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Stanley Felix Formally Charged, Senatorial Appointment Revoked

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On Friday, October 7, 2022, Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre learned that the President of the Senate Mr. Stanley Felix was formally charged by police under Section 376 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia.

As Head of the Government, Hon. Pierre demands the highest levels of professionalism and integrity from all public officials at all times.

As such, the Governor General acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister and pursuant to section 27 (2) (e) of the Constitution of Saint Lucia, has been advised to revoke Mr. Felix’s appointment and relieve him of his Senatorial duties in the Upper House of Parliament.

His successor will be announced at a subsequent time.

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The Prime Minister assures the Saint Lucian public that the continuation of the business of government and all related state affairs remains a priority to him and the Cabinet which he leads.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Stanley has probably received his hush money by now…If he hasn’t received this money we all know the outcome (exposure & betrayal)…He will be paid because the new motto of the SLP is to “protect the victory @ all COSTS”…The circus continues (with NO LIVABLE wage for the poor)

  2. Well done Most Honorable PJP you are sending a clear message your government is one of integrity. You did not beat around the bush, you did not play like The United Worthless Party, all when it was big news in the foreign press and the US ban The Teefing Coolie, they kept him and it was business as usual for them without no punitive action. The international community is watching, little moves such as these goes a long way for St Lucia, it put us lower on the corruptive scale. Once again well done keep it up, ignore those AGITATORS , your government is a government of putting the people first, truth and rights not wrong and strong and that’s what’s killing these Yellow Johncrows your decency.

  3. …….you will NEVER get that from The Yellow Johncrows….they can’t even talk about something they NEVER did, they are in schock the PM move so fast a first in St Lucia’s History……no wonder he is and will be the people’s choice…… Remember who sought censorship against Chastanet, yeess I rest my case

  4. Can you remind me of any charges or arrest of any UWP President of the senate, Minister, or other official? They fired Frederick with all his known baggage (reasons for revoking US VISA) and as implied by your great Kenny D Anthony. Now he is in the office of the PM.

  5. St Lucian lawyers are very corrupt all they care about is making money whiles 80 percent of Private sector workers earn 3 dollars an hour . There are people who have to work 16 hour shift for 48:dollars and the government and the labour department does nothing about that . We are living in a failed state

  6. Very wise decision PJP but not only when they are caught for the world to see. There are others in your mist that should have not gotten high positions. If only you would take them out before they are dragged in the public eyes.

  7. Integrity? Dude there is a guy whose US visa was revoked. You know why the state department revokes visas?

  8. First of all. Unlike the SLP hierarchy I am not a vindictive, callous or uncharitable person. I take no glee in the predicament of Stanley Felix. I have never met the man and do not want to kick him while down. This is an SLP trait.
    I am sorry for our fair Helen that the Presidency of the Senate has been brought into disrepute while under the aegis of the leadership of the St Lucia Labour Party.

    I am appalled that the SLP not only are proving to be utterly incompetent in running the country ( to the suffering of our people) but that their disreputable character is playing itself out in the type of people they have in their leadership midst.

    I am flabbergasted that the vicious SLP think that they can characterize this whole episode as a plus for themselves for firing Stanley, with no remorse for the dirtying of the House of Parliament by the presence of the type of individuals they have appointed to office.
    We have just been shocked in these horrendeous inflationary times with all the attendant hardship on our people to see grown up MP’s dressing up as juveniles
    and now to be faced with this issue hitting at the heart of our democracy. Our government ministers acting as feral juveniles and we wonder about the maturity and morality of the leadership of this country.
    Imagine what our children think looking at this SLP clown show. Fredericks emma et al dressing up as children while Rome burns and the self absorbed SLP hierarchy patting themselves on the back – after the horse has bolted the stable.
    When you put clowns in Parliament it just becomes a circus!

  9. I remember when there was the Pajoah saga with the teething man, Chas did nothing to our faces, with gross arrogance and disrespect. P M Pierre stay on course

  10. What about Hilaire? Wasn’t that a clear case of fraud? Would u be able to use the government’s name or offices in any personal transaction? So don’t go singing for supper. What if the PM entered into a transaction without the necessary authority like exercising all power over crown property like the sea bed? Should he be allowed to do that? Isn’t that an illegality? Even though Guy wrote or signed such a letter, it can only be considered a letter of comfort (intention to contract) since any guarantee would have to go to parliament. What u should try is to get such a letter and take it to the bank. I just hate to hear ppl spreading ignorance.

  11. St.Lucia have had bad Lawyers from the Time of Decease Jean Reynolds up to this present day .So that’s nothing new

  12. Enough of that crap. How long ago did Pierre know about Stanley? He still made him a senator. Matter of fact Pierre should be answering some serious questions. That’s what happens in civilized countries.

