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Saint Lucia Experiences Massive Flooding – People Reported Trapped In Their Homes

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The North of Saint Lucia has experienced massive flooding.

The National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) disclosed on Sunday that it had received reports of individuals trapped in their homes in the Assou Canal area.

NEMO’s Acting Director Maria Medard told St Lucia Times on Sunday afternoon that emergency responders were trying to assist in evacuating the distressed residents.

She said the responders included the police, the Saint Lucia Fire Service, the Gros Islet District Disaster Committee, and the National Transportation Committee.

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However, Medard said the number of affected residents was uncertain and would not be evident until the responders made a report.

“Some people have reported that the flooding was up to their neck. That was in the Corinth, Grande Riviere area,” Medard said.

She explained that heavy rainfall on Sunday and downpours in the past week had saturated the soil, contributing to the flooding.

According to Medard, apart from the North, the other parts of Saint Lucia seemed reasonably sunny.

Videos and photos on social media showed several areas inundated by water.

The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services said an upper-level trough affected Saint Lucia during the weekend.

“We were expecting it to move out today,” Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

However, he pointed out that lingering moisture in the atmosphere triggered some showers over Saint Lucia’s North-East.

Joyeux said that, as a result, there were reports of heavy flooding in that area.

“It’s isolated because the rest of the Island has fair to partly cloudy skies,” he observed.

“We understand that certain areas from Gros Islet to Bexon are flooded,” Joyeux said.

Met Services expects the upper-level trough to move away from Sunday.

“This isolated incident was a little unexpected so we expect partly cloudy skies through the week,” Joyeux revealed.

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  1. The more we neglect our infrastructure and our environment, the more this will happen. I have never seen this before in St Lucia

  2. This cannot be cause by blocked drains only. The bright minds at the ministry need to realize if they haven’t already that most rivers beds in St Lucia being below the sea level make it difficult to empty out quickly during a storm and so the water backs up and affects low lying areas near the rivers. Plus given the phase of the moon the ocean tide is also higher. The largest body of water on the planet is pushing back. Think about it.

  3. What is the point on the river water level monitoring devices if they not being used ? When it rains measurements should be taken and the team responsible for dredging the river should be contacted when it gets over a certain threshold.

  4. We need to move to higher ground as climate change will cause more flooding. We also need to reforestation around river banks. Trees are essential to our survival, they hold the soil , retain water, provide food and fuel and clean the air for free. More trees, more trees please.

  5. The comment has been made that the SLP are again found wanting. Asleep at the wheel or just spending millions traveling from Miami to dubai to london looking for opportunities.
    Incapable of governance or management they have not desilted rivers and drains and are surprised every time problems arise.
    Banana sales cut off, tourism arrivals down and the visitors not spending money, flooding because they not proactive in desilting, roads a mess as they have no plans, ports sold off to foreigners.
    Well you all voted for them!

  6. Reforestation is key. I suggest schools get children to plant seedlings mangoes, soursop, cocoa, cinnamon etc It doesn’t need huge budgets, just the will of the people and a little work.
    If we teach children the value of planting trees then they will take care of them in future. Let’s have a competition for tree planting in every school. Also penalties for chopping down trees on river banks with educational broadcasts to explain the importance of trees to our survival.

  7. Who remembers that man sitting on the Derek Walcott square with his placard every day religiously advocating, ‘save the trees, plant more trees…love nature and care for the environment’…I dare say, the prophet was indeed far sighted, but no one took note…today we are faced with even greater challenges that will cripple a struggling economy even more, for the sooner we build it nature will take it down….seems we are destined to stay underdeveloped heading to destitution….a sad reality but who will listen?

  8. Know St Lucia but not St Lucian.
    Had to notice the words, bright minds.
    Oh how we suffer because we believe that Politicians are bright and capable of solving problems, when in fact they are trouble makers causing or neglecting problems so to have title and talk for the future campaign.. we must change the way we vote and hold & expect much higher accountability of those in office.

  9. All those Nemo workers should be fired WTF is wrong with these guys never accurate with their weather reports

  10. AT A TIME SUCH AS THIS there is only one thing In my mind – find the Good Book – brush off the dust, open to the Word and relax; since I’m a believer, I call on ‘The Maker’ of all things and I address: Oh my Father, My Lord the problem 0ut there is nothing that can move me, I believe as I call on you as I’ve always done, you will help; Help Lord and I will lay my head and rest, in your Glory I see the light of your love: thank you my Lord, My Father for the Peace: Amen.


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