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Chastanet Criticises Pierre Over Fuel Prices, Urges Relief


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has criticised Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre over fuel prices which he declared are the highest in the OECS.

According to Chastanet, this has been the case for the greater part of the year.

“Can you imagine that fuel in Grenada is $5.08 cheaper per gallon than it is here in Saint Lucia?” The former Prime Minister stated in a Facebook post.

Chastanet said he remained baffled by the Saint Lucia government’s reluctance to institute policies to make fuel cheaper for the public.

“The Prime Minister continues to shout that he cares, but his actions or lack thereof prove otherwise. Why is he allowing the price of cooking gas to remain so exorbitant? When does he plan to remove the $1.50 excise tax on fuel for fisherfolk like he promised during the election?” The Micoud South MP wrote.

As of Monday, adjusted fuel prices in Saint Lucia were as follows:

  • GASOLINE remained unchanged at $3.89 per litre or $17.70 per gallon
  • Kerosene decreased from $3.91 to $3.14 per litre or $17.77 to $14.26 per gallon
  • Diesel remained unchanged at $3.89 per litre or $17.70 per gallon
  • 20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) remained unchanged at $45.27 per cylinder
  • 22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) remained unchanged at $49.79 per cylinder
  • 100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $313.07 to $321.02 per cylinder

The subsequent retail price adjustment of fuel products will be on Monday, November 28, 2022.

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  1. It’s not economically feasible, it’s not economically tangible you Clown, so that’s the reason for the higher prices in gasoline and petroleum products. The government cannot at this point absorb the sale and substitute of gasoline, this will interfere with the government economics trajectories fool. I trust His Most Honorable Economics Foresight as it pertains to balancing the books and navigating St Lucia thru troubled waters any day verses that of a shady business man, who is responsible for the economic delama the country is in today. You would not feel the effects of high gas prices in St Lucia even if reach $100 per gallon, so just stop acting like you care about poor people. It’s your cliques in the business community who are complaining, because after they got hit to buy and bring their goods here, they are getting hit again to transport said goods from north to south or visa versa, and they know if they pass off the expense to St Lucians it will cut their bottom line significantly because they won’t buy their goods, so they rally you to open your ass on their behalf. Nice try but no cigar, not all of us you can fool with your tyrantive bellows Mooooooove.

  2. There is no surprise here.
    ‘Putting people first’ has been the biggest rip off slogan in the history of St Lucian politics.
    Just as no $1,500 promised by the SLP is forthcoming also the MASSIVE taxes on fuel is being used to fund the SLP’s talk travel and take.
    Millions of dollars every month are being siphoned from the depleted pockets of the inflation hit Lucians by the Labour Party with the exorbitant gas prices.
    This is the history of Labour. Lie to get in power, play to the worst character of St Lucians, when in power focus on personal self agrandizement while borrowing and taxing left right and center.
    Over one billion dollars spent since 2021, over $500 million borrowed, millions a month taken through gas taxes and all we have seen is millions spent in overseas 1st class travel , contracts and jobs given out to cronies. Even as they show the historical reality of their lack of management skills, greed, incompetence and cluelessness.

    This is while we the people pay more for bus fares, food, construction materials, school supplies, medical care,doctors fees, etc.
    This is not politics, this is reality, what we face on the ground every day.
    They put themselves first, center and up front. The voters come last. Liars!

  3. Its funny how leaders thinks, on one side he was there and that leader seek a safe heaven to have a paycheck for the past 25years. So the childish game will never end. The harsh reality non of them thus far is trying to make the economy to become self sustenance. Pumping millions towards tourism is not the perfect formulate when you are giving away a decade+ tax exemption. Your country population is just 180k with 60% unemployment, 25% below min. wage. The Economy is in shambles, hence when leaders get into power they practice the cannibalism system to fill their pockets and the cycle recur over and over. The only way out of this situation is make the Island a Free Zone.

  4. St Lucia’s economy was the WORST IN THE OECS going into and coming our of COVID. THANKS TO ALLEN CHASTANET. How can the country find the resources to subsidize fuel. You compare our gasoline prices with Grenada, did Grenada throw away $7 million to buy vaccines? Did any other country engage in the atrocities of the 2016 to 2021 UWP reign?? THINK BEFORE YOU TALK. We understand you want to turn our attention from your party’s plans to replace you, but they’ve made the issue public. FLAMBEAU PA VLgovernment.
    In the words of a famous past PM STOP it, you can’t tell the government how to govern.

  5. Come on now choir everybody with me on this one
    (in Burna Boy voice)
    Gas Gas it don’t last but everybody haffi put gas
    De gas lowwwwwwwwwwww!
    And we cah gooooooooo!
    De gas prices to high for me all I can do is put 20
    And with 20 de tank still empty what dem a try to do to me
    De gas prices to high for me

  6. boy chas i know for sure if was you that was in power that done change cause i can remember clearly when slp was in power with kenny at the head this guy wanted us to wait a whole three months to get some savings when gas every where was dirt cheap and people were receiving the benefits right away. we had to wait so long to receive the gas benefits and as soon as you came in we were receiving gas close to ten or eleven dollars

  7. Chas, you don’t have a say in St Lucia again. How many passport did you sell during your reign? You forgot you increased gas by 60%

  8. Like I said in my last contribution it’s just to high I can’t afford nothing for the poor man nothing in the interest of the people it’s the forth time they saying they reducing and it was only the 100 pound this time is kerosene and 100 pound they have never touched the 20 pound not in the interest of the people it’s against the interest of the people tell what has happened to inflation every thing has gone up according to u wat has happened to liveable wage right now u have started works on de original st Jude how many st Lucians u have working their a bunch of madness in this country divide and rule where has corruption gone to still waiting for Chast and Joseph to jailed

  9. When the loo was in power. He only took care of family , friends and foreigners but he is all over the place critizing the current government using the people as a scapegoat


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