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Montoute Says UWP In ‘Rebuilding Process’ – Supports Chastanet As Leader

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Former Gros Islet MP Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has said that the United Workers Party is in the ‘rebuilding process’ and contending views represent democracy at work in the opposition group.

He has also disclosed that he supports the current party leader, Allen Chastanet.

Montoute spoke at a news conference on Thursday.

The UWP is gearing up for its convention in March, which will determine executive positions, including party leadership.

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“Very often when there are conflicting positions, conflicting views and contentions, we seem to frown on it and look at it as a negative. I do not see it as all negative. I think at times we arrive at a best position from contending views,” the former Minister told reporters.

In this regard, Montoute explained that the prevailing view would be that of the majority.

“I am happy to say that the party is in the rebuilding process. I am happy to be a part of that process. Whatever role it is that I can play, I will,” the former Gros Islet MP stated

Montoute indicated it was important for the UWP to position itself to replace the current government since Saint Lucia was on a ‘slippery slope’ under the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration.

He disclosed that the UWP leadership is an open contest, although he was unaware anyone had come forward as a challenger.

In this regard, the UWP official felt that anyone believing they have something to offer should step forward for evaluation and analysis, so the party could determine the best candidate.

“I sometimes worry about the attitude that we have. When there are contests – the condemnation of people who offer themselves, especially when it comes to political office, we should not engage in that,” Montoute told reporters.

He said it was not for him to determine whether former Prime Minister Allen Chastanet should step down as UWP leader.

According to Montoute, the UWP would determine who its leader is.

“As far as I am concerned, the Honourable Allen Chastanet has only been leader of the party for less than a decade. So in terms of longevity he has not reached the stage of being a spent leader as far as I am concerned,” he told reporters.

However, Montoute told the news conference if someone else emerges and the party deems that the individual has what it takes, it would constitute a process of democracy.

Asked whether he supports Chastanet, Montoute replied in the affirmative.

In explaining his position, Montoute observed that whenever there has been a contest in the UWP, as a member for more than two decades, he has assessed the individuals who offered themselves and determined the person he believed would be the best candidate.

“I support that person. Whether or not that person emerges, whoever becomes the political leader, I, in the spirit of democracy, I accept the verdict of the majority and I align myself in support of that person,” the former MP noted.

“Unless it is an individual who has committed such egregious acts, who holds such principles that are just out of alignment with my own fundamental principles and so on, then I will do the honourable thing and resign from the party,” Montoute declared.

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  1. Chastenet is the death of di party. The idiot is incapable of winning just like the primary Trump (his idol). Everything he touches turns to false gold (worthless). Boxing in paradise, the imported tents, DSH, the Vieux-Fort lands, St. Jude’s, Black Bay Lands, the economy, Soleil Festival, Jazz Festival, etc, etc. The list is just “too numerous to mention”. The guy is like a graveyard.

  2. Spider, what would you consider to be an egregious act? If my memory serves me correctly you once said that he does not listen and does his own thing. So is that the type of leader you support? Is it an egregious act if you squander the funds of the country? Can someone tell me what happened to the millions paid for the St. Judes equipment and to date we have no equipment or the money spent for vaccines and we still do not have vaccines. Why would any leader procure vaccine from someone with no track record in vaccine? What was the level of due diligence completed prior to handing over the $7M for the vaccines? Spider, you can do better!

  3. Montoute come on. Don’t u have shame. Who will support u and chastanet. As a loyal supporter of the UWP we need younger and better persons to represent us. You’ll are waste

  4. What Really happens as Pm the opportunities at Hand is so sweet that He will Do anything to Remain as Uwp Leader and that’s the Death of Uwp

  5. @The Crow….well said Crowy well said you forgot CABOT for you CABOT for me, Soufriere, the multimillion meat processing plant, been the prodigal son of the Caribbean Development Bank of which St Lucia is their greatest debtor, laptop, fishing complex, the worthless horse track that never made one dollar for the state is the man only claim to fame, the airport saga …..and they still want their God back.

  6. Spider u have heart to come and speak saying u support chastanet. It’s not only about who u support. It’s about the voters. Honestly we don’t want chastanet to lead st lucia again. I say again we do not want chastanet to be PM. You let bay bay demolish u and now u coming and say u support chastanet who was the main reason UWP lost the election. Chastanet is the down fall of the UWP. Andy Daniel please don’t allow that to happen. I beg u sir

  7. To the CROW. What are you quarrel about? Shouldn’t you be happy your party will keep on winning since Chastenet is the death of UWP. As a UWP supporter I am happy PJP is the head of the SLP so why should I ask you to remove him as leader. Whatever you respond and say good about PJP, I am happy.

  8. We need politicians of a good standard in this country. We are tired of having recycled politicians, the opposition should have men of integrity. People such as Fedee, Guy, and Chastanet should not be in that arena at all, they will prevent the UWP from winning the next election.

  9. The idea that there seems to be no other viable candidate who wants to present themselves is an issue. The fact that the party wholeheartedly (at least in public) supports the current leader after the results of the last election is a major red flag. The UWP needs to do some serious introspection and ask themselves if it is wise to go into another election with the same slate of candidates as the last time. They need to get a better sense of the tone on the ground.


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