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Fedee Concerned Over Saint Lucia Crime Situation


Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has expressed concern over the spike in crime in Saint Lucia, declaring that criminal activity is spiralling out of control.

Appearing on the DBS Television programme ‘Newsmaker Live’ on Wednesday night, the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP noted that business places had become daily targets for bandits.

“Not just in the tourism sector but also in the retail sector. Look at the amount of businesses that have been hit in just a short few days,” Fedee told programme Host Timothy Poleon.

And he observed that instead of governing the country and protecting the people of Saint Lucia from the ‘perilous problems’ confronting them, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) focusses on protecting its victory at the July 26, 2021 elections.

Fedee declared that the slogan ‘protecting the victory’ adopted by a party in government means they are concerned only about their political well-being rather than others.

In addition, the former Minister asserted that the SLP has failed to convince voters that they made the right choice in electing the party to govern this country.

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  1. There must be Direct Communication to The Commissioner of Police Office Office when it Comes to Reporting Crime from Citizens of St.Lucia .When Persons call the Police Control Room you becomes the Victim the person answering will ask So many Questions why. Police officers will Give out Information to their Criminal Friends.To me all police officers phones Should be Tap.If you don’t want your Phone tap Resign from the Force.It would be Better that information be Given to the Office of the Cop.

  2. Your administration took no significant steps to address crime. It is easy to talk crime when you are not in power.

  3. So within one year all the guns just get to St.Lucia? This Fassy Hole and Hermangil are sleepwalking and seems to have any direction where they going far less where they heading. They taking so much shit worse than some CRACK Heads. Can they stop a gunman or stop the bullet from firing. These two crack heads need rehab and shouldn’t be giving any advice to the people they both have fail miserably.

  4. Yawning…. nobody is making excuse for criminals and criminality, but it is strange to hear you speak of crime but during UWP raign of terror you were more quiet than a church mouse, not a word, not a word, not in a word, and crime was just as rampant. All when they broke into Pierre’s home in the dead of night when he was in bed you were quiet than a church mouse, when tourists were robbed you said nothing. I will give you credit you got more balls than your White God to go on TV and denounce crime in St Lucia. He will never do it because he can’t relate beyond his sheltered life and Francis record was beyond less than stellar, but he is holding lapo protest march.

  5. There were also ministers of govt ALLEGEDLY sleeping with under age girls. I wonder if the little peep squeak name DUMBmeeneek ever heard of that?

  6. Stop trying to pin people against the current government . Should be ashamed to make such remarks knowing crime will always be crime. Some individuals have their own beef, goat, chicken and fish, whatever you may call it to settle against each other. These are the people you should address, those who insist on committing crime.

  7. The racism and xenophobia of the SLP during the period they were in Opposition from 2016 – 2021 becomes magnified in the comments on this article.
    The hatred and anger comes our because the the former Minister and MP is perceived as ‘Guyanese’ .
    Labour will keep quiet on the escalating crime, on the inflation robbing our pockets but put a ‘foreign ‘ or a ‘white man’ in an article and they become violently animated!
    I for one have never understood the animosity towards being ‘Guyanese’ in this country as they are some of the hardest working citizens in our country. They were times also when things were hard in St Lucia and it was Guyanese sending home gold and money that kept some families going.
    This ‘bad mind’ which the SLP used so effectively in campaigning and still use in government has got to stop.

  8. He is equally part of it. If anyone think that someone wake up from a bed and say to them selves look – today i will shoot, kill, murder and do whatever it is absolutely fake and unjustified. little things grew into big things so use that equation and fix it. otherwise remove yourself and i call on many others to do same rather that prostitute our tax payers money to fill your pocket.

  9. Fedee, we the Boisden people don’t want you anymore to talk on our behalf. Hermangild was there as Minister of crime he nothing , the most killings were done at Jacmel and Boisden , what you do. All you did was to check Lagard daughter.

  10. Instead y’all come out and denounce the crime openly and support the police and government with any crime fighting initiatives or put forward suggestions …it’s politricks that’s more important…smh. ALL OF Y’ALL GETTING ME SICK

  11. stupid man
    only now the crime rate is a concern to you ? I cannot remember you making any comments on that when you were in there as an mp. you blood sucking politicians go suck a monkey’s nipple

  12. Yes the boy needs to keep quiet….where are the whatsapp screen shots of him grooming the underage girl. Isn’t his baby mama a teen barely out of school. Keep quiet cocolorum


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