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Man Shot Dead At Forestiere

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(Story updated) Police are investigating the shooting death of a man identified as Lindel Gustave in Forestiere, Castries.

Gustave sustained multiple gunshot injuries due to the incident at about 11:00 pm Wednesday in a robbery.

According to reports, three unknown assailants fatally shot the 35-year-old year old Forestiere resident and escaped with valuables.

The thirty-five year old was later pronounced dead.

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There are no further details at this time.

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  1. you assholes left a young girl father less now i hope they catch you pieces of scum and do the worst things possible to you

  2. And the Christmas shopping have started…if illegal firearm owners were being executed innocent people wouldn’t lose their lives

  3. Oh great! Let’s keep doing nothing and expect the problem to be solved. It is their turn now. Ours coming soon. Just a matter of time. Condolences to the family.

  4. it was not a robbery it was a target his friends no everything so tell dem come out an tlk d killers eh come from far

  5. They refuse to go and work for the hotels , barons food, security companies , M&C massy supermarket for 3 dollars an hour

  6. well then maybe we should blame these employments that pay people this rate for the crime going on cause if you giving a man three dollars an hour to work long grave yard shifts all how people will get frustrated. i am, sure if there were more fair paying jobs that dont rob people and treat them unfairly alot of people would be getting jobs

  7. There’s Cameras all along the Way to Forestere From the Gueneau Jusction .Don’t Tell me the Police cannot get these Footage and Start working on This Homocide .They Shoud have had a Lead by now

  8. police goes by lie’s not da right way they want someone to come an say they see dats how police work in dis county bunch of donkeys by den day was supposed to view thoes cameras u eh even have to say dat

  9. The demon-possessed dregs of the Earth are roaming through Saint Lucia on a murderous spree. They can sense that their time is running out; that’s why they are desperately destroying as many lives as they possibly can. A message to all you cold-hearted criminals: “Beware, your end is v ery near!”

  10. Sad we have to think for them!- Most crimes can be solved easily- cell phone companies have the ability to know all the cell phones that were in the area at that time!!!! I hope they get these bastards quick– i want to know them!

  11. Dear A to Z,

    Khan Academy offers free Pre K English reading classes for those with access to internet and gadgets who may be interested.

    I was not able to read and write 8 months ago and now I am better off. Check them out, Khan Academy!

  12. A Godless generation = Lawless generation; I have long believed if something is not done soon enough, St. Lucia will soon look like Haiti. I pray before this, the Lord do a miracle.

  13. is getting worst. All doe,s new Gun law,s have No they will kill u just to Still what u work Hard for. There is only One way to solve that problem is to Bring back capital panishment. Its time..the goverment is allso to be blame for not helping THE Young People with work and proggrams.

  14. @Truthbetold – your post is on target. The worst destruction ever is heading directly to these good for nothing thugs with a bullseye – this is sickening to the core and they will suffer a fate much more severe. For those who partake of their ill gotten gains $$$$$$$ – rest assured that you too will suffer tremendously from the blood $$$$$$. I felt so bad when I saw the young man’s mother on the news – I pray for the entire family even now…….
    When they get what they rightly deserve — paar dee poor jab……..

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