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Two Men Granted Bail – One Remanded On Illegal Gun, Ammunition Charges


A Second District Court Magistrate granted bail to two men and remanded the third man in custody when the trio appeared on Friday charged with illegal gun and ammunition possession.

The Magistrate granted Lorian Swanson and Jahium Papius bail of $55,000 cash, suitable surety, or land documents.

Swanson and Papius must report to the Richfond police station every Monday and Friday before 6.00 pm, surrender travel documents and not leave the state without permission.

In addition, they are not to apply for any travel documents while the case is ongoing.

On the other hand, the court denied bail to Dominica national Kyle Seaman, whom police have also charged with attempted murder concerning a shooting incident at Ti Colon on Monday, October 24, at about 10.00 pm.

Officers arrested Seaman, Swanson, and Papius and charged them with possessing firearms and ammunition after recovering two pistols and twenty rounds aboard a vehicle at Richfond.

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  1. I think that when suspects are granted bail for firearm-related charges, the name of the judge or magistrate who granted bail should be published, in addition to the names of the suspects charged.

  2. These are the persons who make peoples’ lives miserable. Two of them are out there goodness knows what they can be up to. One good for nothing is locked up till someone in authority finds a way to let him loose, like the Jamaican murderer let loose in Barboneau and finds his way back home. St Lucia legal system is an international joke, an embarrassment; The good Lord is being merciful that we are not dead by now.

  3. The photo of the Suspects must be published and Magestrate Name .The police Should have Delt with these guys onboard the Car there would be no Bail Hearing for them .The laws Governing Unlicensed Firearms Was Upgraded .But so many Firearm offences after this law was passed in The House of Parliament. This was the law up graded .The Bail Conditions Should have been Upgraded .In Jamaica The laws for Unlicensed Firearms have Been Upgraded to deal with Criminals .Magestrates in St.Lucia are Anti Police and Supports Criminals

  4. Well what can i say? it seems their names are highly classified information. I hope Trump doesn’t get his hands on them. LOL

  5. The police Assiciation Should really write the Minister Responsible for Justice for these wrong Decisions the Magestrates gives at the Courts .To my Honest opinion Foreign Magestrates Should bd Hired in St.Lucia

  6. In an island where crime and guns are rampant – why would you grant bail ?????so they can get back out and finish the job of murder and destruction. You folk in St. Lucia can not be serious. In addition, don’t you think a gang banger will have $$$$$$ – give me a break. These are thugs who deserve to be put away and the keys thrown away – if found in possession of firearm – how much more evidence of their intention to cause harm do you need???????


  8. The present law provides for bail. The magistrate is doing work within his domain. The law needs to be amended so that gun criminals will remain behind bars.

    Those clowns once released, are going to rearm and resume business. The cops know it, likewise many in the public. How can one solve a serious problem with such a poor approach?

  9. The price jump is good to 55,000$ however you’re dealing with a multibillion dollar crime syndicate and drug and trafficking o rings emminateing out from our little coast side villages ect. that’s about 7 grand USD per person for illegal firearm possession….…still not good enough, st Lucia other than this recent storm is being laughed at bc the magistrates are just letting everyone go murders with a slap on the wrist! these boss man have how many vehicles’ to get theirs minions to do there runs for them! So comin up wit 55,000$ is nothing for them and these dudes are just ALWAYS punished by having to phockin sign in and not travel when the majority of them don’t even own passports! SmpH magistrates names should also be depicted in these news crime highlights of dire disappointments!. Good job Officers. Magistrates should be making money for the officers! Come on Madame Commisioner Focus on Magistrates Assembly. Woiiii

  10. Congratulations, however is there any update on the woman that was found dead at BCF. Hope it isn’t being delibrately ignored.

  11. And then a Party hack or i…. says don’t blame govt for crime. The Police, the magistrate don’t set laws but the Politicians, the Parliamentarians. We all agree we need draconian, stiffer laws considering our gun violence situation here, but the Politicians not doing it. SO WHO SHOULD WE BLAME? SMH. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THE PM and PARLIAMENTARIANS NEED TO AGREE AND PUT STIFFER LAWS TO DEAL WITH THE GUN VIOLENCE SITUATION IN SAINT LUCIA. simple.

  12. PARLIAMENTARiANS Get you’re Sh..t together Change the REgulations and Penalty fees and make MORE money from these small busts…This is how the Police get PAID! SMPH people of St Lucia PUT PRESSURE on the PARLIAMENT Dictatorship that has had us all encrusted in for FAR TOO LONG, these penalty fees are sh’t are bogus and scumbag moves for the public of St Lucia putting people in harms way by indecent,inauthentic, and unaccountable punishments for ALL and all your precious money making gems the tourists YES!? Smph

  13. After all these and solved crime’s men still getting bail for illegal guns have those guns been tested before granting bail this f****** country is a joke it’s all about money people’s life’s an’t mean shit


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