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Pierre: Descartes-Pelius Will Head RSLPF In Transition To A New Commissioner


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says the historic appointment of Mrs. Crusita Descartes-Pelius as Acting Police Commissioner will transition the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to a new Police Chief.

Descartes-Pelius is due to retire within a year.

Prime Minister Pierre described her Acting Police Commissioner appointment as a historic time for women in Saint Lucia as Milton Desir proceeded on vacation leave on Friday.

Desir’s contract as Police Commissioner officially ends on December 9.

“It is important that we have this transition because we wanted no one to have an unreasonable expectation of becoming Commissioner of Police,” the PM told reporters on Monday.

He spoke on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting where he disclosed that the post of Police Commissioner would be advertised.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, acknowledged that appointing Descartes-Pelius  came at a difficult time in the region concerning crime.

But Pierre expressed confidence in the new Acting Commissioner’s leadership and hoped the men and women of the RSLPF would cooperate.

“From her experience and knowledge and her ability to work with people as is clear, I think Mrs. Pelius will continue to mobilise the members of the police force so they can do their duties in an effective way,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

In addition, the Castries East MP explained that appointing Descartes-Pelius was a testimony to the faith and belief in the women of Saint Lucia.



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  1. She is going to retire in a year’s time so there is not much of an impact she will be able to do. RSLPF will continue to operate the same until another is given the title. This title is just an appreciation of her service before she departs.

  2. It is all about optics for the SLP. They produce NOTHING of consequence except their full pockets from taxpayers efforts. Everything they do is play acting and creates nothing of significance.

    So congratulations to Descartes Pelius on her ground breaking appointment but as noted to me by another individual – she is due for retirement very, very shortly so it is IMPOSSIBLE for her to achieve anything to create any kind of internal security improvement in St Lucia. In addition the problems in St Lucia are so deep, as seen by the utterances of the SLP debauched lot, that one appointment will make no difference.
    Talks about a weapon like a bazooka in public discourse shows what kind of so called leaders we have.
    So her appointment and the clamour about a female appointment means nothing to the alleviate the economic annihilation taking place in our workers pockets. Optics, facades and smokescreens to hide the horrible truth of our political keadership embarrassments.
    Reality has bitten the dust in our Lucian society.

  3. The SLP government is really taking the National security of this country for a joke. What a shame. I pity you lady for you will be a lame duck commissioner, with no time to implement anything. Your role is just to prevent the out of control ship from crashing. And Pierre said that his appointment of Pelius was a testimony to the faith and belief in the women of Saint Lucia. Wow!! That speaks volumes. Shame on you Pierre for letting Saint Lucia sink under the weight of crime while you enjoy life under the watchful eyes of your bodyguards.

  4. @Moran Marmalade You are nothing but a Bad Mind. She is the first female police commissioner and I personally hope her replacement will be another female officer. Most Honorable cast your net wide and don’t buy into no shit sherlock’s (of course they know themselves) that a commissioner has to be from St Lucia because an outsider “would not understand the culture” mumbo Jumbo. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need are new initiatives and fresh approach to policing, too much of me and you are friends so I will let that slide or I know so and so, that’s the culture cancer of policing in St Lucia and the wider Caribbean. We will take a White Man or Woman too if they are good at what they do, but MOSTLY look for a Caribbean Man or Woman with 30yrs experience or more with EFFECTIVE Policing and Policy Making decisions with a master’s degree or PhD under their belt, we might have to di$ a little more for the post yuh patten, but sometimes you have to pay to win.

  5. ………which PM did not have a bodyguard HOG BREATH ??? The current commissioner is about to retire What the hell The Pm should have done left the post open when we have qualified candidates like Ms. Pelius lingering there?? That would have been So typical of your United Worthless Party.

  6. Such mindless and typical criticisms from the detractors. Operative word “transition “….. Should the post remain vacant until a suitably qualified person is outsourced?.. Some of you are making common sense seem like a superpower. St Lucia would be okay if only stupidity could be converted into a useful form of energy. Yikes!

    Ps… Well done Mr PM… Congrats to the interim Commissioner

  7. We are the only island ,country in the world to be named after a female, yes Helen and so why are females not fully in charge in all aspects of this island!? The men have phock Ed it all up enough! … yh Give the St Lucian Woman Kings more Cardinal Rights Running this country.

  8. You are such an Moran. Santos never suggested that the commissioner was a bodyguard. No commissioner has ever been or will ever be the PM’s bodyguard.


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