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WATCH: PM Pierre Dialogues With St. Jude Hospital Board Of Directors

Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, on October 18, held an audience with members of the board of directors for the St. Jude Hospital. Board members and the Prime Minister engaged in fruitful dialogue and exchanged views on St. Jude Hospital operations.
The Prime Minister also apprised board members on his Administration’s plans to transfer St. Jude Hospital operations out of the George Odlum Stadium to more suitable facilities.

Hon. Pierre deployed more than XCD $1 million to undertake remedial works on the George Odlum Stadium to address some of the more urgent occupational issues affecting St. Jude Hospital workers and patients.

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Its time for these political parties to stop fattening their base when it comes to these boards. Chairman with no background or experience in hospital administration or day to day running. First it was Uric Alphonse, a teacher, then Wayne Harrow, a lawyer, now Lucious Ellivique, a banker. Parties just having their supporters in key positions with no idea what they are doing.

  2. @Marcella. The ensuing poor results from these poor choices are always visible. They are reflected in further expenses for alterations. Extra steps to complete work tasks. Staff unhappiness with physical impediments (morale). Patient discomfort.

    The system of spoils as practice by both parties is a serious economic drain. To make it worse, the system shows no sign of disappearing.

  3. These St.Lucia Politricktians From St.Lucia .Both parties are Responsible for this Mess at St.Judes

  4. Well considering Ellivique knows how to run a credit union…i would assume that he would know how to get a hospital’s finances in order…. it is not about medicine and construction alone . It is how to run any institution.
    stop being political

  5. Why is everyone so bitter when at least you have people trying….maybe they should get you to sit on the board instead seeing all of you are so well equiped

  6. So it looks more like ‘Rule by Party’ than ‘Rule by common sense’ so what is the end game? health takes second place it seems; for years many players have been warning about that God-awful place called Hospital, that which looks more like a bombed wreck in Ukraine, sorry to say but warnings have gone out, but the politics seem to matter more.
    It is all because of Chastanet. The man had the foresight to see the dire requirement for the South buy engaging in the construction of the most modern Hospital in St. Lucia. Politically that turned out to be his undoing, a mortal sin.
    His short sighted enemies are making him pay. (1st) stop the construction (2nd) new building with $m’s of material lay rutting on the ground. (3rd) $millions being spent on an original building built during war time as a quick health center in case of injured soldiers, not designed for todays’ requirement as a modern Hospital. (4th) Chastanets’ Constituency is part of the South, too close for comfort; too good for V/Fort North and V/Fort South and La Borie, think about it. It Seems the the last Elections is still being fought, the racism and the mans’ wealth has and is still being challenged.
    He is being taken to task – Fredrick is on Centre-Stage, Hilliare would like Chas to go away and leave him alone; Henry and King are roped in to do the obvious, sa say politics; now see how King got into the mix, to quote him “I accepted the higher bidder” that is after he accepted UWP money to finance his run, but pocketed it. Oh some good ‘Bed-fellows’ tout sa pa bon. But there’s a God above, it will all come out in the wash, praise His Holy Name. Amen.

  7. They were all well equiped EVERY SINGLE one of them the had all qualifications and designations when the last administration was in power! Rebuilding a 80 year old hospital. POLITICS AND POLITICAL HACKS ALL AROUND. LOOK AT LOUSY AND LUCIUS…..HACKS HACKS HACKS AND ALL ELESE THAT CAN’T BE SEEN. ALL PARTIES DO THE SAME CRAP!

  8. Ellevique is a party hack just like all the other folks on there. Unqualified and an insult to Southern people. Sick and tired of all thse jokers – on both sides. Eff you all!!!

  9. Right on cue. Someone asked to stop being political but that is all we know in St Lucia. SLP in power all Board positions go to their square pegs in round holes hacks. UWP in power and the same trend repeats itself. The sad reality is both these parties have more qualified, well rounded supporters who could be on these boards to make us progress but they prefer to let the dunces lead the way and so we continue to regress.

  10. Then he should take a finance position on the board not Chairman. Exactly what @marcella was alluding too. All this is danm well political so stop burying your head in the sand

  11. …..bellicose it’s simple, they are BITTER WICKED and BAD MINDED JOHNCROWS and no matter what this PM does that’s their paid objective, their claim to fame, and end game is to reject, reject , reject, been govern by a Back Man….the only way they will shut the hell up is only if, a White man from a foreign land hold a press conference, and say “based on my analyst and evaluation, this is the best option to build back St Jude’s Hospital.” If that don’t happen forget it.

  12. Well done AGAIN Most Honorable Pierre another feather in your hat. Stay the course and don’t be distracted by the Bellows from those Yellow Clowns…most of them would not go there when its done even if they are lying on their death bed and St Jude’s hold the cure, they would rather jet off to Miami or Martinique. Cry a Clowns fools.

  13. Marcella i hate to burst your bubble but most on the board are . But what are the qualifications that you require?

  14. With all due respect the mess started under the SLP! Louisy used to be on this same board and not one A*** was done! The health system was in shambles and it continued. Then it spilled over to UWP who continued the same mess except that they wanted to transform to a modernized hospital to allow for sustainability and visionary policies. Not the fowl coup that was applicable to an economy 80 yrs ago. But here is what I say building a hospital will never solve the problem since it’s the same individuals including staff and board who we as Lucians need to deal with. Building don’t administer care to people; people do!

    Both parties recycled crap!!! And here’s what qualifications don’t mean a thing! It’s you ability to do the job or impart the knowledge you have. So far NONE of those hand picked some recycled people have a clue!

  15. Couldn’t that one million go towards some incompletion of the real st Jude hospital just asking SMH how do they think not saying that the suggestion is not good

  16. The pathetic nonsense you’ll see as progress. He knows how myopic you’ll are that is why he continues to feed crumps.

  17. Stop campaigning for these J’s that continue taking us for fools. Let their high class friends come on the ground and campaign for them next time. I am sick and tired of those user slp politicians. They sicken me now. Please God let me be you for a day. Stlucians let us continue to pray steadfastly. God sees and knows and he will deliver. Mr Baptiste you are one of the politicians I like and I am not hearing your voice but my brother I like your quietness. If they could do that to you it goes to show their deviousness, biasness, greed and all. Put yr trust In god and do what you have to do with honesty. Help when you can even if they cry that they dont want you to give someone from another cc onstituency who needs it a bread. Let them all go to hell and continue trusting in the most high. Peace and love

  18. You ask what qualifications are needed, I’ll tell you surely not driving children to school, molesting children or drunkeness.


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