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Pierre: Stanley Felix Considered Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting that former Senate President Stanley Felix is dealing with his defence.

“Mr. Felix is on bail, and he is dealing with his defence. Our law says you are innocent until proven guilty,” Pierre observed.

“Mr. Felix is dealing with his defence and he is considered innocent until proven guilty,” the Castries East MP observed.

Police formally charged Felix under section 376 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia, which deals with perverting the course of justice.

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Last week, the court granted the Attorney at Law $15,000 bail in cash or suitable surety.

The court also imposed reporting conditions and travel restrictions.

And Prime Minister Pierre advised the Governor General to revoke Felix’s appointment and relieve him of his Senatorial duties in the Upper House of Parliament.

An Office of the Prime Minister release said an announcement would be forthcoming regarding his successor.

“We’ve said that we give him time to see about his legal matters,” was Prime Minister Pierre’s response regarding relieving Felix of his duties, given the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle.

Headline photo: Stanley Felix

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  1. From time Pierre say that,that means Stanley will not be doing any jail time & it will be a not guilty verdict…The Judge already get paid as we speak…The JUST-US system at its finest in SLU…The Circus continues folks.

  2. If he is innocent until proven guilty, why fire him from the senate? And what if he is found innocent?

  3. Holding high public offices required leaders to display:- respect, be discipline, up Heald the norms as it augh to, integrity, morals and dignity. My opinion is that Mr. Felix will be free from his charges. It will also expose the weaknesses within the realm of our legal and policing system. I firmly believe that this is a witch hunt from someone sinister within the Government. On the other hand the police department are the ones who become the buballist entity. Our legal system is so corrupt they themselves do not know if a legislation exist. Generally speaking the courts are operating like the wild wild west.

  4. The Lawyers Representing Him are Senior Attorneys the will Present all old Case laws to have the Case Dismiss.Judges Magestràtes and Lawyers work hand inhand .Its the police thats being Embarass at the Courts all the Time .The Judicary Shitstem in St.Lucia is very Corrupt

  5. Pierre said “Stanley Felix is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law”. Philip does that law only applies when it suits your agenda? Well Philip, Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. With all the accusations that has been thrown against them, yet these allegations have not been proven by the court. But Stanley Felix was found guilty recently by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court for unpaid rent of four years. Refusing to pay a monthly rental fee of $1500 and in his defense his lawyer blames Covid. The judge did not find this to be a good explanation. What a shame.

  6. People go free because you have a fox investigating the disappearance of checkens from the chicken house. You cannot have crocks investigating the disappearance of cookies from the cookie jar.

  7. That’s the case for everyone under the sun not only St Lucians or Stanley. Pierre I don’t disagree with your statement but everyone knows that you talking bull. You should have asked the real Prime Minister if it was okay for you to make that statement. I hope Mr Clark don’t give you Frederick’s justice that King got for speaking out of turn.

  8. We all have the right to a free and fair trial. Everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty but the justice system. However, sometimes it is not always equitable, fair and just. People with money and connections get a different kind of justice.

  9. Apparently Pip realized that sitting in at the proceedings was not a good look, so he is staying away this time. I have no doubt however that he will continue true to form, as with Hilaire’s case.
    Will the Police Commissioner be removed? Will the case or cases be withdrawn? The precedent has been set!
    It is also very interesting that he now remembers a person is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Does that also extend to UWP politicians, like Allan Chastanet and Guy Joseph and others ceaselessly accused? Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t recall ‘innocent until proven guilty’ being extended to them. Nor have I heard of them being proven guilty in a court of law. So, my next question is: does this come into play only when the person being accused is in the Labor Party?
    Asking for a friend…..

  10. I think you have your answers to all your questions. So tell your friend that embedded in the questions are the answers.

  11. Well according to the Juke Bois,Andre Paul “might” be replacing Mr.Felix for president of the senate…So has Andre been a soucere all along? Was he Jealous of Miguel Fevrier & the rest of the media gang on getting government jobs? Was Chazzy coaching him all along? Stay tuned.

  12. in a way i like how this happen reason being it is the norm for the little guys to go to court and get fingered by the justice system. Now that a lawyer is going to court they will see how the little man feels so now they maybe can put things in place to somehow fix the justice system.

    also what people dont see or remember is that Stanley Felix is a very good Defense Lawyer so as a Defense attorney for the guys who shot and killed Officer naitham he will always want to see his clients go free or have a lessor charge so who knows maybe just knowing he is on the case something went on to make him seem like he was perverting the course of justice when in fact he was just acting in the best interest on behalf of his clients, so right now since he is in this hot water he maybe has no choice but to remove himself on the matter he was working for his clients who allegedly shot and killed naitham so chances are if these guys dont have a Good lawyer like stanley those guys will go to jail for a very long time which is what every single police officer wants, trust me when something happens to a police officer you dont want these guys to have their hands on you.

  13. Wait, what? Is that really PJP talking? SO is he applying that same statement to Guy Joseph and others who he has convicted in the court of public opinion as thieves? Aren’t they innocent until proven guilty? Bring them to trial, bring all the evidence, and if they are found guilty then let them suffer the full brunt of the law. Let them be an example to all current and future politicians in St. Lucia. Instead you and your comrades who you lead have done exactly what you are warning us not to do in this instance. Whats’ so different in this case? Are you REDy to answer us PJP, or do we know the answer alREDy.

  14. Wow! I wish you could have read my thoughts. You idiot! I think Adolf Hitler was a great leader. Maybe he wanted to save the human race so he sought to get people with the best genes and killed off the rest. So maybe he was not bad for killing millions of Jews to accomplish his utopian society. Maybe, maybe maybe. The fact remains that he was a damn CRIMINAL!

    Being a lawyer gives no one, absolutely no one the right to interfere in such matters, especially at a time when the state is about to fold under the weight of criminal activity. And worst yet if the police, who Stanley’s government has so quickly criticized for their ineptitude, are making headway with some of our most heinous crimes. We should always remember that no one is above the law and that a thief is not one who is convicted for stealing but one who takes the property of another with the intention to permanently deprive the owner of that property. In St. Lucia we pretend that you are not a criminal unless you are convicted for a crime.

  15. can i ask you one question though, do you know the exact current details of what transpired and perhaps what was said in detail format which lead to the conclusion that he was perverting the course of justice?

    Yall just coming to all sorts of conclusions, and its because of this the law is you are innocent until proven guilty, so who knows whilst people are out there slandering his name he might as well be innocent, so many innocent people that take jail already,

    Yall are the same ones that quick to say justice is not right in here and people are corrupt, how are you so sure this is not the same situation he is and will be facing? How are you sure it was not a corrupt police officer or who ever that is preventing him to do his job as a lawyer? Saint Lucians especially once they hear you did something they quick to believe and put in their two cents and spread propaganda and fake news but none of them will say rather let them hear both sides of the story

  16. I appreciate this response. Now, “they who feels it know” . Saint Lucia is fast becoming a place where some, “Wicked Rich” people “buy” justice with the aid of some, “No Conscience Lawyers” with big titles, for example, some of them help steal families properties. Some of these people feel money will cushion their karma, I am just waiting to see them on their bed of affliction (sickness) to hear them call people to ask for forgiveness and beg God for mercy…because I’m old enough to know that’s how most of them end up (ailing, diseased, mentally ill ecetera). May God help the real innocent ones out there.

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