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Body Discovered At Praslin


Police launched a probe into the discovery of a body at Praslin on Friday morning.

According to reports, a worker discovered the decomposing body lying face down in a stream on a banana plantation near the Praslin highway.

Investigators are yet to identify the deceased officially.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Why details so hard to come by in this small island where everybody knows everybody and their business. Is the media not a part of Fair Helen? Too many news reports fall flat insofar as useful infornation and content! Oftentimes the “word on the street” is more useful that the news reports published by the media!

  2. Let the investigators do they work, what is the importance of the name and details???? The investigators own no one a statement, the only organization the investigators have to answer to is the court of law. People watch to much American Tv and think the laws are the same in the two different jurisdictions….. The laws in commonwealth states are clear that minimal pronouncements are to be made on any investigation and court ligations…..

  3. Another news outlet said Fond D’Or in Dennery and this one is saying Praslin. Which one is really correct? 🤔

  4. Pjp say don’t report crime don’t report murders it make the government i mean the country look bad

  5. What work and investigate what? I can’t recall the last time a case got solved we need that though too many outstanding cases. Perhaps a cold case department to revamp the solving of them.

  6. So many persons asking for the government to do something about crime, the government cannot stop wicked people from committing crimes. One of the main reasons why we have so much crime is because it is TOO EASY to commit and escape from the reprocussions of crime. From a risk reward perspective the risks are too low. This is where the government has and is responsible to make changes. Since most people make no recommendations here are mine:

    1. Install security cameras at every main road entry to every district on the island for incoming and outgoing traffic. It might be very costly and difficult to cover everywhere but try to cover escape points.

    2. Make sure there is a secure and updated dna/finger print database for all convicted criminals since alot of crime is by reoccuring criminals. This would also cover their relatives by default since dna markers are similar for family members.

    3. Establish quick response groups in the police department which are stationed with vehicles near know hot spots. Communicating with the head office to make sure they get to the scene as quick as possible because time is very important when catching criminals.

    4. Lock down the scene of the crime and surrounding escape routes as quick as possible.

    5. Tracking devices for persons out on bail for serious crime. And if you are out on bail you should report to the police station regularly.

    6. External agency to help develop better procedures, monitor and work with the police force to minimize corruption.

  7. Also forgot to mention that the next generation of young adults need to be protected, the ministry of education need to make sure all children leave with a decent education and help children from vulnerable areas have the ability to get that education as well.

  8. Crime is a business for government? no crime no work for police doctors, lairs and politician far less for the dead body’s ooo it’s a rap right now everyone is femelar to people being short and killed

  9. I am a Strong Supporter of Slp from 1979 to until Death .This present Slp have Failed 100% in having measures in place to Have Criminals arrested and Charged for Committing Crimes in St.Lucia .The Investigation Comes to an end when there’s no Eye Witnesses .The Pm Should have had China or Thaiwan to Assist St.Lucia with Camers Island wide Its a Disgrace to View these Crimes on Social Media .Not a word From these Ministers the Citizens of St.Lucia Employed for 5years Really Really Bad in St.Lucia

  10. Maybe now we’ll hear from the Rep. After all the body was discovered in his area of love and expertise “A Banana Plantation” DO SOMETHING MAN. Go to Parliament and enact Policies to curb criminal activity. That’s why ppl voted. Atleast i think so.Unless they voted for a contractor bigger contracts

  11. Really SLT? Your’ll never heard of the man that went missing and how his clothes are matching that of the man found in the Praslin river? Or are your’ll competing with Loop news, just ending it without giving clues I know you have there.

  12. This dude was born with severe mental issues and would constantly disappear and reappear. He is from the Deep South, where a missing person’s report had been made to the police. He had been spotted walking toward the Micoud area alongside the highway a few days prior to his demise . His parents made an unsuccessful attempt to locate him, reaching as far as Dennery . I only hope that there was no foul play involved in his demise. I repeat that he was mentally incapacitated from birth. My belief is, his life could have been saved, if greater efforts were made both publicly and privately to locate him . RIP

  13. St Lucia Labour Party led country is now a full fledged failed socialist state.
    In China with the halt of the disastrous O Covid policy there is an expected 1 – 2.5 million deaths expected. So what does Communist China do? They STOP reporting infections and deaths.
    In St Lucia with 73 murders so far this year, what does the St Lucia communist Labour party say? They say we must stop reporting the bad news when a murder occures.
    What an incompetent, clueless bunch of parasites living off the citizenry of St Lucia.

  14. We the parents of this country needs to discipline ourselves and our children. Live by example. Teach our children to respect people and their property. Teach them to work hard for whatever they need and wants. Take our children to a church for spiritual guidance. Our children will never survive without Jesus Christ in their lives. We the parents need to stop encouraging our children from bringing things to our house we know they cannot afford. First teaching begins at home.


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