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Urgent Work Underway To Strengthen Pesticides Regulation In Saint Lucia


Despite measuring only 238 square miles, the Small Island Developing State of Saint Lucia has one of the highest number of registered pesticides in the Caribbean, inclusive of a large number of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs).

Most of these pesticides are used in the agriculture sector, domestically and for commercial pest control. Many HHPs contain active ingredients that are acutely toxic to humans and harmful to terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Therefore, improper use, including overuse of these chemicals can have severe adverse consequences for human and environmental health.

Through Phase 3 of the European Union-funded Programme for Capacity Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements in ACP Countries, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), collaborated with The Saint Lucia’s Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board (PTCCB) with the aim of bolstering arrangements for pesticides control and management.

Boosting sound pesticides management will produce long-term benefits for all Saint Lucians, in the form of improved human well-being and environmental quality.

The implementation of interventions towards this goal commenced with an assessment of procedures and practices related to pesticides licensing, import, sale and use in Saint Lucia.

From October 31 to November 4, 2022, Michael Ramsay, FAO consultant and regional pesticides expert based in Jamaica, embarked on a weeklong information-gathering mission in Saint Lucia.

He engaged with a wide cross-section of interested persons including Government ministries, statutory bodies, local agricultural organisations, fisherfolk, and pesticides importers and retailers including street vendors.

Based on these dialogues, Ramsay will determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing the regulation of pesticides in Saint Lucia.

This assessment will form the baseline for developing effective recommendations to strengthen the pesticides regulatory framework.

Ramsay noted that, “All countries have challenges with protecting human health and the environment from the harmful effects of pesticide use.  The project in progress will document the issues in Saint Lucia and provide the foundation for the Board and staff of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board to devise and implement policies and strategies for addressing them.  This will require the participation and cooperation of all stakeholders.”

This was further emphasised by Cletus Alexander, Saint Lucia’s Registrar of Pesticides, Secretary of the PTCCB and representative to the Coordinating Group of Pesticide Control Boards of the Caribbean (CGPC).

He indicated that, “The Pesticide regulation is being reviewed in Saint Lucia to reduce the impact of pesticides on human health, animal health, plant health and the environment. The unsustainable use of pesticides in Saint Lucia is a primary concern as such, the ACP MEAs 3 Project is providing a timely and necessary intervention.”

The work undertaken by the project is not only important but will provide solid guidance to help the Government of Saint Lucia, the PTCCB, and other key actors take decisive action to reduce pesticide-related risks to human health and the environment.

SOURCE: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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  1. Thank God, finally we are looking at the severe dangers of use of these poisons. They are used so casually, on our food, in our yards, along roadside, around telephone poles. Check out how many cancer cases we have and how many DEATHS from it.
    You can buy them in most amy large or small shop.

  2. They need to also target the Ministry of Health (which is a complete inversion since they are more concerned about sickness). The chemical that they use to kill mosquitos via fogging is so dangerous that it’s banned in the EU. But here we have our Ministry of Health spraying us like little cockroaches claiming it is to protect us from Dengue. The same thing happened with Covid. They promoted and threated to mandate deadly medications for the Chinese Flu claiming that it’s to protect us.

  3. As well as the physical direct and indirect consequences of these terrible chemicals, there is also the sad aspect of people taking their lives by drinking pesticides due to the poor and inadequate mental health services in St Lucia, and the lack of regulation around sales. How those things are sold and to whom should be tightly regulated, so they do not get into the environment affecting all living forms, nor into the hands of someone suffering from a mental health condition. We need to look after the earth and those who inhabit it holistically. SL is a small island, and we can live sustainably if there is the will by both Government and the people. It is not a one way process.

  4. This is terrifying… Island Developing State of Saint Lucia has one of the highest number of registered pesticides in the Caribbean, inclusive of a large number of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs).….. how could St. Lucia allow the poisoning of her people like this , that’s why Martinique has the highest prostate cancer rate in the region bc of there rampant and excuseless pesticide abuse! SmPH This needs to change immediately. Stop allowing these pesticides to enter the country, Farmers need to go back to old school days of natural pest deterrents, … baking soda,

  5. When will St Lucians,who love to take of their health,to take action against the pesticides,pest control ?
    As to the greedy farmers who are using well grow pesticides to make their crops fully grown whithin three days.
    While the french communities are suffering from Chlordecorn,and prostate cancer,St Lucians are not spare these days which alot of 🇱🇨 St-Lucians are freeing themselves to escape miseries or sorrow,by drinking the green death gramoxine juicy juice.
    But saddenly,after commiting suicide,now that the problems will last forever 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    To the authority of authorities !
    Please ensure that reliefs are given to save lives.
    No ❌ to all pesticides ‼️
    No ❌ well grown.
    Grow natrually ❗
    I signed the petition for interdiction (banning)of all pesticides ‼️

  6. Massy also dont care cuz they treat farmers like dirt vegetables have to be loaded with chemicals to look nice or they tell u go by glace or infront the market,all the leafy crops are covered in 4 times or more the required level of pesticides so when u making a kale smoothy or lettuce n cucumber sandwich just remeber its a chemical coctail cuz st.lucia is a failed state to do as u plz. Same way they dropping any amount of asphalt in a pothole to repair no kinda regulations


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