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Pierre Pursues Crime Reduction Solutions With US & RSS Officials In Barbados


Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre will travel to Barbados on December 29, 2022 to meet with United States Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean H.E Linda S. Taglialatela and officials of the Regional Security System (RSS) to explore potential opportunities that may facilitate additional support and assistance to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

During his engagements in Barbados with the RSS and H.E Taglialatela and her team, the Prime Minister will participate in a series of High Level discussions and consultations on crime reduction measures and security assistance to develop and build on workable crime fighting strategies both at the policy and tactical levels to preserve citizen safety and extricate criminal elements from the island’s peace loving communities and neighbourhoods.

Prime Minister Pierre continues to actively pursue viable crime reduction solutions with domestic, regional and international stakeholders and partners to facilitate the mobilisation and deployment of resources to the RSLPF.

The United States of America remains a strategic hemispheric ally and development partner to Saint Lucia.

The Prime Minister remains receptive to continued cooperation on areas of common interest with the US for the development and implementation of mutually beneficial trade and security policies in the interest of the people of Saint Lucia.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will Act as Prime Minister until December 30, 2022.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Pierre, again this is another indicator which shows how disconnected you are with the reality of crime in SLU. You, out of all persons cannot go out there to explain the situation to the regional or international experts in a forum. First of all you have no idea what is going on yet you have taken the responsibility of Minister of Security – It would be more effective if King was Minister of Health too. You need to have these experts come to SLU for about three months minimum so they understand the culture of the police – the way they conduct themselves and how they approach crimes – ONLY then they can make recommendations – this is not a one size fit all solution. What works in BIM might not provide results in SLU. What the hell is wrong with this guy, Pierre. He must be smoking somethings which makes him stupid. It is ok to seek help but the experts must be in slu for this help to really work. There is nothing on paper which can solve the slu problem. While all the countries call it by the name “CRIME” – this behavior is unique in each island. We have “St. LUCIAN CRIME” in St. Lucia. We need experts to come to slu to apply solution according to the culture we have within our police services. Yes, I know the dirty laundry will be exposed but if that will reduce the crime by at least 10% then we are making progress.

    St. Lucia needs a leader to lead us – we did not vote for a leader to follow.

  2. Same guy glad you are not the PM. Keep taking your medication! You are bashing the PM but you are the one high on shit if you actually think there is “st lucian crime” as you call it.

  3. @Sam Guy you blasted Yellow Jackass no one is surprised about your bitching ching ching ching checks in the mail. You can’t see the man doing anything tangle without opening up your ass…..what you rather would like see him do sit here with his two hands on his jaws. Is dam if you do damn if you don’t kiss off. He met last week with the Jamaica Minister of National Security you bitch like hell….. for all we know this could be the link that WAS SET UP. You got paid it’s almost new Year’s Eve go buy your rum and bury wicked soul in it like most St Lucians are doing you have too much zafe’

  4. @ The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade – I know who you are in person. Your identity is not hidden. I would appreciate your respect in every sense of the word because I know who you are. I will expose you not just by name but also by your dirty deeds – If I were you I would cease attacking people. You will be exposed.

  5. The comments above by Same Guy are sensible.
    Pierre’s record is abysmal when it comes to solving any problem. E.g It took him 18 months to realize that managing a complex set of problems in a country is more than ‘protecting the victory’. Only after 74 deaths this year and crime unmitigated does he go running to the very “white people” he is so uncomfortable dealing with.
    this trip is a PR stunt to show he is doing something. The reality is the rot is so deep in our internal security that a massive external intervention is required. This Pierre and Frederick will never allow to happen.
    The Americans will be very happy to assist but within seconds off this meeting they will realize they are dealing with a parochial unreceptive player without the capacity to understand what’s problem he has on his hands.
    Additionally they will NEVER take Pierre or St Lucia seriously on crime if he has in his own office someone to whom they have denied a personal and diplomatic visa under rules that are the very things that attempt to prevent crime.
    But hilaire and Pierre do not understand these things. Their focus in life is narrow mindedly personal and sinister.
    So enjoy the taxpayer funded trip Mr Pm just another squandering of the money you borrowed from the Taiwanese or the gasoline taxes you take from us every day.
    Have some flying fish while you are there!

  6. Mr.PM I do not know what type of help you are requesting from the US but please make sure to ask for gun control in the US. The guns creating the problems in St Lucia are 99% US made from my understanding.

  7. @Same Guy Be stil my in heart HOLD YOUR ASS ! I am not swayed by your obsessive compulsiveness of relishing my identity. I am just man that’s more intelligent than you……it’s always good to know who your competition is anyway I am sure she would agree. I do not fear you or the likes iof you. 2:15 Jet Blue on the 30th from JFK Man UP be there or be square in little man.

  8. @Lucian Lowgrade, You will never hear a sensibly intelligent person boast about themselves like this. Go back to the dark hole under Pierre’s nut $ack where you will be of better use.

  9. Please do not attack ‘lucian high grade” or at least cut him some slack.
    In spite of his sometimes low grade language and viciousness plus support for the corrupt and clueless SLP administration, I do get the sense that underneath there is a decent person who just need some psychological help.
    It is necessary at times to show decent Christian values to our fellow man even if it is hard when faced with indecent SLP values and obtuse behaviour.

  10. @The Hon Lucian Highgrade, these UWP sidekicks will always be disengenuous. Nothing can change that. They will always cry murder when an initiative is undertaken . . . They are always “but, but, what about.. “. It is reasonable to think that the PM will not be attending such a meeting without “security professionals” and other technocrats. It’s only one who is uninformed who will think like that.

    So, @Same Guy, Chas can and will never be able to tie This Honourable Phillip J. Pierre’s shoe laces.

  11. @ The Crow – This is not about Politics. In my opinion, politics is seasonal in SLU and once the people have spoken then this is the guy in charge. Making reference to Chas is not important right now – you are wasting your time. The people have spoken and Pierre is in charge. He is the one to make things happen. One of his job description right now is to secure SLU and that is not happening. A blind man will see SLU is not secure.

    Now, obviously you did not get my point in the previous POST. I do not expect Pierre to travel alone to that PR Stunt meeting in BIM. He is not that stupid to do such. However, I do not trust the team to give an account of our system in slu. There is currently a CANCER in our police system in slu and that is slowly damaging our National Security and Pierre has not come to terms with it. How do you expect him and his team to explain the sick system to an expert so the right recommendations can be made – it will be “Garbage in – Garbage out ” type of result.

    We need the external experts to come in and shadow the cops – understand the culture of the system and then make recommendations. With no political affiliation we can get some progress. We are still using an approach used in the 70’s by the police to combat crimes in slu. Back then it was high school drop outs and those criminals were not smart. The system worked on those criminals. In today’s world, the criminals are university graduates, criminals with a technical apitite who can automate their approach and move faster then the slow moving police in the system. We need a leader who can be taught and accept the fact the system needs an overhaul and not a few vehicles. Pierre is not connected to reality in slu and thinks if he can pull all the PR stunts in the past then he can last another five years in office – SLU is better and smarter than that.

  12. You have capable and proven ex cops who can give guidance but you so want to deprive some people of a living that you prefer to go outside. I really get to dislike mate… you hate your black skin….worst PM ever……can’t believe I supported mate


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