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Dennery Man Shot Dead


A Dennery man, identified as Shawn Desir, died after sustaining multiple gunshot injuries near his home after midnight on Wednesday.

According to initial reports, a masked shooter opened fire at the deceased.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service responded at about twenty-eight minutes after midnight and found the victim had ‘multiple puncture wounds’ and no vital signs.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Is the “Land of the Green Gold” and “Helen of the West” now the newest “Blood Red State” and “Banana Republic of the West”? Just asking on behalf of a friend.

  2. Can someone comment on Shawn Desir, please? Was he in a gang? Will his family say he was very polite, disciplined, went to church, not dealing with drugs, not stealing? or otherwise.
    So why was he executed?

  3. Well well this nation is simply reaping what they have sown with the criminals in office. There was no point in the history of st lucia when we had one shooting per day like this. the gangs are on a rampage because they know they in charge at all levels from government down . Now the SLP want answer to crime? look at yourselves, you gang of crminals!!

  4. people you see these days you need to be very careful how you talk to people and even look at people, reason i say this is cause i was in Castries some time ago and this woman in a vehicle stopped at an intersection where there is a stop sign. After she stopped for about two minutes long engaging in conversation with a pedestrian she proceeded to continue blocking traffic. The driver behind her thought enough was enough after waiting for about five mins and stated blowing his horn rampantly the lady now is opening her hands as if to say what happen you cant take your time.

    i am like really after the person gave you five mins to do something you not supposed to do you acting like this? so she drove off slowly on purpose and its like she was not pleased cause the driver was still pounding his horn the lady still has the audacity to purposely impede traffic when there was nothing in front of her the entire street down . i say to my self look at this its true we have to respect life and what not but if that was in another country somebody than shoot her or do her something already. after we have all these killings here already Most of the times just the way we act out there causes us to put ourselves in trouble. but besides that the lady doesnt know what the driver had to do if he was in a state of urgency you cant do these things people are not on your time i can understand that everyone does this once in a while but not to this extent you so vex the person blowing you that you driving very slow like as if you dont want to move in the road. awa wi

  5. @G.W. that’s how some of the Lucian fools are – they act like they don’t have any sense. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you want to have a conversation with a pedestrian the common sense thing to do would be to park your car in a proper parking spot and then proceed to converse until Jesus comes – these folk are too much for real.

  6. The Streets are on fire, All i can say is keep your head on a swivel cause is who that lacking that getting plock.

  7. Brilliant, now SLT is creating privacy issues. Guess that’s their way attempting to censor comments.

  8. My, My, My, by now there have got to be a shortage of men in Saint Lucia. It’s like every other day now a man is being killed.
    Soon what’s left of the men will most likely be a situation where a man can have more than one wife. Which…when you think about it, it’s not a bad idea for those of us who are still here.

  9. Crime, crime, crime….putting you first eh! My national security is under threat. I no longer feel safe in my own country, thanks to an inept government and low morale police force

  10. of course she would a drive fast. if the driver had pull out his gun and knock two in the air you would see the amount of gas she would give the vehicle i hope she sees these comments

  11. Is crime legalized in st Lucia or did they legalized crime people don’t think twice before killing someone I really don’t understand do we sell guns in st Lucia do we have gun stores in st Lucia where are does guns coming from what’s really going on

  12. Little by little The evil is growing even when or if the next party comes into power the virus has already spread, there is a secret hole that is open and we are being flooded with guns at an alarming rate,sweet helen is now a harlotte!flee faster than b4.there was once the lucian dream to finish school and migrate,plz sell all ur belongings and evacuate,the vincv volcano was more kind.

  13. Whats Really Happening is that the police have not been Doing what Suppose to be Done in St.Lucia .In the City of Castries Or any other Island or Country there’s Beat and Patrol But St.Lucia ig have been Abished why

  14. I know Shawn for over 20 years. We live in the US and are devastated over here. Shawn was the most kind hearted helpful person you can know. In the states he was requested by many because of his talents. The man can fix anything and build a house with his bare hands. He was not in a gang and was never a fighter but did like to try to help the wrong ppl. He often got abused or bullied by ppl stealing from him and such because of his kindness. I will speak for him to the day I die. I loved Shawn as a friend and just spoke to him 2 days ago. I sent him money on a regular because he had helped so many of us out in the US when we had no way to get things done. He was not broke or starving because he was getting money sent from the US. Both parents are deceased and left him the house he lives in.

  15. The government should set up a uniform agency between all mobile service providers as well as all law enforcement agencies across the board. But before anything is implemented government must first weed out all corruption from their departments down to police force and customs. Only then will we see a curb in crime. Plz reinstate a new and improved Operation Restore Confidence agency. It really worked

  16. Crime is everywhere ,the quiet north is not so quiet these days , a ghetto in Rodney Bay land of the rich people, don’t go to pizza pizza with your kids that’s a place gang members and thugs hang out a turf war in the making , all business owners needs to start chasing those thugs out their business places, verve is another dangerous spot , outside coco palm too the thugs and unsavory characters are taking over

  17. I know ee. I would finally sleep around in these last days but I heard a rumour going around that I have AIDS so I have to inform my doctor and the clinic that their science was wrong and ask my pillow what’s been going on behind my back.


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