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RSLPF Probing Discovery Of Rifles, Magazines In Refrigerator At Castries Wharf


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is investigating a report regarding two rifles and two magazines found in a refrigerator at a shed on the Castries wharf.

The Customs and Excise Department reported the discovery to the police on Monday at about 11:19 am.

It comes amidst mounting concern over a spike in gun violence in Saint Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean and the presence of firearms and ammunition among imported items.

In parliament, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre recently warned against using concessions on importing barrels to promote illegal activities.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, was speaking on a motion exempting imports of personal items, food, clothing, toys, and other household consumables in barrels from Value Added Tax.

The Castries East MP recalled that on several occasions, barrels contained items that were not food, care packages, or toys.

“This is spoiling the reputation of the country,” he told parliament.

And a September 24-30 joint firearms operation between INTERPOL and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) led to the seizure of some 350 weapons, 3,300 rounds of ammunition, and record drug hauls across the region.

Operation Trigger VII saw officers from 19 countries coordinate controls at airports, seaports, land borders, and inland hotspots.

The officers acted on intelligence, pointing to organized crime groups and individuals involved in firearms trafficking.

They searched warehouses, inspected packages, and conducted targeted checks at firearms dealerships, shooting ranges, and private security companies.

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  1. The customs officer that was supposed to clear it was maybe on vacation or called in sick…But why don’t they wait for the person to come to clear it & bust them? But then again these criminals start to send old ppl to clear the items these days or a so-called “broker” so they can claim no involvement…Good catch,check the washing machines as well as any old generators and bags of rice too & have more than 2 officers checking the barrel or item.

  2. Good job RSLPF . I do hope the we as students in the nursing department at SALCC can get some redress. We are overwhelmed with the adverse and unprofessional treatment delivered to us by the administration of the Nursing Department. Please assist us. Please.

  3. Good job RSLPF . I do hope the we as students in the nursing department at SALCC can get some redress. We are overwhelmed with the adverse and unprofessional treatment delivered to us by the administration of the Nursing Department. Please assist us. Please.

  4. We are running around acting as if our heads were cut off. This generally happens when we have a huge problem that seems unsurmountable. Among our options for consideration is ending the barrel program. Total idiots!
    We must entertain the thought attacking the problem at its roots. The people shipping those guns down to St. Lucia. Every shipping business requires identification before shipment. Additionally, many shipping locations have cameras. It’s not science to figure out the identification of a contraband shipper. After you have sought extradition for a couple of contraband shippers to face St. Lucian justice, it will no longer be fun and games. It’s annoying, when power players of the state throw their hands in despair about solvable problems. My advice, get tough. Stop begging, pleading for criminals to give us a break. If you hold levers of the state, grow a pair and get tough.

  5. can slt block this idiot already? this is not the forum for this they are talking about crime not your stupid issues people tired of your bs already Ja man!!!!!

  6. the consignee is in the medical field and is the daughter of a high ranking member of the Royal saint Lucia police force so dont worry they know about it well

  7. Thats how and where all the Illegal Guns and Ammunition coming in From America and other Countries

  8. Jacka$$ i just going to stop reading your comments because you is 1 idiota. Brotherman or Tet sek lady go to the proper channels to voice your concerns for the LAST time. e.g. Radio 100 is on from 9-10 on week days about ” what makes me mad” why don’t you call in and let St.lucia hear your voice if its that much of an issue. Stop flooding posts with the same ridiculous comment man SLT you self allowing them to continue smh…

  9. Custom officers in St.Licia and Brookers are Rrsponsible for These Firearms Leaving Customs and now in the Hands of thugs in St.Lucia

  10. It May be time consuming but I believe that random searches should be done more often.
    More extensive searching of all goods coming into st lucia. Wether it’s for the church the poor man charity the Prime Minister. Treat all the same.

  11. Word is that a senior police officer and stepfather of the medical professional on whose name the fridge was imported, came to the wharf and left with her while the investigation was taking place. If that were indeed the case, why was that permitted? Wouldn’t the police have lost valuable information by her untimely departure? Did that senior police officer commit the Stanley Felix crime by his actions? Will he be dealt with accordingly. Has the RSLPF sank to a new low – from allegations of a serial rapist amongst their leadership to now that? Is that organization even salvageable. I wonder what KDA thinks of the results of his works, when he for selfish political gain IMPACTED that organization, with what would later spearhead its untimely destruction. And we speak of celebrating 25 years? Of what really? Destruction of Saint Lucia?

  12. Please give her a break. Can’t you see students nurse is using this forum with any news article to get help. No one is helping or taking her plea seriously so she has to send her message in this manner. You go student nurse. Don’t give up God is good your plea will be heard. As for this news article I am just wondering whether the individual collecting didn’t know of what was added to the shipment. If she didn’t then there must be someone who knew. Hold them accountable especially the person sending it. The things people do in our broken island for money . Even those in high authority will sell their souls and their children’s for money. Money is the root of all evil but God is good one day this too shall come to pass. Peace and love

  13. I am putting a million dollars on the table to bet that this case will go ice cold just like the container of drugs by Courts. The real criminals are in the upper echelons of society. The boys on the block are just the by-products.

  14. this is not the BLOODY forum for that, you see anything in the headlines mentioning anything about health or pertaining to what she is saying uselessly every day under every news article? its damn well annoying she can find somewhere else to do say it look they gave her a number to call Nobody here can help her, so what someone will magically just appear at the institution and solve what ever problem she is having?

  15. America is the real problem! They quick to point fingers but on their own land is chaos and lawlessness. See how a big company operating under their nose was funding ISIS while they were at war ….shows they like to squeeze other countries but they not practicing what they preach. Like others say…bet this case eh going nowhere.

  16. @smh idiot smh stop ur nonsense jus dnt read the comment abt the nurse AND MOVE ON!!!!!! JEEZ…!!!! U TOO RIGHT DISHONORABLE

  17. Lol plz buddy, you can’t just ignore the comment when it’s posted on any trending article. Student nurse take de advise and call the radio station.

  18. Maybe things will change and somebody will be held accountable *Cough* Courts *Cough* with a new COP in charge…..Probably not

  19. @Highgrade BS: It is very obvious that you are only here in your capacity as paid s#it-stirrer for the criminal political duopoly, which was imposed on St. Lucia by its neo-colonial masters.

    There are two ways this duopoly serves its masters in the UK & US: Primarily, through repressive laws & policing, and secondarily, via media prostitutes (there is no free press in St. Lucia) who deliberately omit the concerns of the citizenry in public fora.

    Hence, the legitimate concerns of the student nurses will never be highlighted.

    Student Nurse has every right to use whatever means available to keep his/her cause in the public eye, till it makes the ruling duopoly and their minions uncomfortable in their gross hypocrisy; and act on the grievances of the student nurses!

  20. Believe it or not even foreigners know what is really happening in this country. I met a white European man at a restaurant in Rodney Bay a few years ago. We began chatting and he said he doesn’t mind settling in St. Lucia with his family, but it will not be at Cap Estate or Bonne Terre. Because he doesn’t want to be neighbours with a money launderer or drug dealer. Yes. Even the people on the outside know what is really happening here.


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