  13. Lawyers in St.Lucia will make a Defendant pay half the cost of Representation to them in cash .They Charge you according to the Gravity of that incident ask for more money to Start the case and before it Reaches the HighCourt they have Collect all the Monies and pays no interest in that Matter

  14. So what did SLP or its leadership have to do with a member getting charged with a criminal offence? See how stupid and ignorant we can be. I guess Pierre made the sun shine today too after so much rain over the past few days.

  15. @Double Standard, King is there in his Cabinet too. But wait isn’t that the person that was responsible for extra judicial killings? So what’s the message to our kids here?

  16. @Double Standard, King is there in his Cabinet too. But wait isn’t that the person that was responsible for extra judicial killings? So what’s the message to our kids here?

  17. Wasn’t it you that was questioning why he should resign or fired Lucian H grade. Now you singing a different tune under a different name. You feel as though you are SLP or Philip J Pierre’s mouthpiece when the party do not know you. Stop trying to speak on behalf of the party. St Lucians voted for the PJP not you. Philip did what had to be done and what the people said had to be done. You on the other hand only defend Stanley’s positions and bring up Guy’s alleged situations. So you are the fool Lucian H grade also known as ‘Securing The Victory’ the parrot.

  18. With all the praise you all want to give Pierre he had no choice..He knows well he would be fried like a chicken wing because half of his cabinet already tainted shameful

  19. @ Securing the victory, you must be one of those bamboozled by the cabal and drank too much of their red kool aid. Tell PJP while he at it to get rid of the money launderer and drug dealer, the twice church breaker, rover gate tax evader who robbed the country of well needed funds, the one in Anse Laray who scammed the people in England, ministers account to name a few and then you can talk.
    And don’t forget FYI Chas got rid of Frederick, Ubaldos Raymond and Jimmy Henry who wasn’t charged but had questionable accusation against them, and all three are now in the bosom of your SLP. So wheel and come again with your nonsense.

  20. Well, well, well. He should not have been POS on the first place. Felix the cat believed that the central seat was his to run forever despite being rejected twice by the people…he twisted hands to get a reward to bow out of the race. Never claim a prize you didn’t work for. On top of that you didn’t even want pip as leader much less pm but there you were like you were the biggest supporter. Anyway best of luck in your case…

  21. Just like Chastanet fired Richard. No difference. The right thing to do. Let me see how much hate that Stanley will infringe on Pierre. Nono because hush money pass long time! Does anyone know the relationship between Stanley and Richard?????

    Tick toc tick toc

  22. We are in this mess because we as a people refuse to put our country first instead of party. We must come to the realization that party politics is destroy our nation and keeping us in this hog pen constantly snapping at each other, arise lucians !!!!!

  23. @Gala. A UWP parliamentarian of the previous administration resigned suddenly after he was caught, red handed, in criminality. Was he taken to task? No. No talks, no talks!

  24. …..we all know why his visa was revoked and I will bet you he gets it back before teefing Guy. He was granted a “temporary visa” the US did not even consider giving that to Guy gee I wonder why.

  25. Exactly! Fired from one government na d hired bu another. How fair is that?

  26. Who cares under what Section he was charged. We need to know why he was charged. Why did you publish an incomplete story in the first place. Because of his position did an envelope pass underneath the table as usual so as not to reveal what he did!

  27. How about Hilaire? Pierre AFRAID OF THAT ONE. If this man can be charged, Hilaire did worst and created government fraud in a position of trust overseas. If you all going for one, then you all must go for all. It is only then that the people of St. lucia will begin to respect you all and the “ti negre sal” will decide to commit less crime. Cause they know the cost. That thinking has worked for Asians for thousands of years. You screw up you lose. Less crime at the societal level. Check Singapore, China ect..

  28. I wonder where Securing the Victory gets his information. Guy Visa has never been revoked. In fact prior to Pierre, King and Alva going to New York for that Town Hall meeting, UWP had a very large contingent in New York which Guy was included in. Since losing his seat 15 months ago Guy has been to New York about 3 times. You should ask Pierre and Girard why haven’t Girard visited the USA.

  29. …….”ti. negre sal” so said the grey balls House Negro. He been charged with preventing the course of justice in his private judiciary duties has nothing to do with his government duty……it’s good code of conduct and ethics, the PM stated he would have in his administration ONCE APPOINTED, of which everyone should or is expected to abide by, is why he got axed. If your stated accusations against Hilaire occurred during this administration watch, without a doubt His Most Honorable would have taken the necessary avasavie action as it pertains to his adminitrative code of conduct Clown, because that’s the kind of leadership he has pledge to The St Lucian People he would govern by. We expect nothing more from paid AGITATORS, and Uncle Tom inferior complex individual such as yourself “ti negre sal” to continue to spew your negative connotations, against His Most Honorable even after he had taken swift, profound, disciplinary against Stanley Felix of which your Yellow PM failed to do, after more outstanding grievous actions occurred during his reign of terror.

