined were expanding the union’s disaster committee beyond dealing with natural and seeking to provide counseling support to members.

Headline photo: Don Howell (Stock image)

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  1. Re Article: The students should be disciplined at home and not the school..
    The teachers are there to teach English, Mathematics,etc and not discipline..
    The parents should take the time to Discipline their children before sending them to the class rooms.. The Teachers are not paid to teach your children Manners, (The parents should! And also Respect to the teachers)
    As we should know, most of the parents who needs to Discipline their children are Simi Literature

  2. Why did you cut me off?
    You are part of the problem in our country..
    You should allow us to express our opinion,or get out of our country, your country needs you..
    Back to JA to solve your problems.

  3. I agree that students must respect their teachers and teachers respect their students. But I would like to add in Dec 2020 to Jan 2021 when the then minister of education Ms. Rigobert gave the orders for students to return to face to face classroom, one of the representative of the student council call out the minister via the media in a disrespectful tone to go back to the drawing board because he was not pleased that school was re-opening and was concern about student safety. Today students are the ones all over the place without mask. At 16 yrs of age, a student of St Mary’s college at the time did not see it fit to have a meeting with the ministry or educators but had to show off. He is now I believe a student at Sir Arthur Lewis and sits in the house when there is parliment. No one reprimand him. Why? Is he a son of someone in high authority? Was he tangled up with politics. Today the student council is quiet. Not a word on the hair incident, not a word on the little boy that drown, not a word on the recent disappearance of the male teen. I can go on and on. The fact is students learn from their parents especially the high class parents. They are the ones who feel like they can belittle adults because of the status of their parents in society.

  4. The ministry of education should let it be known what the rules are and the punishments for not following them. There should be a no nonsense level of tolerance that would be tolerated. Some should be expelled and or sent to rehab .

  5. i like your venom and i support it… NO phones in school all communication to and from is via the principal office. We cannot be just a check list Island.. Politicans sign up for all trades, treaties, and whatever but we no way in shape to service such… i mean what is wrong with these numb skulls we have?

  6. Things are that bad in St. Lucia – the ministry of Education is unable to provide funds/stipend to purchase items for the benefit of the students. Allocate funds and or provide a mechanism for reimbursement upon presentation of receipts. Those parents who are unable to discipline their children should homeschool……..I am not certain if St. Lucia allows homeschooling. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch – ………….. the quote below was copied for the article.

    “Importantly, they were given no rewards for using their own resources to keep the education system afloat,” he revealed.

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