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WATCH: Pierre Emphasises Zero Tolerance For Police Corruption


Prime Minister and Minister for National Security Hon. Philip J. Pierre continues to hold regular dialogue with members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

At a recent meeting with RSLPF personnel, including the members of the High Command and rank and file police officers, Prime Minister Pierre confronted the issue of corruption within the police force and made clear his non-negotiable, zero tolerance position on the matter.

The Prime Minister is confident that the vast majority of the RSLPF are upstanding law enforcement officers and remains committed to providing the necessary resources to assist with citizen security.


SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Fuck off there is NO political corruption its thugs running the war remember, they these criminals HAVE shot our police remember so the solution is Not left up to the P.M. he’s Not even A Cop remember is what solves crime–obviously during an/ after an arrest intel is the engine, evidence is gas into the fire..does the pm own intelligence and how its run? so how could u blame him Slp/Uwp doesnt matter..intelligence experts MAY NOT BE OUR MAIN LEADERS..

  2. Everyone Targetting Police From top to Bottom in Government .What about Pitricktians .Custom Officers .Employees at Ministries of Government .Why police all the Time .F$$$$$y..Leave the Police alone

  3. The Nursing Department at SALCC is in a crisis induced by the administration of that department. Our student nurses are being taken advantage of emotional, mentally and financially within that department. Does that constitution a formal investigation?

  4. It’s one step in the right direction. The rest will follow in due time . “Patience is a virtue”and besides, “Rome was not built in a day”! Stop braying ! That is referred to the 43% .

  5. Can Chas tell us how many passports he sold during his term in office. By not disclosing it doesn’t make this a criminal offense.

  6. Your ZERO tolerance should not only be for police officers but more so for your corrupt members of cabinet. You know as well as I do who they are and what they are involved in. Take the Vail off Mr Pierre and stop playing games. Five years is not an eternity.

  7. There are police involved in the criminal activity that is taking place on the island. Always have been so don’t be too quick to say leave them alone. There are good cops and nasty cops on all police organizations all over the world. Weed the corrupted ones out!

  8. How about zero tolerance to contracts and big jobs to party financiers and turncoats as payback whilst using your supporters to gain victory then kicking them aside!

  9. This is a very dangerous and reckless statement to be made by the nation’s leader. There is no statistics to his claim about the percentage of corrupt officers in the RSPF. Furthermore, making a statement that officers are getting paid $1-3k to allow guns to pass through the ports is simply ridiculous. What he needs to focus on is the laws and policies he and his policy makers have in place when officers do their job to intercept the illegal importation of firearms.

    What happens to these weapons after they have been intercepted? Is there ever a conviction? Are these people being held accountable for their actions? Who are the people who are found to be importing firearms illegally? Why have we heard nothing about the nurse?

    Anyone who is knowledgeable knows that guns coming in barrels are not even a fraction of the firearms that enters the island illegally. What about out “backdoor” which I might add is not manned or policed and if a regular citizen is aware of this you’re telling me our RSPF not aware of it??

    Rather than looking to ticket us on the road that the government not even fixing properly how about ya’ll actually do some policing and raid the same people ya’ll are protecting.

    I am in no way defending the RSPF but Mr PM corruption starts from the top ….. the people who are being protected and those they are protecting. You want to solve the issue of corruption start within your own house. You all know exactly who are involved in these illegal activities. I guess you will stop protecting them when the bullet enters your family member or loved one.

    What’s even more alarming is the comments from our citizens saying to leave the RSPF alone knowing fully well they are indeed responsible whether directly or indirectly for the increase in crimes involving firearms. It definitely says a lot about the mindset of our people which is just scary as hell.

    Is this all the leadership we have? Honestly, complaining about parties makes absolutely no sense when they are both the same … CORRUPT!! Spare me the drama and start weeding out your backyard. When will we realize these people don’t give a shit about us or value our lives. It’s all a game of thrones for them. Who can swindle the most money from us leaving us to pay the bill for them to live lavish lives as we scrunt for a piece of bread.

    Start creating the laws and legislations to protect US and while you at is go desilt the rivers and give the schools a call to provide assistance for kids who lost all their books in the flash flood.

    I am petrified for us we are literally in complete shit but the government will boast about SLU winning award for tourist destination island. You think anyone will want to visit us while we in this state?!?


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