  30. Shut your ahse! The vieux negre sal is you. You and him should be in jail for the dirty deeds. But the most high does not sleep. Karma never loses an address. Write as much bs as u like. The time for account must come. Old dirty Volaire! Pierre scared but not Chastanet! Ring that bell!!

  31. Shut your ahse!! they did not post my comment you are a criminal that will be dealt with again!!! old dirty volaire !! vieux negre sal con ooh!!!!

  32. Well what he should have done was Not to fire him and then what would have happened?. But the guy was charged so how would he have carried out his duties as a senator? PJP is not doing any thing to route out corruption. It’s automatic that the guy had to be fired. Is that what you all want to give PJP credit for? A drowning man will catch at a straw.

  33. Are you comparing this to the situation with Ubaldus. Then you must be sick. Anyway you’ll accepted him so bravo to the “ethics” of the neg moir sal. I forgot you’ll have King Dnake and Richard. How much more ethical can the ti Negre noir get. The joke is definitely on you now.

  34. Well what he should have done was Not to fire him and then what would have happened?. But the guy was charged so how would he have carried out his duties as a senator? PJP is not doing any thing to route out corruption. It’s automatic that the guy had to be fired. Is that what you all want to give PJP credit for? A drowning man will catch at a straw.

  35. @ The Crow that would be the right thing to do. It is then the job of the police to investigate and charge. That would not be the job of Chas or UWP. Stanley WAS charged by the police. We do not know why the police did not charge the other politician, it could be because of evidence or lack of it. In fact I would commend any one who has not been charged but resigned because of ethics. So does that make some sense to you?

  36. So, what if the police didn’t act in this particular case, would you have said “it is not the job of Pierre or SLP” to do the job of the police? I think not. You would be up in arms.

  37. What if the police didn’t act in this particular case? That’s question makes no sense. It just not the job of politicians to investigate and charge. If they didn’t investigate, arrest and charge we would have never known. That comment is so silly.

  38. A President of the Senate, the upper house where St Luica laws are made, was found guilty of fraud (not paying his dues) in court and Phillip J Pierre did nothing. Why all the brew ha ha about the PM having balls to fire that same person of being charge of a crime. HE HAD TO DO IT. That’s why I was disturbed when the UWP release requesting the firing of Standley Felix. IT WAS OBVIOUS/AUTOMATIC. It was supposed to be done from the time he was found guilty of fraud.

  39. @Silly Question. You are correct. But the point I’m making is if the shoe was on the other foot, would UWP supporters be so vociferous? Additionally, SLP has done right by the people of St. Lucia by allowing the police to do their jobs and not interfere in the process. That didn’t happen with the previous administration. Deny it, if you will, but this is a fact.

  40. So why did Pierre changed Comptroller of Customs and had mediation instead of going to the courts for the HILAIROVER SAGA? The continued under his ELECTRIFIED VICTORY, why did he choose this route? If he is just as some are commenting, why?

  41. When is this government going to give concessions on barrels? Persons have to pay so much money for barrels while a minister can get away with a whole jeep. They want to distract us by coming with the same rhetoric used before elections and to help us to forget what is important. Yeah putting people first .🙄
    Arise Lucia and open your eyes, they are only securing their own victory.

  42. …….. who sending barrel from America or England for you, you have become lazy and refuse to travel…. I am in your old stomping ground San Diego to be exact I will pack a barrel for you…….. the norm I presume Ensure, just for men, diapers ….let me know what’s missing.

  43. Lol always nice to see the comments here….all of yall just a bunch of old guys with no mind of the future..just upset at each other because your friends didn’t check for yall…argue n bicker while the rest of the world moves forward while we living in a backwater island run buy old men with no sense of the future…lol our bus system is still on pat with poor rural counties side villages…lol…wat a joke country

  44. I’m not commenting for Gala, but yes we would say it’s not for Pierre or SLP. However in that case Pierre knew long before the last election, that’s why he had reservations with his Central Castries candidacy.

  45. I posted 4 comments under this News item. Everyone of them were there after I posted but now only one remain. SLT I would like to know why I’m being discriminated against.

  46. Do you all remember on of Chastanet’s ministers name Jimmy Henry? Chas did a way better job to slide this criminal case under the rug than PIP. As a matter of fact, the crimes committed against us the people by the last yellow bunch are way more severe.

  47. SLT editor must be Securing the Victory.
    Cause every response I have given him for the nonsense he is spewing has not been published.

  48. What i know this is the beginning, we will now see who will be extradited, who will kicked out of politics and while will end up in Borderclay

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