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Stolen Identity – Saint Lucian In The United States Sentenced


 Vanessa Roberts Avery, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that ADRIAN JOSEPH, 55, a citizen of St. Lucia last residing in Bridgeport, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Sarah A. L. Merriam in Bridgeport to approximately nine months of imprisonment, time already served, for offenses related to his acquiring federal documents under an assumed identity.

According to court documents and statements made in court, Joseph has been living in Bridgeport under an assumed identity for approximately 20 years.

  Using his stolen identity, Joseph has obtained from various governmental agencies multiple identity documents, including a U.S. passport, a Social Security Account Number card, a City of Bridgeport voting registration card, and a Connecticut driver’s license from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (“CT DMV”).

In February 2020, Joseph visited the CT DMV in Norwalk and, using fraudulent identity documents, successfully applied for and received a REAL ID driver’s license.

During the investigation, the individual whose identity Joseph used informed the government that his identity documents were stolen in the late 1990s.

On August 2, 2022, Joseph pleaded guilty to one count of use of a passport secured by a false statement, and one count of false representation of a social security account number, which carries a maximum term of imprisonment of five years.

Joseph, who is detained, now faces deportation proceedings.

This matter was investigated by the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service and the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force, Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Police and Bridgeport Police Department.

  The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Hal Chen.

SOURCE: United States Department of Justice

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  1. Let’s make our country more hospitable for our people so that they can growband prosper here and don’t have to go overseas to do things like this.

  2. Poor jab Desmond. He have no clue how serious that crime is!! the man is basically living on another man’s name. It means he can committ any crime, take millions in loans and do all sort of scandal on the man name. meanwhile the real person dont have a life because he cannot get credit, he can get charged for a crime he did not committ ect… these dirty lucians should be jailed. they come to the states and some fool tell them to do things but dont remind them that tens of thousands of black men and women are in jail for those very same crimes. you all intellect small.

  3. Greed causes people to do these dirty deeds. You were so bold going looking for this for that, not thinking that your deeds would catch up with you? Now you have to go back in shame, common, you had no heart? Satan, had you forfeiting, scheming and doing all kinds of tricks. Remember, what you sow, what you reap.

  4. I hope when the man return home you all leave the man alone. You all love to antagonize and judge people and point fingers. You all don’t know the man circumstances so Mind your business and move along.

  5. loool watch how saint lucia times put his name in BOLD the person writing this article must be knew him

  6. Another idiot whose deeds caught up with him. They come to the US without knowledge and understanding envious and seriously gullible listening to idiots who give them all types of incorrect advice.

    It’s a shame putting your little island on the map and making all other St. Lucians look suspect. I stay far far far away from Lucians ….

  7. @jay shut you a**. Study you business and keep your comments and advice. He’s gonna come back to his country and he will be fine.

    Thank you very much tweet!!

  8. @ elton u not ashame? u damn sutiwez!! you are part of the mentality that lead to the very problems that mate now have. a bulling in prison record, a criminal past and low to nonexistent employment in the islands. and no govt checks to save u or food stamps, housing benefits ec.t. if u cant cope.

  9. Many comment and don’t know the circumstances. Folks live in the US illegally and because of that they sometimes feel pressured to go looking for a SSN on the black market. It’s always a miss and a hit with these black market SSNs

  10. @choops, why should I be ashamed? You damn idiot!! The man will serve time for his actions mind your damn business. How is this affecting you?

    The man ain’t living in your house or sleeping on your couch or beg you for anything so why the hell you worried. Mind you damn business !!

    Want to talk about putting island on the map. Your island been on the map for extra judicial killings and a whole slew of other shit!! Mind your damn business!!

  11. @Elton – keep your disrespect to yourself. I have lived in the US since I was a child and I know for a fact that several Lucians come to the US are ill advised by other Lucians who have no knowledge or concept of the immigration laws and they provide them with bad and illegal advice which only makes their situation worst.
    Additionally, they don’t know how to stay off radar so you and your disrespect means nothing.

  12. Vway, volair. You playing with America? No matter, how long it takes, they will get you. There is no hiding place in America.

  13. @Elton All the “send me some money via moneygram” this has come to an abrupt end. When he comes home, he will be on your account and then he will rob you as well. Worship your criminal now but when he comes to stay at your home, all hell will break loose!

  14. @jay screw you jay, you think is you alone that live in America, or have visa or green card or citizenship. And who gives a flying monkeys if you live in America as a child? (Monkeys don’t even fly)

    Mind your damn business!! No body ask you about staying off radar. You think the man didn’t know what he doing was illegal. Some people get away some don’t.

    Mind your damn business !!

  15. @ ELTON – you are disrespectful and need to be civilized-this is a forum. The fact that you are attacking and calling folk names in this forum clearly displays your level of intelligence. ?????????? – the guy must be related to you.

  16. Elton u say!!! I hope you did not get a cell in the people prison Mr. Identity Theft Perpetrator. Kiss your cell mate goodnight. bye bubba, grease that back.

  17. @jay… Shut up Jay, shut up. Talking about go get an education. You just talking, you don’t know the level of my education. You all just like to criticize people … Mind your business!! The man ain’t beg you for nothing. Talking about… I’ve been living in America as a child (BAYTIZZ).
    Who wants to know. Just mind your business man…and keep it moving.


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