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While They Protest, We Progress! SLP Resumes Work On St. Jude Hospital


On Tuesday November 1st, known globally as All Saints Day, Prime Minister and Political Leader Hon. Philip J. Pierre announced the resumption of works at the St. Jude Hospital.

For 13 years, the people of the south have suffered due to the lack of a proper medical facility after the St. Jude Hospital fire in 2009.

When the UWP Administration took office in 2016, they found the original reconstruction project, at 80% completion.

They immediately commissioned an audit, which revealed that there was no need to stop construction on the hospital.

Yet, for three years, they abandoned construction at St. Jude and in the fourth year of their term they started to build a second structure that they were unable to complete and to date has cost the people of Saint Lucia over $120 million for only one floor of the building.

In its 2021 manifesto, the SLP promised that “The St. Jude Hospital will be reopened within the shortest possible time.” (See pg.20 point 3,

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, during his 2022/23 Budget Address announced that work would resume at the St. Jude Hospital before the end of this year.

The Prime Minister has kept his promise and was on the SJH reconstruction site yesterday, November 1st along with other Cabinet Ministers to witness the start of site preparations and exterior works to move the project towards completion in the shortest possible time.

The SLP continues to lend its support to Political Leader Hon. Philip J. Pierre as he leads a Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to executing its mandate of Putting People First.

The SLP encourages supporters to remain focused that while the Opposition Protests, we will continue to Progress!

 SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party. Headline photo: Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre visits site of St. Jude Hospital on November 1, 2022

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  1. A little protest and the SLP going mad. From yesterday all you hear from the SLP is protest🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. The extent of the flagrant corruption and immorality in St Lucia is so evident that over $100 million has been stolen and mismanaged in the St Judes Hospital debacle yet administrations can come in the media and in Parliament to boast of when they will finish this money black hole with no accountability for the outright theft.

    So ingrained is the corruption that no one mentions the $100 million that has disappeared but come beating their chests about ‘finishing’ the project. Both sides have spoken about the theft that has taken place.
    No inquiry, no forensic audit, no criminal investigation, no information for the suffering people?
    This seems to be a general consensus by our incompetent, parasitical leaders. We will spend money (of which we get our cut) but have no concern about what it accomplishes for St. Lucia in the long term.
    $270 million was borrowed from the Taiwanese – where has that money gone? It it just to ease the cash flow of a bankrupt administration so all the big wigs can talk and travel while the top supporters get jobs and perks?
    Now another US$47 million while we give away our ports. Selling our patrimony without any consultation, borrowing millions without any idea of the end use and we and our children have to pay taxes to cover this in the future.
    In the meantime inflation is killing us, gas prices are exorbitant with the government taking the most in taxes, $100 in groceries only buys $75 of what we could buy 2 years ago and our roads killing our vehicles.
    What is frightening is the lack of empathy of our leaders, they just do not care as if we gave them 5 years to do as they please.

    We are indeed lost with no way forward.

  3. Hahahaha! That’s what they are afraid of . . . Progress. The march was a dismal failure. Why? Following a blind man. Chas is the end of the UWP.

  4. PjP you are trying too hard to be a politician, you’ve been known for 20 yrs to be a good boy but, what you’ve just stated about St. Jude – the old and the newest you guys stopped – is just a lot of horse manure. Your new Government owe the people of the SOUTH an apology, when you do so the Lord will have mercy on you.

  5. Good luck.
    When the other party is elected, part of the hospital will be broken down. That hospital is being used as an avenue for crooks (in both administrations) to make money.

  6. I agree. Because of Chastanet I stopped voting for UWP. I am in my forties and have always voted for UWP but not last election. What a disappointing set of fools lead by a corrupt daddy’s boy of a leader. Chastanet brought the country to it’s knees. 😔.

  7. It is amazing how what is referred to as a ‘dismal protest’ ruffle so many feathers and cause so many sleepless nights and reactive comments and actions….. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔




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