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Pierre Highlights Benefits For Locals From Castries & Soufriere Waterfront Projects

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has highlighted the benefits to Saint Lucians from a multi-million dollar redevelopment and expansion project for the Castries and Soufriere waterfronts.

On October 20, Saint Lucia signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Port Holdings (GPH) to undertake the USD 47 million initiative.

Pierre, responsible for finance, said the redevelopment and expansion would enhance Saint Lucia’s tourism product and provide greater opportunities for vendors and hospitality workers.

“Upon completion of the project, Port Castries will have a boardwalk and will be able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships,” the former Tourism Minister noted.

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“Arcade vendors will gain access to new and improved facilities, and Castries fishers will reap the benefits of a new fishing village and ferry facility in Bananes Bay and Pointe Seraphine,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

In addition, he explained that the reimagined Soufriere waterfront would feature enhanced docking facilities and new retail spaces for local vendors.

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  1. As I said before, great, but no one will not want to come here if you dont cut the crime, stop the shootings and get tough.

  2. Pierre is 1 jack*** , crime on a drastic uprise de people want to hear what you have to say in terms of combating it and you talking about benefits for waterfront projects. Address what’s dire and stop playing politics u idiot. gosh idk why is not them; always de ppl that suffering while these guys come in here to make money. You not on vacation fam? stay on it! I normally contain these thoughts but its infuriating to see him cast a blind eye like this while our people are suffering. If i’m wrong somebody please tell me but wth has he said on the matter which is of and i quote “SUBSTANCE”

  3. Soufriere, with its combative beggars and aggressive dregs of society, is case of what could have been. The word, “no” is a foreign language. It’s a place of great potential that has been allowed to stagnate.
    The average tourism “officia”l is clueless about the quantity of harassment that takes place in Soufriere. Investing huge sums into the town must come with a plan to clean it up. I have a feeling that some of us have seen videos of beggars interrupting live recordings posted on YouTube. A mentor told me years ago never s**t where you eat.

  4. After reading the article and the rest of the comments it looks like St Lucia is in serious need of some kind of response from the rest of the world to help them out with the beggars and crooks in their beautiful island.

  5. My issue is that from the video clip of the signing…no sound urban planning expert represented the govt…so this might be another DSH in the making.

  6. Soufriere the place I loved to go spending School vacation, is become the paradise lost and not likely to be regained. Smart talking ‘speaker from Global Port Holdings’ arrived in a place with elected members looking for a miracle. Its a miracle o.k. only for the Globe trotter who didn’t have to say much to a bunch of hungry guys who are ready to sell their patrimony for a way out of a coming dilemma. The ones I saw have never sat in the Boardroom of big time International Investors; seems like ‘he who knows not, knows not that he knows not’ God help us. I have never seen a give away so easily done. Some papers passed around, they signed and bingo. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to let the public and opposition to study this thing and offer views on the matter? I guess my ways are different; God only knows.

  7. You are not wrong. And your frustration is shared. It is like living in a twilight zone because NOTHING is being said. But they are right to treat us like this cuz our comments on this site does nothing to them and they know if they stay quiet so will we. The next thing I am concluding is there is probably a reason they are not actively trying to reduce the crime. It makes no sense otherwise.

  8. its very funny how people forget things but Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has highlighted the benefits to Saint Lucians from a multi-million dollar redevelopment and expansion project for the Castries and Soufriere waterfronts and as i passed by the waterfront today i am realizing that there is a backhoe destroying the Marketing Board to the ground . The very same marketing board people critisied chastanet for closing down because it was not of any benefit now nobody saying nothing. hm hm hm wow so if that marketing board at waterfront was not closed down then what?

  9. Oh Wow, where are those that were crying PATRIMONY, when discussion were being held not agreements signed. It’s no wonder we are digging ourselves deeper into a hole of destitution with no light at the end of the tunnel.


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