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RSLPF Gets More New Vehicles


Prime Minister Pierre is working to continuously improve the operational and tactical capacity of the RSLPF to enhance crime fighting strategies, promote intelligence driven policing and ensure law and order prevails in Saint Lucia.

On December 5, 2022, the RSLPF were provided with two additional patrol vehicles.

More in this report from Rehani Isidore:

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Another sign Pierre has no idea what is happening. More Vehicles is not the answer to the crime violence in slu. Mr. PM you have two groups on your hand. You have the killers who are already out there causing havoc. You need to find a way to slow them down and perhaps stop them at some point. This can only be done with an overhaul of the police system, some strict laws on crime violence, record keeping of those criminals, impose some curfew on those guys – they can only be out from 6am to 5PM, Implement monitoring devices to know their where about. These are some measures which you can use with this group. The second group are the youths where are still in school, the youths who are still on the outside looking inside, the ones who are still undecided at this point. You can still save those kids. Create some employment with no political biasness, some social programs, Vocational schools etc.
    The police system definitely needs an overhaul, you will never attain any success with the corrupted group of men and women. Mr. PM the strategy being used now was once successful in the 1960s. They are no longer effective and hence the reason we are in that mess. We need to make some changes and change our approach. We need a better police system and make some effective changes which can be measure. This will definitely be a work in progress and hence the reason it needs to be monitored. We need to set goals in the police system and ensure it is achieved – monthly objectives. We need to measure performance.

  2. While Europe switching to electric vehicles we become there dump ground of they trash thanks Pierre we officially Europe trash bag doing a great job dump ass

  3. You know how expensive electricity is here? You know the devastating environmental impact on mining lithium for batteries? You know the earth’s climate is self regulating? You know Europe is about ready to freeze this winter because of their green initiative? Being environmentally conscious is all good but the cultist dogma that developed around it is dangerous and coo coo.

  4. …….oh it’s YOU AGAIN….that same asshole Guy. Who the hell complain when the police are given additional equipment for quick response and deployment to effectively fight crime ? Only that same asshole Guy. Oh well, there, there, there.

  5. chester that wont happen, Unfortunately in the next ten or twenty years we will still be using gas vehicles, if not just gas but we will have “hybrid vehicles” that uses both gas and electric. Saint lucia is not a big enough developed country to just rely on full electric vehicles. There are barley enough charging points to charge full electric vehicles so the best choice is the hybrid one. You see we believe that one day gas vehicles will be gone and only electric will be used, that is far from the truth and if it was to happen it wont happen in that time span you think of. What the manufacturers of vehicles are being told to do is that a percentage of their vehicles should be full electric or hybrid but they wont stop making gas vehicles completely. When you have to charge those full electric vehicles at your home then yall will cry and say Lucelec robbing people

  6. More vehicles for the boys to be just driving around getting their personal stuff done … just saying so please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken

  7. @chester hush!! Everything you all see in these big countries you want to adopt it here. Even if electric cars become popular there will still be cars that use petrol or gas. Relax, you too bright !! This is not even the point here.

  8. Oh its you Guns in the Barrel who was conceived on a barrel. Oh what an asshole that Guns in the Barrels is.

  9. Transportation for the police force is an absolute necessity and a good first step. This will eliminate the excuse of lack of transportation. There should be no excuses for lack of transportation and not answer the phone at any given time during the twenty four hour day ! If need be get additional man power to eliminate the manpower shortage excuse.

  10. Mr PM you need to turn to the UK for help. If your island is commonwealth then they can offer support. MI3,Scotland yard, military snipers, royal navey to support your marine officers, infrantry soldiers to support your ssu and ordinary officers, and air forces as have it at your disposal, all u have to do is ask..
    Dont let these criminals be like lupus to your immune system(your citizens)..declare a state of emergency.


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