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Teenage Students Arrested For Stealing From Tourist Couple At Vigie Beach


Police arrested two teenage students after the theft of a bag belonging to a German couple who arrived here on a cruise ship earlier this week.

The German husband and wife had gone swimming in the sea at Vigie, leaving a bag containing their belongings nearby.

The bag contained an iPhone 14 Pro Max, spectacles, the elderly couple’s clothing, and other items.

Reports indicate that when the couple came out of the water at about 1:45 pm on Wednesday and discovered the bag was missing, they raised the alarm, and police got on the case.

As a result, law enforcement officers arrested a suspect, who led them to another student who had already boarded a bus.

According to the reports, that student had the visitors’ bag in his possession.

Officers held both students, aged sixteen and seventeen, summoned their parents, and returned the stolen bag to the German visitors.

It was not immediately clear whether charges were laid.




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  1. Good job police, next time give them something stricter to show them crime doesn’t pay.

  2. Too many parents raising kids to be materialistic. They can’t afford but they have the latestes brand name shoes and bag even if the bag is empty with no books…kids now want everything they see they should have been given community service…spend a few hours every day after school being of service so they learn what it is to work hard for what you want.

  3. Some parents refuse to disciple they kids the right way. Not all discipline are required to hit the child but you can punish him by letting stay in his room and not go outside and play. You also they his or her devices. As they say boredom kills

  4. Two kinds = (1) a vagrant – you’ll go straight to Jail.
    O.K. Kid = (2) O.K. parents – Lawyer pleads – a slap on the wrist; 1st time.
    Maybe Community service for X amount of time. Highschool days blown.
    So here goes the future of a once proud Island Nation.
    Hello Mr. P.M. our National Security and Law Enforcement Chairman.
    Hello Deputy P.M. & Minister of Tourism, this too can be blown away.

  5. A nation of crooks from the government to the homeless on the streets currently there are children from the age of 7 who are stealing from farmers . There are single mothers who are unemployed who are encouraging their children to go and steal food from people’s garden in vieux -Fort and la ressource

  6. well they must have been from that prestigious school. that’s why the school name was not mentioned. but if it was from the so call low end school trust me they would mentioned the name

  7. There is need to amend all laws in St Lucia. These 2 boys should have their hands amputated. Change the laws please, Mary Francis what is your say on this?

  8. @ Holding Firm 💯.

    It is disheartening to come across these teenagers and witness their behaviors.

    I sometimes wish the parents can observe their children incognito to see how they act, especially when they are with their friends – their thug like, aggressive and disrespectful actions.

    Parents, for example, when you just send your children off to the theater unsupervised this is what they do. They use the most foul language, scream, walk and run up and down and have no regard for anyone else in there.

    Parents, please pay attention to your kids and their upbringing.

  9. Desmond Haynes I fully support you. We need corporal punishment back in society. We are calling for hanging.

  10. Good for catching them. Let’s hope locals get that sort of effective policing when their stuff stolen.

  11. During my time at SMC one would get a detention just for coughing. Two of my pals and I received detentions, just for playing with a Ball at the Square after School. That Prefect one of us noticed was spying from a window at the Library. Thank God I’m still alive and kicking. In my teens and up to my early twenties, I was constantly on the Vigie Beach jugging, sometime right up to Rat Island and back. I left my stuff behind and found it as I left it; but that was in the early 1950’s fortunately.
    Today its too much Americanism on T.V. everyone want to be like a Hollywood Star. Long Necklaces, men with Ear Rings, fancy wrist Watches, Hair Braids & so on.
    There’s still lots of opportunities for everyone, but if you show your self like a spectacle, then don’t complain and cry discrimination; Yet God still love you, so love Him too.

  12. Desmond and Lydia if your children did the crime and you two to do the amputating hanging to them. He who is without sin………


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